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About Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records System

Bhoomi Karnataka is the online Land Record software system developed by Revenue Department of Government of Karnataka in association with National Informatics Centre (NIC). Its objectives include continuous maintenance & updating of Bhoomi RTC (Pahani) and provide all information related to Karnataka Land Records online at

Bhoomi Karnataka RTC (Pahani) is available for all 30 districts of Karnataka – Bagalkot, Bangalore Rural, Bangalore Urban, Belgaum, Bellary, Bidar, Bijapur, Chamaraj Nagar, Chikamagalur, Chikkaballpur, Chitradurga, Dakshina Kannada, Davanagere, Dharwad, Gadag, Gulbarga, Hasan, Haveri, Kodagu, Kolar, Koppal, Mandya, Mysore, Raichur, Ramanagara, Shivamoga, Tumkur, Udupi, Uttar Kannada, Yadgir.

To know more about online land record system in India, read Land Records on Web.

What is Pahani (RTC) ?

Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Inspection is referred to as RTC in short or Pahani in local language. Pahani (RTC) is an important land record that contains details of land such as owners’ details, area, assessment, water rate, soil type, nature of possession of the Land, Liabilities, Tenancy and Crops grown, etc.

Why is Pahani (RTC) required ?

Pahani is required for various purposes:

  1. To know the genuiness of seller (owner) when land is being purchased.
  2. It is required at Sub-Registrar’s office when sale transaction is being done.
  3. To raise farm credit / loan from the Bank.
  4. Court needs Pahani in case of Civil litigation.
  5. For personal purpose.

How to get Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records (RTC/ Pahani) Online?

Youtube Link –

Text Version

1. Open Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records website –

2. Download & Install Kanada Font.

3. Click on the link on right hand side – “View RTC/Mutation Extract/ Mutation Status/ RR5/RR6”.

4. Select District where your plot is located and “Submit”.

5. Select Taluka and “Sumbit”.

6. Select Hobli and “Submit”.

7. Select Village.

8. Select information required :

a) RTC/ Mutation Status/ Tippan,

b) Mutation Extract,

c) RR5, or

d) RR6

8 a) How to check RTC/ Mutation Status/ Tippan?

(i) Complete Survey No. details of your land.

(ii) Select required option to generate report – RTC, Mutation Extract, Mutation Status, View Tippan etc.

(iii) Save your RTC/ Pahani/ Mutation Status details.

8 b) How to get Mutation Extract details?

(i) Click on Transaction No. to get Seller-Purchaser & Mutation Order details.

(ii) Click on “notice” or “order” to see scanned copies of Actual Documents.

(iii) Save Mutation Extract details.

(iv) You can also check scanned copies of Actual Mutation Notice & Mutation Order.

8 c) How to get date wise Record of Rights (RR5)?

(i) Enter Start and End Date for which you need Record of Rights (RR5) & click on “Submit” to generate report.

8 d) How to get year wise Record of Rights (RR6)?

(i) Select Year for which you need Record of Rights (RR6) & click on “Submit” to generate report.

How to get certified copy of RTC (Pahani) ?

One can get the signed copy of computerized PAHANI from PAHANI CENTRE, set up at the Tahsildar Office, instantaneously by paying Rs.15.00. If he is unable to come to Taluk office, it can be collected by paying Rs.15.00 to Village Accountant / Revenue Inspector, who in turn will collect computerized PAHANI from PAHANI CENTRE and hand it over.

Information contained in RTC (Pahani)

Pahani contains valuable data related to piece of Land. It has the following information :

  1. Survey Number and Hissa Number of Land.
  2. Total Land under Pahani.
  3. Land Revenue details.
  4. Land Owner’s name with Extents and Khata Number.
  5. The way land is acquired by the owner.
  6. Government/Public rights on the Land.
  7. Liabilities of the Owners on the Land.
  8. Classification of the Soil.
  9. Number of Trees.
  10. Source of irrigation and area irrigated.
  11. Cultivator’s Details.
  12. Utilisation of land under various categories.
  13. Details of Crops grown season-wise.
  14. Details of Mixed Crops.

Making Sense out of Land Records (Pahani/ RTC)

These resources will help you in understanding your Karnataka Land Records (Pahani/ RTC) better.

Land Measurement Units

A comprehensive guide on all land measurement units used in India including Area Conversion Table and Length Conversion Table.

For eg. you can find conversion factors for land area units used in Karnataka – Ankanam, Cent, Guntha, Acre, Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Meter etc.

Land Area Converter

For quick conversion of one area unit to another, use this comprehensive land area converter. Covers all land area units used in India including all units used in Karnataka such as Ankanam, Cent, Guntha, Acre, Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Meter etc. You can even convert to units used in other states.

Land Records Terminology

A glossary of Indian Land & Revenue Records terms.

Land Records Guide

A comprehensive guide on Land Records in India, covering detailed tutorials on land record systems of all states in India.


Government of Karnataka has issued the order saying that in Computerised Taluka, only computer generated RTCs are valid for all legal purposes and that handwritten RTC will not be recognized by Government.

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  1. antony says

    i have purchased a plot in a DC converted layout in Doddagubbi, Bangalore. Our whole family’s savings is invested in that. I have to get the khata transferred in my name. But the gram panchayat office is asking for mutation record, RTC, etc. They say the ones available online via Bhoomi are useless. They are for viewing only. They are demanding the original. Other than bhoomi, from where can i get mutation and RTC for the plot i purchased?

    They are also demanding Rs.20000 bribe to give E-khata. Bhoomi has not changed anything in karnataka. It has caused an increase in bribe amount demanded. Corruption corruption everywhere. Govt is not bothered. I really have begun hating my own country. I just wish i can sell whatever i have and go elsewhere.

    1. Asset Yogi says

      Hi Antony
      You can get certified copies of your land records from local tehsil office of revenue department.
      It is sad to hear cases of bribe and corruption in publicly available information.

    2. Sachin says


      I hve planning to purchase a land 12 gunata,Belgaum city agricultural land, how to convert to NA land wat is the procedure, ( cost fr NA land)pls give details. Pls do the needful

  2. Raghuraj says

    Sir, I have a plot in Survey No. 229/1 at Kusugal (Near Hubli)
    I want to see the location & distance of my site from main road i,e Solapur Highway.
    How to see it.
    Can you please help me.
    Your’s sincerely

    1. Asset Yogi says

      Hi Raghuraj

      Survey Maps for Karnataka are not available online yet.
      For this information, you will have to contact local tehsil office.
      However, if you know some landmarks, you can use satellite version of googlemaps or wikimapia to get rough idea.
      Hope it helps.

  3. U S Singh says

    Hi,I have purchaged a plot in Bangalore.The khata is also transfered on my name.I want to see the records on I do not know Kanada, I am not able to see it.Is there any way to see the records in english

    1. Asset Yogi says

      Mr. Singh

      Unfortunately, Bhoomi Karnataka website does not have an all English version currently. Perhaps, you can take help from somebody who knows Kanada.

  4. raviraj says

    Hi sir we have a land in udupi where my grand parents lived since 60 years we dont have any for that now my grand fathers relatives are saying property belongs to us as my grand parents are no more now… how can we fight fr it now

    1. Asset Yogi says

      Hi Raviraj

      First, you need to establish title for your ancestral property. Kindly, visit local pahani centre and take out complete land records for your land. Ancestral property can be easily transferred in your name by way of inheritance. We would suggest that you seek legal advice for taking possession of your land.

  5. dhanpal says

    Dear Sir

    My grandfather made bhog ya register near nelmanagala 2 acre on pani they showing name still 2006 after that in pani it’s not comming our name they made some corruption in this so who I need to contact for help

    Please help us please suggest me sir

    1. Asset Yogi says

      Dear Dhanpal

      Kindly, seek legal advice as your case seems to be that of a fraud.

  6. hari says

    how to view the RR5 and RR6 in bhoomi?
    when i try to view it,it automativally downloads a non opening file

  7. pramod says

    where do i get hissa number in RTC to enter into Bhoomi website to view my RTC online?

  8. chida says

    sir,how to view previous rtc in bhoomi and survey sketch of a particular survey no.can you please help me thank you

    1. Team AY says

      You can check your RTC by following step by step procedure as given in this tutorial.
      Survey maps are not available online at bhoomi karnataka website.

      Hope it helps.

  9. Kumar K.M. says


    I want Hand Written Pahani(RTC) since 1965. Because in our RTC to rectified, in coloum-3 and coloum-9 is not matching. pl suggest

  10. Celine saldanha says

    We are owning a ancestral land in aikala, after fighting a case for 3 years, we have got the court order tat we would be getting our share of land, now the survey work is going to be done, as per our lawyer we have to make a new rtc for change in owner name, can you guide us how and where to make the new rtc and who has to be approached since half of our investment has been spent in lawyer fees. We are from Mumbai and we don’t have any idea, please help us.

    1. Team AY says

      Kindly, visit your local tehsildar office.

  11. PRABHAKAR says

    we paid land tax to muncipal athani for 25 years to gov land what is procedure to get RTC

  12. Sid says

    Does the computerized land records go back up to 1920s?
    Is it possible to search by name instead of survey num?
    RR5 and RR6 always return errors?

  13. shiva prasad says

    dear , sir , since 20 year s back my uncle purchesed some land chikka magalur thaluk Ambale hobli. at . now my uncle past 4 years . my aunt did not know land records , survey numbers. how to find my uncles land detailes ? pleaes help me

  14. Abdul Hameed Rehaman says

    Dear Sir,

    I purchased a piece of land 40 cents as 2 part (5+35) in Udupi Tq, Kapu, Bada Grama, serve #55/9 (55/9p2), the old own has made conversion of 5 cents remaining 35 cents I have been submitted for conversion year 2012 until today I didn’t get conversion documents according to our broker there are some problems in revenue department record, could you please advise what is the issue and why it is delaying

  15. Abdul Hameed Rahman says


    we have a piece of land 100 years old, in manual RTC it was clear under our mother name when it uploaded to electronic system it is showing 000 cents even her name is there, and somewhere it is mentioned she is owning the land,

    when we approach Tasildar Office to inform their mistake they did not entertain us please advise what shall we do

    1. Team AY says

      Mr. Abdul

      Kindly, consult a local lawyer who has expertise in dealing land cases.

  16. LANCELOT says

    Sir, on checking My RTC in Bhoomi,I spotted a clerical mistake.The mistake is in Hissa no.In the original hand written RTC document,mentioned as 2C2 where as in Bhoomi mentioned as 202. I am sure, It’s clerical error.Please to get this error corrected…….?
    FYI correct details as under,

    Taluk-Mangalore Hobali-Mulki Grama-Balkunje Dist. Dakshina kannada

    survey no.46 hissa 2c2p2

    place was earlier purchased by my brother and then, he sold me half the portion. There is no other, 202 hissa no.under survey no.46

  17. yusuf says

    dear concern,
    how can we get this pahani or nakal copy in English instead of kanada.

  18. S B Galagali says

    My father had purchased a land in the year of 1960 .now he is not alive. Unfortunately this land has been not registered in sub register the land owner is also not alive. Till to day we are cultivating.The survival of the land owner is reluctant to register the land in my name.Now the survival has applied for Warsa without uttar jeevit patra.I put an objection for the warsa in nada kacheri .The case is going on. In this context ,what I to do.Suppose if i have to be consult the advocate,pl arrange to provide me the address & no of the advocates and kindly advice me.

  19. harsha740 says

    i lost our survey no can we get our land info by owner name plzz help me,………….

    1. gopalkrishna says

      dear Harsha:
      Have u had any sucecss in locating ur lands?If not, may be i can try n help you.I cannot assure you but can try. If
      its ok u may reach me at Its a social service on my part.


  20. Samprit says

    Hi sir I have got allotment site from KHB but am not getting rtc of mine.. How to know when they will be preoared

  21. Srini says

    I am planning to buy a site which builders say that it,s DC converted(servey no-27/2). also BBMP provided individual A Khata.SBI is giving loan on it.But the DC conversion detail is not updated in the RTC.
    Please suggest should I go for it or not

  22. R R naik says

    Iam from Ankola. We have acreacres of . Since 40 years it has not devided. It’s joint property of my father and 3 uncle. Also 1/4TH OF property is oowner. Remaining is govt of karnataka. So can you please let me know where and how we can get it. And also noticed so many names added in ththe rtc. How it’s possible without my father signature how to make ut indivudual

  23. Mohammed Ansar says

    I have applied for alienation naksha (map) of my plot of land. The survey department says they have prepared the Naksha but can not save in computer server. It has been almost 5 months.
    Kindly let me know whome should I complain. Who is the officer above ddlr of uttara kannada district of karnataka.
    Kindly reply as soon as possible.
    Thanks and best regards

  24. A.SHIVAKUMAR says

    A.shivakumar s/o S.audhimoolam land*/1F GULBARGAB.SARDIGI

  25. Savithri says

    Hi Sir,

    We have problem in finding our land where it is. we have survey number but we don;t where exactly it is there. when our father was there he registered land to my mother name but we have not seen that. now are asking our uncles and all for that information no one is using ant information on that. how can we find which is our land of that random area where our land is there. please help us in sorting out this problem

    1. gopalkrishna says

      dear ms. Savitri:
      If you have a copy of phani of your land it would be helpful. Otherwise I need your survey no. of land, village whwere it is located,hobli name, taluk,district and names of your parents. May be I may be of help. my mail


    2. manjunath k says

      Manjunath k s/o kaverappa

  26. Suresh says

    Hello Sir,

    We are having ancestral land in Tiptur which we are cultivating it from past 40+ years
    where the property still resides in our grand-grand father name, Our grand father gave
    land in some other place and got signature on white paper in 1959.

    Now one of my grand parents survivors are filing a suit based on family tree as its not yet
    transferred to cultivator. How we can legally win this case ?

    Any good revenue lawyer ?


  27. Vrushali Shedge says

    . I am from Maharashtra. My father left Karnataka in the sixties to join the Air force. After his fathers death the entire family was shifted to Pune. His brother disposed of the house in Ramdurg in Belgaum and the land in Kadakol village without taking anybody’s signatures. We also have land in Nargund village . How can I find out the details ? All the records are in Kannada language which I don’t know. Please guide me in this matter. My maiden surname is Nargund.

    1. umakant tamgole says

      Kahich mothi gosht nahi saral tahasil office LA JA aani pahani nakal kuthe bhetate vichar aani tyana tuza sarve number sang gavach Navy tasech 1960 chi pahani dya man aani to copy lavun complete kar u can call also me 9892076635

    2. LOKESH says


  28. C V Chirantan says

    Is there any way to pay for this year’s rtc through online? Pls help me out.

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