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  • Team AY

    Team AY is the editorial team of AssetYogi led by Mukul Malik. A small group of Real Estate enthusiasts, Team AY works hard everyday on a vision of making high quality Real Estate knowledge freely available.
  • Mukul Malik

    Mukul Malik is the founder and editor of He is passionate about Real Estate, Personal Finance, and Digital Marketing. He believes that Asset Creation is Wealth Creation in Auto Mode and likes to help others create Real Assets with knowledge and research. Connect with him on Google+.
  • Manika Krishnan

    Manika Krishnan is a real estate enthusiast who writes for She has 8 years of rich experience in companies like Hewlett-Packard and Sify Technologies. She has successfully handled the complete process of VOIP (voice over internet protocol) for Sify Technologies for 3 years before moving to London with her husband. She is a commerce graduate and has done her post graduation in Technical Writing. Her interest in real estate helped her to join She likes to read books and experimenting new dishes in her leisure time.

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