Circle Rates in Delhi – Latest


Effective Date: Latest Circle Rates in Delhi are effective from 23 Sep 2014. Lt. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi revised and notified, the minimum rates (circle rates in delhi) on 22 Sep 2014 to be effective from 23 Sep 2014. These rates ... Read More »

Master Plan – What is Master Plan and why is it important?


What is Master Plan? A Master Plan is an evolving long term perspective plan document which acts as a guide to the sustainable and planned development of a city. It includes planning guidelines, policies, space requirements and development plans for various socio-economic activities such as housing, transportation, community facilities etc. that ... Read More »

Property Valuation Methods – Valuation of Property Decoded


Property Valuation is the technique of estimating and determining the fair market value of a property. There are various property valuation methods available for valuing land, residential, commercial and industrial properties. Valuation of property depends upon many factors such as location, type of property, size, ... Read More »

30 Approvals Required for Construction in Real Estate


In a real estate project, there are more than 30 approvals required for construction. The process of getting these approvals from various government departments can be intimidating. We studied approval processes of various states and came up with this generic list of approvals required for ... Read More »

EDC IDC Charges in Real Estate


While investing in a new property, you would come across EDC IDC charges and you would think: What are EDC IDC charges? Why do I have to pay for it? How come different builders are charging different rates in the same locality/ area? How to ... Read More »

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