Jharkhand Land Record & Mutation Online| Step-by-Step Guide


About Jharkhand Land Record System

Jharkhand Land Record system is developed by Department of Revenue and Land Reforms of Jharkhand in association with National Informatics Center (NIC) to reform land records system in Jharkhand. One of the major objectives of the system is to provide Jharkhand Land Records (Khasra, Khata details) online to general public.

Currently, Jharkhand land records are available online on http://jhr.nic.in/lrms for few districts & tehsils only i.e. 6 out of total 24 districts – Ranchi (रांची), Bokaro (बोकारो), Hazaribagh (हजारिबाघ), Dumka (दुमका), Lohardaga (लोहरदगा), Ramgarh (रामगढ़). Digitization of records for other locations is under process.

Read more about online land record system in India here – Land Records on Web.

Different reasons why Land Records (Khasra, Khata, Register-2 details) are required?

You would require your Jharkhand land records for any of the following reasons:

  1. For checking Mutation status.
  2. To raise farm credit / loan from the Bank.
  3. For Bank account opening.
  4. To verify land title during sale of land and registration of property.
  5. For division of land.
  6. Personal purpose.
  7. Legal purposes.

How to obtain Jharkhand Land Record – Khata details Online?

1. Open Jharkhand Land Records website – http://jhr.nic.in/lrms.

2. Click on “अपना खाता देखें” to obtain Khata Details (अधिकार अभिलेख).

3. Select the District (ज़िला), where the land is located for eg. Bokaro. Land Records are available only for locations marked with star.

4. Select Anchal (अंचल)/ Tehsil.

5. Select Halka (हल्का), Type of Land (किस्म ज़मीन) from dropdown.

6. Select Mouza (मौजा)/ Village. You can filter Villages/ Mouza by clicking on any Hindi alphabet on right.

7. Search by Khata No. (खाता संख्या) or by Holder’s Name (खाताधारी का नाम) or select from all khatas. Then click on “खाता खोजें”.

8. Click on “देखें” to generate Record of Rights (RoR) Report (अधिकार अभिलेख).

9. Save your Jharkhand Land Record Report (अधिकार अभिलेख)

How to obtain Register-2 details Online?

1. On home page of Jharkhand Land Record website, click on “रजिस्टर – २ देखें” to obtain Register – 2 report (पंजी-II प्रति).
2. Select the District (ज़िला), where the land is located for eg. Bokaro.

3. Select Anchal (अंचल)/ Tehsil.

4. Select Halka (हल्का), Mouza (मौजा) from dropdown.

5. Search by Part No., Name, Plot No., Khata No. or check complete Register 2.

6. Click on “Search” to check Register 2.

7. Click on “देखें” to generate Register2 (पंजी – II).

8. Save your Register-2 Report (पंजी-II प्रति).

How to obtain Khatian Report or Register-2 Report by Khata No.?

1. On home page of Jharkhand Land Record website, click on link “खाता एवं रजिस्टर – II देखें” to obtain Khatian report or Register-2 report by khata No.

2. Select the information required – Khatian (खतियान) or Register 2 (रजिस्टर २).

3. Complete Details – District (ज़िला), Anchal (अंचल), Halka (हल्का), Mouza (मौजा).

4. Select your Khata No. (खाता नंबर) from dropdown.

5. Select type of Land (किस्म ज़मीन).

6. Click to generate required report – Khatian (खतियान)/ Register 2 (रजिस्टर २).

7. Save your Khatian Report by Khata no./ Continuous Khatian (Register-2) Report.

How to obtain Bhu-Naksha (Khasra Map) for your land?

1. On home page of Jharkhand Land Record website, click on link “Bhu-Naksha” to obtain Khasra Map (भू-नक्शा) or click on the direct link – http://jharbhoomi.nic.in:8080/bhunakshaweb3/. Currently, Bhu-Naksha facility is available for few locations only.

2. Select District, Circle, Mouza from dropdown.

3. Fill your Plot No. and hit “Enter”.

4. Click on “Map Report” to generate Map for your Plot.

5. Save your Khasra Map (भू-नक्शा).

How to get Mutation Receipt?

1. On home page of Jharkhand Land Record website, click on link “ऑनलाइन आवेदन” to get Mutation Receipt.

2. Select your District, Circle.

3. Select “Get Receipt” to obtain Mutation Receipt.

3. Select Search criteria. You can search date wise, case wise, by name or simply select All and choose.  Then click “Search”.

5. After clicking “Search”, the system will populate all cases based on your search criteria. Now, click on “View” on your case.

6. Save your Mutation Receipt.

How to apply for Mutation online?

1. On home page of Jharkhand Land Record website, click on link “ऑनलाइन आवेदन” to apply for Mutation online.

2. Select your District, Circle.

3. Select “Apply Online” to apply for Mutation online.

4. Select Mutation Initiation Type.

5. Complete Application Details & Apply.

How to check Mutation Application status?

1. On home page of Jharkhand Land Record website, click on link “आवेदन स्थिति” to check Mutation Application status.

2. Select the District (ज़िला), where the land is located for eg. Bokaro. This service is currently available for few locations only.

3. Select Anchal (अंचल).

4. Select Year (वर्ष).

5. Select Search Option & click “Search”. The system will populate cases based on your search criteria.

6. Click on “View” to generate Mutation Application Status Report.

7. Save your Mutation Application Status Report (म्युटेशन आवेदन की स्थिति)

Understanding Jharkhand Land Records

Following resources can help you in understanding your Jharkhand Land Records – Khata, Khasra, Register-2 details etc.

Land Records Terminology

An exhaustive glossary of terms used in Indian Land & Revenue Records.

Land Measurement Units

Area Conversion Table and Length Conversion Table for all land measurement units used in India.

For eg. you can find conversion factors for local land area units used in Jharkhand – Bigha, Kattha, Decimal, Dhur, Lecha, Acre etc.

Land Area Converter

For quick conversion of one area unit to another unit, you can use this land area converter. Covers all land area units used in India including all local units used in Jharkhand such as Bigha, Kattha, Decimal, Dhur, Lecha, Acre etc.

Land Records Guide

A comprehensive guide on Land Records in India, covering detailed tutorials on land record systems of all states in India.


Jharkhand Land Records (Khata/ Register-2 etc.) are made available online only for information purposes. Certified copy of Land Records can be obtained from local Revenue department office on payment of nominal fee.

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  1. abhay says

    Landrecords Jharkhand site had been changed. Kindly update your blog.

    1. Asset Yogi says

      Thanks for pointing out Abhay!
      The look and feel for Jharkhand Land Records website has changed. However, the process of checking land records is same.
      We will definitely update this guide soon.

  2. Rakesh Mehta says

    Dear sir in last stage of my plot inquiry when click on “dekhe” there is not any output.

    plz guide me
    Rakesh Mehta

  3. Jayesh kumar says

    I am unable to find the plot map of hazaribag,jharkhand
    please help me in finding it out.

  4. Anand Pahan says

    there is no apply option…how to apply when completing the form.

  5. bijju says

    what does Halka means????

  6. Jay says

    Sir how much time it take for mutation after registry of land

  7. ATIF says

    Dear sir
    Wen going to new land registry and mutetion start for mahto land .

  8. Bapi Rajwar says

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    me apna land record details dekna chatahu
    dist.bokaro vill.-ronitar state. jhrkhand

  9. Sinku parira says

    when online status of land records of Chas block of Bokaro district will be available.

  10. Satyendra Kumar Lal says

    I am unable to find my land details as follows
    My halka no III, thana no 1193,khata no 4, plot no 79,registry no 2552, Registry date 29.05.2012, mutation case no 1058/2012-13

  11. Prem Singh says

    Sir It is possiable to see jamshedpur Mango Bhu-Naksha which polt have mutation and register, because i want to buy new land in mango.

  12. prabhaker sharma says

    dear sir
    how to chek land record and apply for mutation please guide

  13. Balendu Pathak says

    Please tell me way out for the correction of my name and my father name in Register 2 which is wrong so that I can view and pay the land revenue online.
    With best regards

    1. Team AY says

      Hi Balendu

      Please visit the local revenue office for name change.

  14. Basant Bauri says

    Dear Sir,
    main apna Landrecords details dekhna chahta hu,
    vill-dumarkunda, mouza no.-256, anchal-Nirsha, dist-dhanbad, state-jharkhand

  15. Anil kumar jha says

    Sir how to know my land record. Actually I have purchase land on 2004. Already muted it by me. But I Dont search actual position of land.

    1. Team AY says

      Hi Anil

      Please check online. If your land record is not available online, then kindly visit the local revenue office.

  16. Gaurav Mukherjee says

    Sir how can I get new khatiyan. For lohardaga dist. Circle kuru..
    And also suggests me about online rashid..there are many problem with khata no. New and old…

  17. Joshep kongari says

    Pls check and tall me my land record because against are torches my family

  18. aman karmakar says

    hi sir hum log 70 sal she yaha par rharahen hen our yaha ek blot ko dakhal kiye hen jo ki thana no 1164 khata no 479 our plot no 913 hi kiya sir ye plot rajistar nahi ho ga sir aap she binti he ki ye plot ko rajistar kar dijyr

  19. Nirmal mohan says

    Sir, mujhe rent assament no 996/56-57 ka M from ke liye.kya karna hoga.pls help


    how to pay my land tax online.. plz describe …

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    land ka mutation ho gya he or online register 2 me nahi deekh raha he .online register 2 me kaise register karte he

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  24. Naushad says

    As there is a plot in ranchi kanke road. Registration inthe year 1983. Can i do the mutation now

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