MCD Category – Delhi Circle Rates & Property Tax Rates

Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has divided all colonies of Delhi under eight categories – A, B, C, D, E, F, G & H. Circle rates, Property Tax rates and Stamp Duty charges for Property Registration are based on these categories.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of 2600+ colonies of Delhi covering their categories (A to H), Ward Names and Zones as per MCD database. All the colonies are listed alphabetically. So, next time when you want to register a property or calculate your property tax rate, I am sure you will find this list extremely useful.

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Category A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H Colonies – Delhi Circle Rates & Property Tax Rates

Colony NameCategoryWard NameZone Name
A-1 Janata Flat P.ViharFPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-1 Paschim ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-1B LIG Flat P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-2 Ashoka Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-2 Ashirward Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-2 LIG Flat Parteek Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-2 Paschim ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-2B MIG EKTA APPTT. P.VIHARDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-3 Block Kothi and Market P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
A-3 MIG Flat Green Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
A-4 Block Kothi and Market P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
A-4 DDA Janata FlatFPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
A-5 DDA Janata FlatFPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
A-5 Paschim ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-5B P.Vihar DDA FlatsDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
A-6 Block Kothi and Market P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
A-6 DDA Janata FlatFPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
AaliHBadarpurCentral Zone
AB Extn ColonyFPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Abhey GardenGBadliRohini Zone
Abul Fazal EnclaveFOkhlaCentral Zone
Acharya NiketanFMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Adarsh Bhawan coop. H.B. SocietyEMadipurWest Zone
Adarsh Nagar Bindapur ExtnGUttam NagarWest Zone
Adarsh Nagar ExtensionFAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Adarsh NagarFAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Adarsh Jeevan Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
AdhChini-Urban Village – Non-Residential PurposeEMalviya NagarSouth Zone
AdhChini-Urban Village – Residential PurposeGMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Adhyapak Nagar, NangloiGMundkaNarela Zone
Agar Nagar, Mubarkapur RoadGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
AGCR EnclaveDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Ahata Thakur Das Sarai RohillaDBeedanpuraKarol Bagh Zone
Ahera KishanGHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Ahinsha Enclave, MehrauliFMehrauliSouth Zone
Ahyapak NagarGQuammruddin NagarRohini Zone
Air India ColonyFMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Ajanta ParkDTilak NagarWest Zone
Ajay EnclaveETilak NagarWest Zone
Ajay Nagar NangloiGMundkaNarela Zone
Ajay Park, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Ajit NagarFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Ajit Vihar, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Ajmere GateEBazar Sita RamS.P. Zone
Akal GarhGPratap NagarWest Zone
Akash Vihar RanholaGUttam NagarWest Zone
Akbarpur MazraHAlipurNarela Zone
Akbar Pur Mazara- Rural Vill.HAlipurNarela Zone
AlaknandaCGreater Kailash-IICentral Zone
Ali ExtensionGBadarpurCentral Zone
Ali Vihar BadarpurGBadarpurCentral Zone
AliganjESewa NagarCentral Zone
Alipur VillageHAlipurNarela Zone
Alipur Village- Rural VillHAlipurNarela Zone
Aman Puri, Najafgarh RoadGMundkaNarela Zone
Aman Vihar (Kailash Vihar)GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Aman PuriGQuammruddin NagarRohini Zone
Amar Colony (Mundka)GMundkaNarela Zone
Amar Colony, Lajpat NagarDDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Amar Colony, Rohtak RoadGMundkaNarela Zone
Amar ColonyFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Amar Jyoti KunjGMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Amar MohallaFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Amar ParkDKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Amar ViharGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Amba EnclaveERohiniRohini Zone
Ambarhai VillageGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Ambedkar Basti (Seelampur)GSeelampurSh. North Zone
Ambedkar CampGMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Ambedkar Nagar (Jahangirpuri)GBadliRohini Zone
Ambedkar Nagar(East Delhi)GGokalpurSh. North Zone
Ambedkar Nagar, ShahdaraFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Amber ViharGNangloiNarela Zone
Ambey GardenGNangloiNarela Zone
Ambica ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
Ambika Enclave, KakraulaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Ambika Vihar, Karawal NagarGKarawal NagarSh. North Zone
Ami Chand KhandFKalkajiCentral Zone
Amrit Kaur PuriFAnand ParbatKarol Bagh Zone
Amrit Nagar, ShahdaraFBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Amrit NagarDSewa NagarCentral Zone
Amrit Puri RanholaGUttam NagarWest Zone
Amrit PuriESriniwaspuriCentral Zone
Amrita PuriGQuammruddin NagarRohini Zone
Anaj Mandi Market, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Anand GramFMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Anand KunjDHastsalWest Zone
Anand LokBDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Anand MohallaFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Anand NagarFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Anand NiketanANanakpuraSouth Zone
Anand ParbatFKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Anand Park Extn. ShakrawatiGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Anand Pur Dham KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Anand Ram ParkGUttam NagarWest Zone
Anand Vihar (Hari nagar)DPratap NagarWest Zone
Anand Vihar (Rani Bagh)DSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Anand Vihar Colony, Pooth KhurdGBawanaNarela Zone
Anand Vihar Uttam NagarFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Anand Vihar, Gurpreet NagarGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Anand Vihar, NithariGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Anand ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Anand Parbat Industrial AreaGInderlokKarol Bagh Zone
Anarkali ColonyFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Anarkali GardenFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Anaz MandiFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Andha MughalESubzi MandiS.P. Zone
Andheria MorEMehrauliSouth Zone
Andrews GanjBDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Ankur Enclave, Karawal NagarGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Anna NagarDMinto RoadCity Zone
Anup Nagar Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Anup ViharFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Anupam ApartmentCSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Anupam Garden and Others Colonies(Cluster)DSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Anuradha Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Arab Ki SaraiENizamuddinCentral Zone
Aram BaghEManak PuraSadar pahar ganj
Aram NagarEQadam ShariffS.P. Zone
Aram ParkGGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
Arihant NagarEMadipurWest Zone
Arjan ParkFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Arjun Garh(Bijwasan)EBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Arjun Garh(Chattarpur)EAya NagarSouth Zone
Arjun MohallaFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Arjun Nagar EastFVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Arjun Nagar WestFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Arjun Nagar(Sewa Nagar)DSewa NagarCentral Zone
Arjun NagarESafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Arjun Park Colony NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Aruna NagarFCivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Arunodya SocietyFHastsalWest Zone
Arvind EnclaveGMundkaNarela Zone
Arvind NagarFAmbedkar BastiSh. North Zone
Arya Bhatt EnclaveCBharat NagarRohini Zone
Arya MohallaGNangloiNarela Zone
Arya Nagar (Anand Vihar)GPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Arya Nagar (Pahar Ganj)EPahar GanjS.P. Zone
Arya puraGSubzi MandiS.P. Zone
Asaf Ali Road Commercial CentreDDarya GanjCity Zone
Asha parkEPratap NagarWest Zone
Asha Vihar, Kamal Pur, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Ashok Mohalla , ShahdaraFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Ashok MohallaGNangloiNarela Zone
Ashok Nagar Extn. Mandoli RoadFNand NagriSh. North Zone
Ashok Nagar, Nanad NagriGBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Ashok Nagar, TiharETilak NagarWest Zone
Ashok Niketan, Anand ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Ashok Niketan, NarainaDNarainaKarol Bagh Zone
Ashok Park Extn.FKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Ashok ViharDAshok ViharCivil Lines Zone
Ashoka PahariEManak PuraS.P. Zone
Ashoka Park MainFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Ashoka EnclaveDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Ashoka Park Extn.FMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Asian Games Village ComplexAShahpur JatSouth Zone
Aslatpur KhawadHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Asola ExtnGBhatiSouth Zone
Asola-Rural VillageHBhatiSouth Zone
AuchandiHBawanaNarela Zone
Avtar EnclaveDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Avtar ViharGUttam NagarWest Zone
Aya Nagar ColonyGAya NagarSouth Zone
Aya Nagar Village-Rural VillageHAya NagarSouth Zone
Ayodhya EnclaveERohiniRohini Zone
Azad CampGBadarpurCentral Zone
Azad MarketESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Azad Nagar(Kishan Ganj)FKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Azad Nagar(Krishna Nagar)FKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Azad Palace, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Azadpur Commercial ComplexEAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
AzadpurGAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Azim DairyGOkhlaCentral Zone
B-1 Kothi and Market P. ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
B-2 Kothi and Market P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
B-3 Kothi and Market P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
B-4 Kothi and Market P. ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
B-5 Kothi and Market P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Baba Hari Dass Enclave, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Baba Hari Dass Nagar(Tikri Khurd)GNarelaNarela Zone
Baba Hari Dass Nagar, Tikri BorderGMundkaNarela Zone
Baba Mela Enclave , Badar purGHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Baba nagar/ Colony, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Babarpur (East and West)GBabar PurSh. North Zone
Babu Jagjiwan Ram ColonyGNarelaNarela Zone
Babu NagarGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Badarpur Extn.GBadarpurCentral Zone
BadarpurGBadarpurCentral Zone
Badli Industrial AreaGRohiniRohini Zone
Badli VillageGBadiRohini Zone
Badusarai-Rural VillageHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Bagdola Village-UrbanGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Baggichi MadhodasEJama MasjidCity Zone
Bagh Raoji ColonyFManak PuraS.P. Zone
Bagia Bagh (Badarpur)HTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Bagichi AllauddinEQadam ShariffS.P. Zone
Bagichi PeerjiESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Bagichi Phool SinghFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Bahar GarhESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Bahubali EnclaveDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Bahubali ExtnDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Bajaj Enclave Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Bajaj EnclaveFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Bakarwala-Rural VillageHHastsalWest Zone
Bakhtawarpur ExtnGAlipurNarela Zone
BakhtwarpurHAlipurNarela Zone
Bakhtawar Pur- Rural Vill.HAlipurNarela Zone
Bal Mukund KhandFKalkajiCentral Zone
Bal Udyan MargGJanakpuriWest Zone
Balaji EstateBKalkajiCentral Zone
Balbir NagarGBhatiSouth Zone
Balbir nagar (90)GBabar PurSh. North Zone
Balbir Vihar, KirariGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Balbir Nagar Extn.GBabar PurSh. North Zone
Baldev Park, Madan Pur DabasGMundkaNarela Zone
Baldev ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Baldev Vihar, Karala ExtnGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Bali NagarDRajouri GardenWest Zone
Baljit NagarFAnand ParbatKarol Bagh Zone
Baljit ViharGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Balmiki BastiDMinto RoadCity Zone
Balmiki ColonyDDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Balswa JahangirGBhalaswa JahangirpurCivil Lines Zone
Balswa Jahagirpur VillageHBalswa JahagirpuriCivil Lines Zone
Balvindra Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
BamkkauliHAlipurNarela Zone
Bamnoli Village-UrbanHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Banarsi Das EstateCTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Bandar Wali KhuiDRamesh NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Bandhu ViharGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Bank Colony, MandoliGNand NagriSh. North Zone
Bank Enclave, Geeta ColonyELaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Bank NerHNarelaNarela Zone
Bankur ViharFSeema PuriSh. North Zone
Bapa Nagar, Dev NagarFDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Bapraula Extn,NajafgarhGUttam NagarWest Zone
Bapraula-Rural VillageHUttam NagarWest Zone
Bapu ParkESewa NagarCentral Zone
BapuralaHUttam NagarWest Zone
Baqargarh (Begumpur)HIssapurNajafgarh Zone
Bara ChamarwaraEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Bara Hindu RaoFManak PuraS.P. Zone
Bara Mohalla, KhanpurFKhanpurSouth Zone
Bara More SaraiEChandni ChowkCity Zone
BaradariFBallimaranCity Zone
Baraula VillageHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Bari Wala BaghESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Barwala VillageHPrahladpur, BangarRohini Zone
Basant Enclave, Ghewra Nijampur RoadGMundkaNarela Zone
Basant Lok DDA ComplexAVasant ViharSouth Zone
Basant Vihar, GhevraGMundkaNarela Zone
Basant Gaon – Non-Residential PurposeEVasant ViharSouth Zone
Basant Gaon – Residential PurposeGVasant ViharSouth Zone
Basi DarapurGRajouri GardenWest Zone
Basti Bheekham SinghGVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Basti Harphool SinghEQasabpuraCity Zone
Basti NizamuddinFNizamuddinCentral Zone
Batla HouseGOkhlaCentral Zone
Bawana ExtnGBawanaNarela Zone
Bawana Rural VillageHBawanaNarela Zone
Bazaidpur ThakranHBawanaNarela Zone
BeadonpuraDBeedanpuraKarol Bagh Zone
Bees Sutri ColonyGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Bees Sutri Harijan BastiGDeoliSouth Zone
Begam ViharGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
BegampurGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Begampur – VillageGGulmohar ParkSouth Zone
Begumpur Village – Non-Residential PurposeFMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Begumpur villageHPrahladpur Vill.BangarRohini Zone
Begumpur Village -Residential PurposeGMalviya NagarSouth Zone
BeharipurHYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Behlol Pur Colony, Maharani BaghFOkhlaCentral Zone
Behlolpur BangarGNizamuddinCentral Zone
Bengali Colony, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Ber Sarai – Non-Residential PurposeEVasant KunjSouth Zone
Ber Sarai – Residential PurposeGVasant KunjSouth Zone
Beri wala BaghFSubhash NagarWest Zone
BG-1 SFS P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
BG-2 LIG P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
BG-3 LIG P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
BG-5 LIG P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
BG-5A LIG P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
BG-6Janata Flat P.ViharFPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
BG-7 P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
BG-8 MarketDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Bhagat EnclaveGUttam NagarWest Zone
Bhagat Singh ColonyGKarawal NagarSh. North Zone
Bhagat Singh EnclaveFRaghubir NagarWest Zone
Bhagat Singh ParkGBadliRohini Zone
Bhagat Vihar Karawal NagarGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Bhagat ViharGKarawal NagarSh. North Zone
Bhagirathi ViharGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Bhagwan Das Nagar Extn.EMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Bhagwan Das NagarDMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Bhagwan NagarFBhogalCentral Zone
Bhagwan Park, Jharoda MazraGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Bhagwanpur KheraGRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Bhagwati GardenGUttam NagarWest Zone
Bhagwati ViharGUttam NagarWest Zone
Bhagya ViharGMundkaNarela Zone
Bhai Parmanand NagarEG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Bhaiswa DairyGBhalaswa JahangirpurCivil Lines Zone
BhajanpuraFUsmanpurSh. North Zone
Bharat Garden Matiala RoadFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Bharat Nagar, New Friends ColonyFOkhlaCentral Zone
Bharat NagarEBharat NagarRohini Zone
Bharat Vihar (Kakraula)GMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Bharat vihar Begum Pur ExtnGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Bharat Vihar Vashisht ParkGDabriNajafgarh Zone
BharaulaGAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
BharaulaGAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Bharti Artist ColonyDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Bharthal-Urban VillageGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Bhati-Rural VillageHBhatiSouth Zone
Bhavishyanidhi EnclaveBMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Bhera EnclaveDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
Bheram PuriGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Bhikaji Cama PalaceAR.K. PuramSouth Zone
Bhim NagriEHauz KhasSouth Zone
BhogalEBhogalCentral Zone
Bhola NagarDSewa NagarCentral Zone
Bhola Nath NagarFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Bhola Ram Enclave Village Pockam purGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Bhoomi Heen CampGTughlakabadCentral Zone
BhorgarhHNarelaNarela Zone
Bhorgarh – Rural Vill.HNarelaNarela Zone
Bihari Colony, MustafabadGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Bihari ColonyFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Bihari ParkGKhanpurSouth Zone
Bihari Pur, MustafabadGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Bihari Puri Extn.FShahdaraSh. South Zone
BijwasanGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
BindapurGUttam NagarWest Zone
Bindapur VillageGUttam NagarWest Zone
Bindapur Village-Urban VillageHUttam NagarWest Zone
Braham PuriGAmbedkar BastiSh. North Zone
Brij Vihar Pehlad pur Vihar ExtnGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Brij ViharESaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Brijpuri, SherpurGMustafabadSh. North Zone
BrijpuriFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
British India ColonyGRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Budh Nagar(JJ Colony)GNarainaKarol Bagh Zone
Budh Vihar Colony, TajPur PahariGBadarpurCentral Zone
Budh Vihar, MandoliFNand NagriSh. North Zone
Budh ViharGRithalaRohini Zone
BudhanpurHBawanaNarela Zone
Budhela VillageGHastsalWest Zone
BudhpurHAlipurNarela Zone
Budhpur – Rural Vill.HAlipurNarela Zone
Bulbuli KhanEDarya GanjCentral Zone
Bulund Masjid (Shastri park)GSeelampurSh. North Zone
Bunker ColonyGBharat NagarRohini Zone
Burari Extn. ColonyGBurariCivil Lines Zone
BurariHBurariCivil Lines Zone
CA Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Canal Colony OkhlaGOkhlaCentral Zone
Carriappa Marg,Khirki Extn.EDeoliSouth Zone
CBD ShahadraDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
CC Colony (Rajpura)DModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Central Market Lajpat NagarCJangpuraCentral Zone
Chaju ColonyFBabar PurSh. North Zone
Chakundi ExtnFTagore GardenWest Zone
Chaman ParkFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Chanakya Place Part-I Uttam NagarGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Chanakya Place Part-IIGSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
Chanchal Park Colony (Nangloi)GMundkaNarela Zone
Chand BaghFMustafabadSh. North Zone
Chand MohallaFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Chand NagarFKhyalaWest Zone
Chand ViharGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Chandan GardenGNangloiNarela Zone
Chandan ParkGBadliRohini Zone
Chandan Vihar, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Chandan ViharGNangloiNarela Zone
Chandar NagarDJanakpuriWest Zone
Chander LokDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Chander Nagar Karawal NagarGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Chander Vihar, MandawaliGMandawaliSh. South Zone
Chander Vihar, NilothiGNangloiNarela Zone
Chandni ChowkEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Chandni MahalETurkam GateCity Zone
Chandra LokFBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Chandra NagarFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Chandra Park, DwarkaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Chandra Park, KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Chandra Shekhar Azad ColonyFKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Chandu Nagar Karawal NagarGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Chandu ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Chandrawal VillageGCivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
ChandpurHBawanaNarela Zone
Chandanhulla-Rural VillageHBhatiSouth Zone
Channamal ParkFMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Chatta Lal MiyaETurkam GateCity Zone
Chattar Pur ColonyFChhatarpurSouth Zone
Chauhan BangarFJaffrabadSh. North Zone
ChaukhandiGKhayalaWest Zone
Chaukri MubarkabadGShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Chaukhandi-Urban VillageGTagore GardenWest Zone
Chawla ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Chchuna Lal ParkDShalimar BaghRohini Zone
Chhaju Ram ColonyGNangloiNarela Zone
Chhatta Bhawani ShankarEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Chhattarpur-Rural VillageHChhattarpurSouth Zone
Chhawla-Rural VillageHBijwasanSouth Zone
Chhawla – Rural VillageHChhatarpurSouth Zone
Chhippy WadaEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Chhota ChamarwaraEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Chila Saroda BanjarHTrilokpuriSh. South Zone
Chila Saroda Khadar-Rural VillageFTrilokpuriSh. South Zone
Chilla Janata FlatsGTrilokpuriSh. South Zone
Chirag Coop H.B. societyCMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Chirag EnclaveBGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Chiragh Delhi Village – Non-Residential PurposeFChirag DelhiSouth Zone
Chiragh Delhi Village – Residential PurposeGChirag DelhiSouth Zone
Chitla Gate AreaEBazaar Sita RamCity Zone
Chitra ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
ChitrakootFBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Chittaranjan ParkCGreater Kailash-IICentral Zone
Chottey Lal ParkEMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Chowk Nai BastiEQasabpuraCity Zone
Christian Colony MehrauliGMehrauliSouth Zone
Christian ColonyETimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Chuna MandiEPahar GanjS.P. Zone
CIS Matri Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Citizens EnclaveERohiniRohini Zone
Civil LinesCCivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Commercial Complex P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Cottage EnclaveDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
D/S Ramesh NagarDKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
D/S Ramesh Nagar block 1 to 45DManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
D/S Ramesh Nagar E-blockDManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Dabar Enclave , JaffarpurGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Dabri ExtnGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Dabri ExtnGDabriNajafgarh Zone
DadhosraHLsapurNajafgarh Zone
Dairy ColonyGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Dairy Mansha RamGG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
DakarwalaHHastsalWest Zone
Dakshinpuri Extn Block 19, South EnclaveGDakshinpuri ExtnSouth Zone
DakshinpuriGTigriSouth Zone
Dalai MohallaFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Dallupura-Rural VillageGDallupuraSh. South Zone
Dalmia ViharDBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Daoli Village RuralHDaoliSouth Zone
Daripur KalamHBawanaNarela Zone
Daripur KhurdHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
DaryaganjDDarya GanjCentral Zone
Daryaganj Old Area( Pataudi House)EJama MasjidCity Zone
Daryapur Kalan- Rural Vill.HBawanaNarela Zone
Daryaganj (Ansari Road)DDarya GanjCentral Zone
Daryaganj (Asaf Ali Road)DTurkam GateCity Zone
Dasghera VillageHRajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Dashrath PuriGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Dashrath Puri, Palam RoadGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Data Ram Park near DindarpurGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
DaulatpurHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Dawat NagarFOkhlaCentral Zone
Daya BastiFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Dayalpark SagarpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
DayalpurGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Dayalsar ColonyGJanakpuriWest Zone
DayalpurHMustafabadSh. North Zone
Dayal Sir Colony Uttam NagarGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Dayanand BlockFShakarpurSh. South Zone
Dayanand ColonyDDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Dayanand ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Deep Colony BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
Deep Enclave, HastsalGHastsalWest Zone
Deep EnclaveCAshok ViharCivil Lines Zone
Deep ViharGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Deepak ViharGUttam NagarWest Zone
DeepaliDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Defence ColonyBDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Defence Enclave, MahipalpurEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Defence EnclaveDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
DefenceDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
DehrotiGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Delhi Dayal Coop H. B SocietyCShahpur JatSouth Zone
Delhi University South CampusBNanakpuraSouth Zone
Deoli ColonyGDeoliSouth Zone
DeoralaHMatilaNajafgarh Zone
Dera-Rural VillageHAya NagarSouth Zone
Derawal NagarDRana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Dev Kunj (Raj Nagar)GMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Dev NagarEDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Devaram ParkFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Devi NagarGNizamuddinCentral Zone
Dhaka Johar near Dr. Mukherjee NagarGG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
DhakaGGTB NagarCivil Lines Zone
Dhanka Colony, Nangloi JatGMundkaNarela Zone
Dhansa ExtnGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Dhansa-Rural VillageHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Dharam KunjERohiniRohini Zone
Dharam Pura Colony, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Dharam Pura, Chandni ChowkEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Dharam Pura, Gandhi NagarFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Dharam Vihar, DwarkaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Dharma ColonyGMundkaNarela Zone
Dheerpur Phase – 2 (Jahangirpuri)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Dheerpur Phase – 1 (Jahangirpuri)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Dhirpur VillageGPipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
Dhruv EnclaveGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Dhul Siras VillageGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Dichaon EnclaveGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Dichaon Kalan-Rural VillageHIssapurNajafgarh Zone
Dilkhush BaghDRana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Dilkhush Bagh Industrial. AreaGRana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Dilshad Garden District CentreFDilshad GardenSh. South Zone
Dilshad ColonyFSeema PuriSh. North Zone
Dilshad Garden (82FDilshad GardenSh. North Zone
Dilshad Garden Industrial AreaGVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Dindarpur Extn. NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Dindar pur-Rural VillageHRoshanpurNajafgarh Zone
DLF Industrial AreaGRamesh NagarKarol Bagh Zone
DLF Kirti NagarGKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Dori WalanEManak PuraS.P. Zone
Dr Ambedkar Nagar (Madangir)GMadangirSouth Zone
Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar ColonyFVivek ViharSh. South Zone
DR Lohia Industrial Area(Lawrence Road)GKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Dr. Ambedkar Colony Andheri MorGDr. Ambedkar NagarSouth Zone
Dr. Ambedkar Colony, BijwasanGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Dr. Ambedkar Colony, Johri purGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Dr. Ambedkar Nagar HaiderpurGBadliRohini Zone
DSIDC Rohtak Road NangloiGPeera GarhiRohini Zone
DSIIDC Kirti NagarGManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Duggal ColonyFKhanpurSouth Zone
DuragapuriFBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Durga Enclave, Jaffarpur KalanGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Durga MohallaGDallupraSh. South Zone
Durga Park, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Durga Park colony, DabriGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Durga Park ColonyGDallupraSh. South Zone
Durga Puri, DabriGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Durga Vihar TughlakabadFTughlakabadCentral Zone
Durga Vihar, DeoliGDeoliSouth Zone
Durga Vihar, DwarkaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Durga Vihar, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Durgapuri Extn.GBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Durga Park, NasirpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
DwarkaDMatialaNajafgarh Zone
DwarkapuriFRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
East End ApartmentsDTrilokpuriSh. South Zone
East End EnclaveELaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
East Krishna NagarFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
East Moti Bagh (Karol Bagh)FKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
East Of KailashCGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
East Old SeelampurFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
East Patel NagarCEast Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
East Uttam NagarGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
EIL Friends SocietyGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Eklaviya EnclaveERohiniRohini Zone
Ekta Vihar, JaitpurGBadarpurCentral Zone
Ekta Vihar, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Ekta ViharCNanakpuraSouth Zone
Electricity Colony, Punjabi BaghETri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Electricity Colony, Shalimar BaghDShalimar BaghRohini Zone
Engineers EnclaveDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Escort AreaCOkhlaCentral Zone
Farash KhanaEBallimaranCity Zone
FaridpuriFEast Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Farsh BazarFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Fateh NagarFPratap NagarWest Zone
Fatehpuri Bari Extn.EBhatiSouth Zone
Fateh Nagar Village-Urban VillageGNangal RayaWest Zone
Fatehpur JatHAlipurNarela Zone
Fatehpur BeriHBhatiSouth Zone
Fateh Nagar Village-Urban VillageGNangal RayaWest Zone
FathepuriEBallimaranCity Zone
Firoz Shah Kotla StadiumCMinto RoadCity Zone
Freedom Fighter ViharFSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Friends Colony EastAOkhlaCentral Zone
Friends Colony MundkaGNangloi JatNarela Zone
Friends Colony WestAOkhlaCentral Zone
Friends ColonyAOkhlaCentral Zone
Friends Enclave Part-2FDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Friends Enclave, NangloiGNangloi JatNarela Zone
Friends Colony Industrial. AreaGVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Friends Enclave-Sultan pur roadGSultanpur MazraWest Zone
Furniture BlockGKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Fyaz GanjESadar BazarS.P. Zone
G B Road AreaEBazar Sita RamS.P. Zone
Gadaipur-Rural VillageHAya NagarSouth Zone
Gafoor NagarFOkhlaCentral Zone
Gagan Vihar BadarpurGBadarpurCentral Zone
Gagan ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Gagan Vihar ExtnEPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Gamini Park Nangli SakrawatiGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
GamriFUsmanpurSh. North Zone
Gandhi Market AreaDMinto RoadCity Zone
Gandhi Nagar(Mandavali)FShakarpurSh. South Zone
Gandhi NagarEGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Gandhi ViharFBurariCivil Lines Zone
Ganesh Nagar IIFShakarpurSh. South Zone
Ganesh NagarETilak NagarWest Zone
Ganesh ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
GaneshpuraFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Ganga Ram ParkGUttam NagarWest Zone
Ganga Sahai Colony, MandoliGNand NagriSh. North Zone
Ganga ViharFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Gangaram VatikaETagore GardenWest Zone
Garhi ExtnDSriniwaspuriCentral Zone
Garhi MenduGYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Garhi Jharia MariaFSri NiwaspuriCentral Zone
Garhi PeeranGPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Garhi Mendu VillageHYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Garhi RindhalaHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Garhi KhasruHBurariCivil Lines Zone
Garhi KhuradHAlipurNarela Zone
Gashi Pura Prem ViharGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Gasta Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Gau ShalaFManak PuraS.P. Zone
Gaurav Nagar, Anand NagarGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Gauri Shankar Enclave, MundkaGMundkaNarela Zone
Gautam ColonyGNarelaNarela Zone
Gautam MargGBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Gautam NagarDHauz KhasSouth Zone
Gautam Puri I and II (JJ Colony)GBadarpurCentral Zone
Gautam Vihar, Harkesh NagarFAmbedkar BastiSh. North Zone
Gautampuri (Jaffrabad)FSeelampurSh. North Zone
Gautampuri, IP EstateGNizamuddinCentral Zone
GautampuriGSeelampurSh. North Zone
Gazzu KatraFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Geeta ColonyFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
Geetanjali Enclave, DabriFSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Geetanjali EnclaveBMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Geetanjali ParkFSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
GH-1 DDA FlatsDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
GH-10,Paschim ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
GH-12,Paschim ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
GH-13,Paschim ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
GH-14,Paschim ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
GH-2 DDA FlatsDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
GH-3 DDA FlatsDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
GH-4 DDA FlatsDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
GH-5,7,Paschim ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
GH-6,Paschim ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
GH-8,Paschim ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
GH-9,Paschim ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
Ghaffar Manzil ColonyFOkhlaCentral Zone
GhalibpurHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Gharoli Extn.GKondliSh. South Zone
Gharonda Apartment, Shrestha ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Gharoli Village-RuralFKondliSh. South Zone
Gharonda Neemka KhadarHGokalpurSh. North Zone
GharoHRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Ghas MandiFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Ghasi Pura Nangli DairyGMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
GhasipuraGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
GhatesarHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Ghazipur Dairy FarmGMandawaliSh. South Zone
Ghazipur-Urban VillageGPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Ghazipur(Urban Village)GPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Gheora Extn. ColonyGMundkaNarela Zone
Gheora VillageHMundkaNarela Zone
Ghewra village-RuralHMundkaNarela Zone
GhisaFVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Ghitorni Village-RuralHChhatarpurSouth Zone
GhogaHNarelaNarela Zone
Ghoga – Rural VillHNarelaNarela Zone
Ghonda ColonyFAmbedkar BastiSh. North Zone
Ghonda NeemkaGYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Ghonda VillageGYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Ghondli VillageGJagat puriSh. South Zone
Gian ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Gilahari BaghDAshok ViharCivil Lines Zone
Giri NagarFKalkajiCentral Zone
Gitanjali AptDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
GoalaHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Gobind MohallaEBadliRohini Zone
Gobind PuraFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Goela DairyGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Goela ViharGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Gokhale MarketECivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
GokulpuriFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Gokulpur villageHGokulpurSh. North Zone
Gola KuanGHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Golden Park(Jagat puri)FJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Golden ParkFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Goman HeraHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Gopal Nagar Extn. Khaira RoadGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Gopal Nagar, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Gopal NagarFModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Gopal Park Budh ViharGRithalaRohini Zone
Gopal Park(Jagat puri)FJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Gopal ParkGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Gopal Pur ExtnFTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Gopal ViharGRithalaRohini Zone
GopalnagarFPratap NagarWest Zone
Gopalpur ( Haiderpur)HTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Gorakh ParkFBabar PurSh. North Zone
Goverdhan Behari ColonyFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Govind GarhFDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Govind KhandFVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Govind ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Govind ViharGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Govindpuri ExtnFKalkajiCentral Zone
GovindpuriFKalkajiCentral Zone
Greater Kailash Encl-I, IIBChirag DelhiSouth Zone
Greater Kailash IBGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Greater Kailash IIBChirag DelhiSouth Zone
Greater Kailash III (MMRS)BChirag DelhiSouth Zone
Greater Kailash IV (NRI Colony)BGreater Kailash-IICentral Zone
Green Park Extn.BSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Green ParkBSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Green Valley Enclave, Ghavera Nizampur RoadGMundkaNarela Zone
GT Karnal Rd Industrial AreaGRana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Gudahi MohallaFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Gujarat ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Gujranwala (Vikas Puri)FTilak NagarWest Zone
Gujranwala TownDRana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Gulab BaghGUttam NagarWest Zone
Gulabi BaghEKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Gulabi ParkGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Gulmohar ParkBHauz KhasSouth Zone
Gulshan Park, NangloiGMundkaNarela Zone
Gupta Enclave, Ranhola RoadGUttam NagarWest Zone
Gupta Park Najafgarh RoadGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Gurpreet Nagar, Uttam NagarFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Guru Amardas NagarFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Guru Angad Nagar EastFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Guru Angad Nagar ExtnFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Guru Arjun NagarESouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Guru Harkishan Nagar Near MatialaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Guru Harkishan NagarDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
Guru Nanak NagarGGurunanak NagarWest Zone
Guru Nanak NgrFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Guru Nanak PuraFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Guru Nanak ViharGNangloiNarela Zone
Guru NanakpuraFNangal RayaWest Zone
Guru Ram Dass NagarFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Guru Ravi Dass Nagar Harijan BastiGNarelaNarela Zone
Guru Teg Bahadur EnclFDilshad GardenSh. North Zone
Guru Teg Bahadur NagarDG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Guru Harkishan Nagar Ext. NilothiGNangloiWest Zone
Gurukul ViharGNarelaNarela Zone
Gurunank NagarFNew Ranjit NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Gyan KunjELaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Gyan MohallaFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Haibatpura-Urban VillageGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Haidarpur VillageGBadiRohini Zone
Haji ColonyFOkhlaCentral Zone
Hakikat NagarDG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Hamdard NagarBTughlakabadCentral Zone
HamidpurHAlipurNarela Zone
Hans Nagar Colony, Pandwala KalanGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Hanuman EnclaveGNangloiNarela Zone
Hanuman Mandir ColonyGNangloiNarela Zone
Har Govind Enclave Raj Pur KhurdGUttam NagarWest Zone
Hardev Nagar, Jharoda Majra Extn.GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Hardev PuriGBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Hardev ViharGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
HareoliHBawanaNarela Zone
Hargovind EnclaveDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Hari Das ColonyGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Hari EnclaveGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Hari Krishna NagarGRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Hari Nagar Ashram ColonyEBhogalCentral Zone
Hari Nagar Extn, Jaitpur RoadGBadarpurCentral Zone
Hari Nagar, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Hari Singh ParkEPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Hari Vihar Colony, Kakraula RoadGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Hari Nagar (19, 20)FPratap NagarWest Zone
Hari Nagar AshramGBhogalCentral Zone
Hari Nagar VillageHBadarpurCentral Zone
Hari NagarFPratap NagarWest Zone
Harijan Basti, Lal KuanGTughlakabadCentral Zone
Harijan Basti Amar colony MundkaGMundkaNarela Zone
Harijan Basti BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
Harijan Basti BindapurGUttam NagarWest Zone
Harijan Basti DallupuraGDallupraSh. South Zone
Harijan Basti Extn. Sadatpur Karawal NagarGKarawal NagarSh. North Zone
Harijan Basti Jyoti Nagar WestGBabar PurSh. North Zone
Harijan Basti KarkardoomaGVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Harijan Basti KondliGKondliSh. South Zone
Harijan Basti Mandoli ExtnGNand NagriSh. North Zone
Harijan Basti New Rohtak RoadGKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Harijan Basti OkhlaGOkhlaCentral Zone
Harijan Basti PalamGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Harijan Basti Patpar GanjGMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Harijan Basti SultanpuriGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Harijan Basti, BijwasanGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Harijan Basti, Jharoda Majra, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Harijan Basti, MasudpurGVasant KunjSouth Zone
Harijan Basti, MithapurGBadarpurCentral Zone
Harijan Basti, SagarpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Harijan Basti, Ashok NagarGTrilokpuriSh. South Zone
Harijan Colony (Outram Lines)FG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Harijan Colony Begum PurGMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Harijan Colony Neb SaraiGSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Harijan colony, Tilak NagarGTagore GardenWest Zone
Harijan Colony, Wazir PurGAshok ViharCivil Lines Zone
Harijan ColonyGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Harijan Basti LAlKuanGPul PehladpurCentral Zone
Harijan ColonyGSultanpuri SouthRohini Zone
Harit NiketanESaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Harit Vihar, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Harkeh NagarFDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Harkesh NagarGHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Harkishan Nagar Matiala Extn.GMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Harsarup colony Fatehpur BeriGBhatiSouth Zone
Harsh Dev Park, Budh Vihar (Rithala Road)GRithalaRohini Zone
Harsh Vihar(Dilshad Garden)FDilshad GardenSh. North Zone
Harsh ViharDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Harshdev ColonyGRithalaRohini Zone
Hasanpur ColonyGPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Hasanpur(Preet Vihar)GPreet ViharSh. South Zone
HasanpurHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Hastal ColonyGNarelaNarela Zone
Hastsal (Janta Flats)GHastsalWest Zone
HastsalGHastsalWest Zone
Hastsal Vihar-Rural VillageHHastsalWest Zone
Hastsal Vihar-Rural VillageHHastsalWest Zone
Hathi KhanaESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Hauz KhasBHauz KhasSouth Zone
Hauz QaziEBazar Sita RamS.P. Zone
Hauz Rani MohallaGVillage Huaz RaniSouth Zone
Hauz Khas Village – Non-Residential PurposeESafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Hauz Rani-Urban VillageGVillage Huaz RaniSouth Zone
Hauz Khas Village – Residential PurposeGSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Haveli Haider KuliEBallimaranCity Zone
Hawaldar Muktiyar Singh MargGBawanaNarela Zone
Hazara ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Hazari Park (Holambi)GAlipurNarela Zone
Hemant Vihar, Rajpur KhurdGSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Hemkunt ColonyBGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Hill View Apartment, Vasant ViharCVasant ViharSouth Zone
Himgiri Enclave, MukandpurGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Himgiri EnclaveGNangloiNarela Zone
HimmatpuriGTrilokpuriSh. South Zone
Hind NagarFTagore GardenWest Zone
Hira Park, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
HirankiHAlipurNarela Zone
Hiranki- Rural VillHAlipurNarela Zone
Holambi KalanHAlipurNarela Zone
Holambi KhurdHAlipurNarela Zone
Holambi Kalan – Rural VillHAlipurNarela Zone
Holambi Khurd- Rural VillHAlipurNarela Zone
HUDCO PlaceADefence ColonyCentral Zone
Hudson Line (Kingsway)DG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Humayanpur-Urban Village – Non-Residential PurposeESafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Humayanpur-Urban Village – Residential PurposeGSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
I.P Estate (Press Area),Bahadur Shah Zafar MargADarya GanjCentral Zone
IAAI ColonyEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Ibrahimpur ExtnGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Ibrahim PurHBurariCivil Lines Zone
Ideal Society, DabriGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
IINAA Housing ComplexEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
IIT AreaBMalviya NagarSouth Zone
IIT(Harsh)DPeera GarhiRohini Zone
INA ColonyBSewa NagarCentral Zone
Inder Enclave Phase 1GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Inder Enclave Phase-IIGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Inder Enclave(Kanjhwala)GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Inder EnclaveDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Inder Prastha, Amrit Vihar, BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Inderaj Colony BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
Inderlok A BlockFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Inderlok B BlockFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
InderpuriERajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Inder EnclaveDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Indian Air Lines ClnyEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Indira Camp (Jhilmil Colony)FVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Indira JheelGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Indira Kalyan ViharGHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Indira Nagar Bhatti MinesGBhatiSouth Zone
Indira NagarGAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Indira Park PalamGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Indira Vihar(Gokalpur)FGokalpurSh. North Zone
Indira ViharDG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Indira Vikas ColonyFG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Indira Park Extn. and Ram Datt EnclaveGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Indra Colony (Narela)GNarelaNarela Zone
Indra Enclave Neb SaraiFSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Indra Park(Preet Vihar)FPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Indra Park ExtnGJanakpuriWest Zone
Indra ParkGJanakpuriWest Zone
Indraprasth EstateAMinto RoadCity Zone
Indraprastha Colony, Nathu PuraGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Indraprastha ExtensionDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Insti Area Pankha RoadCNangal RayaWest Zone
Institutional Area, Pankha RoadCJanak Puri(South)West Zone
Iradat Nagar Alias Naya BansHAlipurNarela Zone
Isapur (Jafrabad)-Rural VillageHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Ishwar Colony BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
Ishwar Colony(Nangli Dairy) Najafgarh RoadGNangloiNarela Zone
Ishwar ColonyDModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Ishwar NagarBOkhlaCentral Zone
Ishwar Colony (Nangli Dairy)-Rural VillageGNangloiNarela Zone
Islam Colony MehrauliFMehrauliSouth Zone
Jafar Pur KalanHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Jafarpur Alias Hiran KudnaHMundkaNarela Zone
Jaffarpur Extn.GIsapurNajafgarh Zone
JaffrabadFJaffrabadSh. North Zone
Jagadamba Vihar SagarpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Jagat Puri A BlockFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Jagat Puri, Preet ViharFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Jagat Ram Park, M,N,L (Laxmi Nagar)FLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Jagatpur ExtnGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Jagatpuri(Bhagwanpur)FBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
JagatpuriFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Jagatpur ( Burari )HBurariCivil Lines Zone
Jagdamba, BadarpurGBadarpurCentral Zone
Jagjeet NagarGUsmanpurSh. North Zone
Jagjeevan NagarGBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Jagjeevan NagarGSeelampurSh. North Zone
Jagjivan Ram Housing SocietyEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Jagriti EnclaveDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
JahangirpuriGBurariCivil Lines Zone
JahazDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Jai Bharat EnclaveGUttam NagarWest Zone
Jai dev ParkDMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Jai Dev Park ( DDA Flats)EMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Jai Prakash MohallaGUsmanpurSh. North Zone
Jai Prakash NagarFAmbedkar BastiSh. North Zone
Jai pur EstateBNizamuddinCentral Zone
Jai Prakash NagarFGhondaSh. North Zone
Jai Vihar Colony, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Jai Vihar, Nangloi RoadGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Jai ViharGMundkaNarela Zone
Jain Colony (Uttam Nagar)FMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Jain Colony(Vir Nagar)ERana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Jain ColonyGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Jain MohallaFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Jain NagarGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Jain Park (Uttam Nagar)FMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Jain Park, Pankha RoadGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
JainpurHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Jait Pur ExtnGBadarpurCentral Zone
JaitpurHBadarpurCentral Zone
Jal ViharDBhogalCentral Zone
Jama MasjidEJama MasjidCity Zone
Jamia NagarFOkhlaCentral Zone
Janak Puri District CentreDJanakpuriWest Zone
Janak ParkFSubhash NagarWest Zone
Janak Vihar Extn. TiharESubhash NagarWest Zone
JanakpuriDJanakpuriWest Zone
Janata Flat Pkt.-I P.ViharFPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Jangpura ExtensionDJangpuraCentral Zone
Jangpura ADJangpuraCentral Zone
Jangpura – BFNizamuddinCentral Zone
Janki Puri, Jeewan Park (Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Janta Colony JJ ClusterGWest Gorakh ParkSh. North Zone
Janta Colony Raghubir NagarFRaghubir NagarWest Zone
Janta Colony(Paschimpuri)EMadipurWest Zone
Janta Colony, ShahdaraFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Janta ColonyGVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Janta Flats Paschim ViharFPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Janta Vihar Colony, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Janta Flats Paschim ViharFPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Jasola (NHCC)DBadarpurCentral Zone
Jasola ViharDBadarpurCentral Zone
JasolaGBadarpurCentral Zone
Jat KhorHBawanaNarela Zone
Jatav Basti, MehrauliGMehrauliSouth Zone
JauntiHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Jaunti – Rural VillHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Jawahar CampGRamesh NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Jawahar NagarDKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Jawahar ParkFKhanpurSouth Zone
Jawaharlal Nehru CampGTughlakabadCentral Zone
Jawala NagarFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Jawalapuri ExtensionGPeera GarhiRohini Zone
JawalapuriDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
JawalaheriGPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Jawalapuri A and C BlockGPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Jawala Heri Janata FlatFPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Jawala Heri VillageDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Jeevan NiketanDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
Jeevan Park(Uttam Nagar)GMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Jeevan ParkGBadliRohini Zone
Jeevan SaritaFVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Jhagu Mal ColonyFQasabpuraCity Zone
Jhandewalan AreaCManak PuraS.P. Zone
Jhandewalan Extn.CManak PuraS.P. Zone
JhangolaHAlipurNarela Zone
Jharoda DairyGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Jharoda Extn. BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Jharoda KalanHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Jharoda Majra BurariHBurariCivil Lines Zone
Jhatikara-Rural VillageHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Jheel KhurenjaFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
Jheemar Pura VillageHBawanaNarela Zone
Jhilmil ColonyGVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Jhilmil Industrial AreaGVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Jhilmil TahirpurGVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Jhuggi Jhonpri ColonyGMundkaNarela Zone
JhuljhuliHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Jia Sarai-Urban Village – Non-Residential PurposeEMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Jia Sarai-Urban Village – Residential PurposeGMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Jitar NagarFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Jiwan NagarEBhogalCentral Zone
Jiwan Pur alias JoshipuraHMustafabadSh. North Zone
JJ Colony (Khanpur)GKhanpurSouth Zone
JJ Colony HastsalGHastsalWest Zone
JJ Colony NangloiGNangloiNarela Zone
JJ Colony WazirpurGBharat NagarRohini Zone
JJ Colony Nangloi Complex No. I,IIIGNangloi EastRohini Zone
JJ Indra Camp, SaidullajaibGSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
JNU CAMPUS AREABVasant KunjSouth Zone
JNU Old CampusBVasant KunjSouth Zone
Joga Bai Extn.FOkhlaCentral Zone
Joga Bai VillageGOkhlaCentral Zone
JogiwaraEBallimaranCity Zone
JoharipurFGokalpurSh. North Zone
JonapurHAya NagarSouth Zone
JoorbaghFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Joshi ColonyFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Jyoti ColonyFBabar PurSh. North Zone
Jyoti Nagar EastFBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Jyoti Nagar West ExtnFBabar PurSh. North Zone
Kabir BastiGTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Kabir BastuFDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Kabir NagarFBabar PurSh. North Zone
Kabul NagarFRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Kaccha Bagh AreaEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Kachi Colony, Vijay parkGMaujpurSh. North Zone
Kadi Pur ViharGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Kadi PurHBurariCivil Lines Zone
Kailash ColonyBGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Kailash EnclaveDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Kailash Extn., NasirpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Kailash HillCGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Kailash KunjCGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Kailash NagarFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Kailash ParkEMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Kailash puri, NasirpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Kailash puri, Palam ColonyGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Kailash Ram Park Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Kailash ViharGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
KairHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
KaithwaraFSeelampurSh. North Zone
Kaithwara VillageGSeelampurSh. North Zone
KakraolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Kakrola Extn. Village KakraulaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Kakrola-Urban VillageHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Kalan MahalEJama MasjidCity Zone
KalanderFVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Kali BastiGNizamuddinCentral Zone
Kalindi ColonyAOkhlaCentral Zone
Kalkaji ExtnETughlakabadCentral Zone
KalkajiCKalkajiCentral Zone
Kalkaji, DDA FlatDGreater Kailash-IICentral Zone
Kalu Sarai – Non-Residential PurposeEMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Kalu Sarai – Residential PurposeGMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Kalyan PuriGKondliSh. South Zone
Kalyan ViharDModel TownCivil Lines Zone
KalyanvasFMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Kamal Kunj, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Kamal Park, Palam ColonyGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Kamal Pur (Kamal Vihar)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Kamal Vihar, Madhu ViharGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Kamala NagarDKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Kamal PurHBurariCivil Lines Zone
Kamaruddin NagarGMundkaNarela Zone
Kamla Market, RoshanpuraGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Kamla MarketDPahar GanjS.P. Zone
Kamruddin Nagar-Rural VillageHMundkaNarela Zone
KanchipurFDilshad GardenSh. North Zone
Kanchipur Pur VillageGDilshad GardenSh. North Zone
Kangan hediHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Kangra NiketanDHastsalWest Zone
Kangra Vihar Mohan Garden Extn.GUttam NagarWest Zone
Kanhiya NagarFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
KanjhawalaHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Kanjhawala – Rural VillHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Kankar KheraGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Kankar Khera VillageHPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Kanti Nagar ExtnFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Kanti NagarFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Kanwar Singh Nagar, NangloiGMundkaNarela Zone
Kapas Hara ExtnFBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
KapashedaHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Kapil ViharDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Kapoor BastiFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Karala MajriGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
KaralaHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Karala – Rural VillHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
KarampuraFKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Karampura Industrial AreaGKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Karampura ComplexFKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Karan Vihar (Nangloi)GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Karawal nagarFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Karawal NagarHGokalpurSh. North Zone
KardampuriGBabar PurSh. North Zone
Karkar Duma ColonyDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Karkar Duma VillageGVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Karol BaghDBeedanpuraKarol Bagh Zone
Kartar NagarFUsmanpurSh. North Zone
Kaseru WalanEPahar GanjS.P. Zone
Kashmere GateECivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Kashmiri ColonyGAlipurNarela Zone
Kasturba Nagar(Sewa Nagar)DSewa NagarCentral Zone
Kasturba NagarFVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Kasturba NiketanEJangpuraCentral Zone
KatewraHBawanaNarela Zone
Katewara – Rural Vill.HBawanaNarela Zone
Kathputli Colony JJ ClusterGSouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Katra AsharfiEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katra Chhotey LalETurkam GateCity Zone
Katra DhoblEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katra GhelEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katra Husain BaxEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katra ImliESubzi MandiS.P. Zone
Katra MashruEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katra NawabEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katra NeelEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katra PedanEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katra ShahenshahEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Katwaria Sarai – Non-Residential PurposeELado SaraiSouth Zone
Katwaria Sarai – Residential PurposeGLado SaraiSouth Zone
Katyani ViharGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Kaushik enclave, Nathu PuraGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Kavita Colony, NangloiFNangloiNarela Zone
Kedar Bagh (Rohtak Rd)FKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Kedar Bagh(Rohtak Road)EKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Keshav Nagar (Ibrahimpur)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Keshav PuramFKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Keshopur ColonyGGurunanak NagarWest Zone
KeshopurGGuru Nanak NagarWest Zone
Keshopur-Urban VillageGVikas Puri(East)West Zone
Kewal Park ExtensionFAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Kewal Park, Pankha RoadFSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Kewal ParkGModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Khajan Basti and ExtnFPratap NagarWest Zone
Khajoori ColonyFMustafabadSh. North Zone
Khajoori KhasHMustafabadSh. North Zone
Khajuri Vill.Extn. Khajuri KhasGMustafabadSh. North Zone
KhampurHAlipurNarela Zone
Khampur- Rural Vill.HAlipurNarela Zone
Khampur RayaGNew Ranjit NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Khan Pur DhaniHGokalpurSh. North Zone
Khanpur ColonyGKhanpurSouth Zone
Khanpur ExtnGKhanpurSouth Zone
Khanpur Village-Urban Village – Non-Residential PuEKhanpurSouth Zone
Khanpur Village-Urban Village – Residential PuGKhanpurSouth Zone
Kharara VillageGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Kharera-Urban Village – Non-Residential PurposeEHauz KhasSouth Zone
Kharera-Urban Village – Residential PurposeGHauz KhasSouth Zone
Khari BaoliEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Kharkhari Jatmal-Rural VillageHRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Kharkari NaharHRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Kharkari RoadHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
KhayalaGKhayalaWest Zone
Khayala-Urban VillageGKhyalaWest Zone
Khera-Rural VillageHRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Khera DabarHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Khera KalanHAlipurNarela Zone
Khera KhurdHAlipurNarela Zone
Khera Kalan – Rural VillHAlipurNarela Zone
Kheria MohallaESubzi MandiS.P. Zone
Khichripur VillageGMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Khirki Ext.EShahpur JatSouth Zone
Khirki VillageGVillage Huaz RaniSouth Zone
KhizrabadFOkhlaCentral Zone
Khub Ram Park, NangloiGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Khubsoorat Vihar, Mubarakpur RoadGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Khureji Khas-Urban VillageFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Khush DilEBallimaranCity Zone
Khusi Ram ParkGNangloiNarela Zone
Khyala Phase I,II,IIIGKhyalaWest Zone
Khyber PassECivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Kilokari ExtnEBhogalCentral Zone
Kilokri, Ring RoadBBhogalCentral Zone
KilokriEBhogalCentral Zone
Kiran GardenGUttam NagarWest Zone
Kiran ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Kirari Extension Part 1 to 4GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Kirari Suleman Nagar ColonyGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Kirari Suleman NagarHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Kirari villageHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Kirari Suleman Nagar-Rural Vill.HKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Kirpal BaghDModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Kirti NagarDKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Kirti Nagar Industrial Area / WHS / DSIDC / FUR. BGKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Kirti Nagar A-block WHSGManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Kirti Nagar B-block WHSGManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Kirti Nagar block No.2 WHSGManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Kirti Nagar block No.1 WHSGManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Kishan GanjEKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Kishan garh ColonyEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Kishangarh VillageGMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Kohat EnclaveDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Kondali ExtnGKondliSh. South Zone
Kondli villageHKondliSh. South Zone
Kondli Gharoli,Phase-2DKondliSh. South Zone
Kotla Vihar, TilangpurGUttam NagarWest Zone
KotlaGTrilokpuriSh. South Zone
Kotla MubarakpurESewa NagarCentral Zone
Kotla Village-Urban VillageGKondliSh. South Zone
Kotla MahingiranHSangam ViharCentral Zone
Krishan KunjFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Krishan Vihar Colony BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
Krishan Vihar NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Krishi KunjDRajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Krishi NiketanDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Krishi ViharBShahpur JatSouth Zone
Krishna Enclave, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Krishna EstateGAlipurNarela Zone
Krishna Nagar (Karol Bagh)DDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Krishna Nagar (South Delhi)ESafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Krishna Nagar(Singhu)GAlipurNarela Zone
Krishna NagarEKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Krishna Park ExtnDTilak NagarWest Zone
Krishna Park Khanpur DeovliGKhanpurSouth Zone
Krishna Park TughlakabadGTughlakabadCentral Zone
Krishna ParkDTilak NagarWest Zone
Krishna Puri MandavliGMandawaliSh. South Zone
Krishna Puri(87)GRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Krishna ViharGAlipurNarela Zone
Krishna ViharGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Krishnan SocietyGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Krishnapuri(22)DTilak NagarWest Zone
Krishna Vihar(Pehladpur Bangar)GPrahladpur, BangarRohini Zone
Kucha AlamEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Kucha Bulaki BegamEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Kucha GhasiramEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Kucha MahajaniEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Kucha NatwaEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Kucha PanditEBazar Sita RamS.P. Zone
Kucha Pati RamEPahar GanjS.P. Zone
Kucha Sohan LalEPahar GanjS.P. Zone
Kucha Tiku SahEPahar GanjS.P. Zone
Kuchalal ManEJama MasjidCity Zone
Kuldeep NagarGRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Kumar Enclave, Dindar PurGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Kuncha RahmanEBallimaranCity Zone
Kundan NagarFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Kunwar Singh Park, RanholaGUttam NagarWest Zone
KureniHNarelaNarela Zone
Kureni – Rural VillHNarelaNarela Zone
Kushak No.1 and 2 BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
KushakGAlipurNarela Zone
Kusum Pur VillageHVasant KunjSouth Zone
Lachaman ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Ladha Sarai-Urban VillageGMehrauliSouth Zone
Lado Sarai Extn.FLado SaraiSouth Zone
Lado Sarai-Urban Village – Non-Residential PurposeFLado SaraiSouth Zone
Lado Sarai-Urban Village -Residential PurposeGLado SaraiSouth Zone
LadpurHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Lajpat Nagar-ICJangpuraCentral Zone
Lajpat Nagar-IICJangpuraCentral Zone
Lajpat Nagar-IIICDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Lajpat Nagar-IVCDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Lajwanti GardenENangal RayaWest Zone
Lakh Pat colony Meetha Pur Extn.GBadarpurCentral Zone
Lakhi Ram ParkGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Lakshmi NagarFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Lakshmi ParkGNangloiNarela Zone
Lakshmi GardenEMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Lal BaghEAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Lal Gumbad and JJCGShahpur JatSouth Zone
Lal Kuan, M B RoadGSangam ViharCentral Zone
Lal QuartersGMadipurWest Zone
Lalita ParkFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Lalkuan BazarEBallimaranCity Zone
LampurHNarelaNarela Zone
Lawrence Road Industrial AreaGTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Laxman Puri , RoshanpuraGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Laxmi Nagar District CentreDLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Laxmi Garden,NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Laxmi Garden, RoshanpuraGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Laxmi KunjERohiniRohini Zone
Laxmi Nagar (Nangloi)GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Laxmi Park, RanholaGUttam NagarWest Zone
Laxmi Vihar (Nangloi)GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Laxmi Vihar, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Laxmi Vihar(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Laxmi ViharGHastsalWest Zone
Lekhu NagarFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Leprosy ColonyFDilshad GardenSh. North Zone
Libas Pur VillageGBadliCivil Lines Zone
Liberal(Park View)DPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Lodhi ColonyBJangpuraCentral Zone
Lodi Road Institutional areaAJangpuraCentral Zone
Loha Mandi (Naraina)GNarainaKarol Bagh Zone
LoharheriGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Lok Sewak coop. H.B. Society (Geetanjali)CMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Lok ViharDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Lokesh Park NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Lord BuddhaDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Madan ParkFMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Madan Pur ExtnGMundkaNarela Zone
Madangir CampGMadangirSouth Zone
Madan ParkFMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Madan Pur ExtnHMundkaNarela Zone
Madanpur DhabasHMundkaNarela Zone
Madan Pur Khadar Extn – JJ ColGMadanpur KhadarCentral Zone
MadanpuriGsagarpur westNajafgarh Zone
Madangir Village – Urban VillageGDakshinpuri ExtnSouth Zone
Madanpur KhaderGBadarpurCentral Zone
Madhu ViharDIP ExtnSh. South Zone
Madhu Vihar Uttam NagarFMahavir EnclaveNajafgarh Zone
MadhubanDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
MAdhuban EnclaveEMadipur AWest Zone
Madhu Vihar (Palam)GMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
MadhurDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Madipur ColonyGMadipur BWest Zone
Madipur-Urban villageGMadipurWest Zone
Madraasi Colony Mori GAteEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Maha LAxmi EnclFKarawal Nagar EastSh. North Zone
Mahamanav(Siddharth)DPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Maharana Pratap EnclDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Maharani BAghASriniwaspuriCentral Zone
Maharani Encl – Uttam NagarGKanwar Singh NagarWest Zone
Maharishi Encl SagarpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Mahavir BlockFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Mahaveer Col (Narela)GBanknerNarela Zone
Mahaveer Encl (Uttam Nagar)FBinda PurWest Zone
Mahaveer Encl Part IGMahavir EnclaveNajafgarh Zone
Mahavir Encl Part IIGSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
Mahaveer NAgarEMahabir NagarWest Zone
Mahaveer ViharFManohar ParkNajafgarh Zone
Mahaveer Vihar KhanjhawalaGKaralaNarela Zone
Mahaveer Vihar PalamGManglapuriNajafgarh Zone
Mahavir NagarEMahavir NagarWest Zone
Mahavir Enclave, Uttam NagarGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Mahavir Enclave Part-I,II and IIIGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Mahavir ViharGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Mahavir Vihar PalamGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Mahavir Enclave Part-IIIGSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
Mahendra EnclDSangam ParkCivil Lines Zone
Mahendra ParkGSarai PipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
Mahesh Vihar, Uttam NagarGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Mahindra Park (Janak Puri)GMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Mahindra Park(Uttam NagarGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Mahindra Park(Janakpuri)GJanak Puri(West)West Zone
Mahindra ParkFKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Mahipalpur ExtnFMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
MahipalpurGMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Maidan Garhi ExtnFSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Maidan Garhi Extn.FSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Maidan Garhi – Urban VillageHSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Majlis ParkFAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Majnu ka Tila (Khyber Pass)FManju Ka TillaCivil Lines Zone
Majnu Ka TillaFManju Ka TillaCivil Lines Zone
Major Bhupender Singh NagarEMaj.Bhupender Singh NagarWest Zone
Major Bholarm EnclFBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Makki SaraiFRam NagarSh. North Zone
Maksudabad ExtnGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Maksudabad-Urban VillageGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Malaviya NagarCMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Malik pur Zer NajafgarhHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Malik pur Kohli Allies RangpuriHMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Malikpur ChhawaniGG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Malka GunjESubzi MandiSadar pahar ganj
Mall Road Kishan GarhEKishan GarhNajafgarh Zone
Malviya Nagar ColonyCMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Manak ViharDAnand ViharSh. South Zone
Manak Vihar ExtnFSubhas NagarWest Zone
Manak Vihar – Subhash NagarFSubhash NagarWest Zone
Manas KunjGBinda PurWest Zone
Manasa ParkNazafgarhGNAzafgarhNajafgarh Zone
Manasrovar GArdenDManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Manasarovar PArkFRam NagarSh. North Zone
Manav Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Mandawali UncheparFMandawaliSh. South Zone
Mandavi FazalpurGShakarpurSh. South Zone
Mandi-ChhatarpurHAya NagarSouth Zone
Mandli pahari, Arjun garhGAya NagarSouth Zone
Mandli Pahari – ArjungarhGAya NagarSouth Zone
Mandoli Chowk ColonyGSaboliSh. North Zone
Mandoli KachiGNand NagriSh. North Zone
Mangeram Park Budh ViharGRithalaRohini Zone
Mangeram Park Pooth kalanGRithalaRohini Zone
Manglam PlaceCRithalaRohini Zone
Manglam ViharGShiv ViharSh. North Zone
Manglapuri, PalamGDabriNajafgarh Zone
ManglapuriGChhatarpurSouth Zone
MangolpuriGMangolpuri WestRohini Zone
Mangolpur KalanGRithalaRohini Zone
Mangol Pur KhurdGMangolpuri NorthRohini Zone
Mangol Puri Industrial Area P-IEMangolpuri SouthRohini Zone
Mangolpur KhurdGMangolpuri NorthNajafgarh Zone
Manhari Junk (Mithapur)GBadarpurCentral Zone
Maniram ParkGBudh ViharRohini Zone
Manohar NagarDVikas Puri(East)West Zone
Manohar ParkFMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Mansa Ram Park Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Mansarovar GardenDManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Mansa Ram ParkGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Mansa Ram Park NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Mansingh NagarGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Mantola MohallaEPahar GanjSadar pahar ganj
Marble Block Kirti NagarGManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
MasihgarhEOkhlaCentral Zone
MAsjid Moth DDA FlatsCShahpur JatSouth Zone
Masjid Moth-Urban Village – Non-Residential PurposEHauz KhasSouth Zone
Masjid Moth-Urban Village -Residential PurposGHauz KhasSouth Zone
Master BlockFShakarpurSh. South Zone
Master MohallaGLibas PurCivil Lines Zone
Master Mohalla TuglakabadGTughlakabadCentral Zone
Masudpur Village – Non-Residential PurposeFVasant KunjSouth Zone
MasudabadGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Masudpur Village -Residential PurposeGVasant KunjSouth Zone
Mata Rameswari Nehru NagarEDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Mata Sundari Rly ColonyDMinto RoadCity Zone
Matiala Extn, Uttam NagarFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Matia MahalEBazar Sita RamCity Zone
Matiala-Urban VillageGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
MatiyalaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Maujpur ColonyFMaujpurSh. North Zone
Maujpur VillageGMaujpurSh. North Zone
Maurice NagarBTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Maurya EnclaveDPitampuraRohini Zone
Mausam ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Maya EnclaveDPratap NagarWest Zone
Mayapuri (DDA MIG G8 Area)ESubhash NagarWest Zone
Mayapuri Industrial AreaGPratap NagarWest Zone
Mayfair GardenAHauz KhasSouth Zone
Mayur Vihar District CentreAMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Mayur ViharDMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Meena BazarEJama MasjidCity Zone
Meer Dard Basti, Baron RdGOkhlaCentral Zone
Meer Vihar MubarakpurGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Meera Bagh A BlockDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
Meera Enclave, RanholaGUttam NagarWest Zone
Meera Bagh B BlockDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Meet Nagar, ShahdaraFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Meet Nagar, Wazirabad Rd.GMustafabadSh. North Zone
Mehram MohallaFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Mehram NagarEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Mehrauli – Non-Residential PurposeFMehrauliSouth Zone
Mehrauli – Residential PurposeGMehrauliSouth Zone
Meitri Enclave (Narela)GNarelaNarela Zone
Mianwali NagarDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Milan Enclave , DauletpurGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Milan ViharGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Milansar DDA FlatsDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Milap NagarGJanakpuriWest Zone
Minakshi GardenETilak NagarWest Zone
Mini Subhas CampGDakshinpuri ExtnSouth Zone
Minto Road Flats(CPWD,PWD,MCD)DMinto RoadCity Zone
Mir Pur turkHMustafabadSh. North Zone
Mirza Galib Bara KhambaFNizamuddinCentral Zone
MirzapurGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Mirzapur VillageGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Mitha Pur ExtensionGBadarpurCentral Zone
Mitha PurHBadarpurCentral Zone
Mithla Vihar NangloiGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Mitra Mandal Mohalla (Narela)GNarelaNarela Zone
Mitraon Extn. NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Mitraon-Rural VillageHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Miyanwali NagarDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Mochi Bagh Arakpur-Urban Village – Non-ResidentialENanakpuraSouth Zone
Mochi Bagh Arakpur-Urban Village -ResidentialGNanakpuraSouth Zone
Model BastiEManak PuraS.P. Zone
Model Hsg SocietyDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Model TownDModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Mohalla Ram NagarFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Mohalla SaraiFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Mohalla SubhashGSeelampurSh. North Zone
Mohan Baba Nagar Tajpur ExtnGBadarpurCentral Zone
Mohan Block, Pankha RoadGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Mohan Garden (Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Mohan Nagar, Panka RoadGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Mohan Park, Navin SahaderaGRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Mohan ParkGModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Mohan ParkFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Mohan Coop Industrial EstateDHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Mohan Park,Laxmi NagarFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Mohd. Pur MajraHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Mohd.pur Ramjan PurHAlipurNarela Zone
Mohinder Singh Park, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Mohindra Park, Pankha RoadGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Mohit NagarGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Mojiwala BaghEAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Molar Band,NasirpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Molarband ExtnGBadarpurCentral Zone
Molarbadn VillageHBadarpurCentral Zone
Mool Chand ColonyFAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Mori GateECivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Moti NagarEMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Moti ParkGRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Motia BaghESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Motia KhanEManak PuraS.P. Zone
Motibagh Industrial AreaGShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Motibagh Industrial Area, (Karol Bagh)GKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Mubarakpur DabasGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Mubarakpur DabasGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Mubarakpur Dabas-Rural VillHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Muhammadpur-Urban Village – Non-Residential PurposER.K. PuramSouth Zone
Muhammadpur-Urban Village – Residential PurposGR.K. PuramSouth Zone
Mujeeb BaghFOkhlaCentral Zone
Mukand Pur (Burari)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Mukand ViharGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Mukand PurHBurariCivil Lines Zone
Mukharjee NagarDG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Mukherjee Park ExtnFTagore GardenWest Zone
MukhimpuraGRajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Mukhmel PurHBurariCivil Lines Zone
Mukhram GardenFTagore GardenWest Zone
Mukhram Park ExtnGTagore GardenWest Zone
Mukti Ashram Colony IbrahimpurGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Multani DhandaEQadam ShariffS.P. Zone
Multani MohallaFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Mundela KhurdHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Mundhakla KalanHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Mundka Extn.GMundkaNarela Zone
Mundka village-RuralHMundkaNarela Zone
Munga NagarGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Mungesh PurHBawanaNarela Zone
Mungeshpur- Rural VillHBawanaNarela Zone
Munirka DDA FlatsCVasant ViharSouth Zone
Munirka EnclaveCVasant ViharSouth Zone
Munirka ViharCVasant ViharSouth Zone
Munirka Village – Non-Residential PurposeEMunirkaSouth Zone
Munirka Village -Residential PurposeGMunirkaSouth Zone
Munshiram Dairy ClnyGG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Murabad PahariHVasant viharSouth Zone
MustafabadFYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
MustafabadHYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Nabi KarimEQadam ShariffS.P. Zone
Nagin LakeDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Nagla MachiFNizamuddinCentral Zone
Nagli ViharGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Naharpur VillageGRohiniRohini Zone
Nai Basti, MehrauliGMehrauliSouth Zone
Nai Basti Anand ParbatFKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Nai Basti BanknerGNarelaNarela Zone
Nai BastiGNangloiNarela Zone
Nai BastiEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Nai Basti, MehrouliGLado SaraiSouth Zone
Nai Basti, Mahipal purFMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Nai walaEBallimaranCity Zone
Nai WalanEBeedanpuraKarol Bagh Zone
Najafgarh Extn.GIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Najafgarh Park, NangloiGNangloiNarela Zone
Najafgarh Road Industrial AreaGEast Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Nala Par Basti, SagarpurGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Namdhari ColonyDRamesh NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Namdhari ColonyGNangloiNarela Zone
Nanak EnclaveFG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Nanak Pura (Mayapuri)DPratap NagarWest Zone
Nanakpura ShakarpurFShakarpurSh. South Zone
NanakpuraDNanakpuraSouth Zone
Nanak HeriHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Nand NagriFNand NagriSh. North Zone
Nand Ram park (Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Nand Ram Park, Uttam NagarGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Nand Vihar Kakrola RoadGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Nanda BlockGKhyalaWest Zone
Nanda Enclave NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Nangal DairyGMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Nangal Raya ExtnGNangal RayaWest Zone
Nangal Raya Shopping CentreDNangal RayaWest Zone
Nangal RayaGNangal RayaWest Zone
Nangal DewakHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Nangal ThakraHBawanaNarela Zone
Nangal Thakran- Rural VillHBawanaNarela Zone
NanglaGPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Nangli Poona Extn.GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Nangli SakrawatiGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Nangli Vihar, Najafgarh RoadGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
NangliFNizamuddinCentral Zone
Nangloi Enclave (B Block)GSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Nangloi ExtnGMundkaNarela Zone
Nangloi JJ Colony No 2GNangloiNarela Zone
Nanglee Jalib VillageGJanak Puri(West)West Zone
Nangli RazapurGRohiniRohini Zone
Nangloi SayadGNangloiNarela Zone
Nangli PunaHBurariCivil Lines Zone
Nangli SakrawatiHRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Nangloi Jat-Rural VillageHMundkaNarela Zone
Nangli RazapurFDarya GanjCentral Zone
Nangloi VillageGNangloi EastRohini Zone
Nanhey Park (Uttam Nagar)FMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Nanhey Ram ParkGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Naraina Vihar (Mundka)GMundkaNarela Zone
Naraina ViharDNarainaKarol Bagh Zone
Naraina Industrial Area Phase 1 and 2GNarainaKarol Bagh Zone
Naraina VillageGRajindra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Naraina VillageGNarainaKarol Bagh Zone
Narang Colony (Tri Nagar)FTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Narang ColonyDJanakpuriWest Zone
Narayan NagarFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Narela Mandi and ExtGNarelaNarela Zone
Narela Industrial AreaGNarelaNarela Zone
Naresh Enclave, BarwalaGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Naresh Park, NangloiGNangloi EastRohini Zone
Naresh ParkGNangloiNarela Zone
Naresh ParkGNangloi EastRohini Zone
Narsingh ParkGKhyalaWest Zone
Narsingh GardenGKhyalaWest Zone
Narsingh Garden (Khayala)GKhyalaWest Zone
Nathu ColonyGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Nathu ColonyFNand NagriSh. North Zone
Nathu PuraGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Nathu Vaid ColonyGBurariCivil Lines Zone
National ParkCDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Nauroji NagarBSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Nav Raj Block, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Nav Sansad ViharDBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Navbharat Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Naveen Kunj SocietyGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Naveen Palace, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Naveen ViharGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Navin ShahdraFRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
NavintaDOkhlaCentral Zone
Navjeewan CampGTughlakabadCentral Zone
Navjivan ViharBMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Navyug BlockGKhyalaWest Zone
Nawab GanjESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Nawada ExtnGUttam NagarWest Zone
Nawada House complex, Najafgarh RdGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
NawadaGUttam NagarWest Zone
Nawada-Urban VillageGNawadaWest Zone
Naya Bazar, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Naya BazarEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Naya MohallaESadar BazarS.P. Zone
NayagaonGUsmanpurSh. North Zone
Neb Sarai Extn.FSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Neb Sarai-Rural VillageHSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Neb ValleyFSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Neelothi VillageHNangloiNarela Zone
NeelwalHMundkaNarela Zone
Neemri ColonyEBharat NagarRohini Zone
Neemri VillageGBharat NagarRohini Zone
Neemri Village Bharat NagarGBharat NagarRohini Zone
NeethariHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Neeti BaghBHauz KhasSouth Zone
Nehru PlaceAGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Nehru EnclaveBKalkajiCentral Zone
Nehru Nagar (bhogal)EBhogalCentral Zone
Nehru Nagar(Anand Parbat)FAnand ParbatKarol Bagh Zone
Nehru Vihar(Timarpur)FTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Nehru ViharGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Nenglee Jalib Village-UrbanGJanak Puri(West)West Zone
Netaji Subhash PlaceCShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Netaji subhash Vihar Tikri Kalan Rohtak RoadGMundkaNarela Zone
New Anarkali ColonyFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
New Ashok NagarGTrilokpuriSh. South Zone
New ChauhanpurGMustafabadSh. North Zone
New Friends ColonyAOkhlaCentral Zone
New Ganesh Park, Shastri ParkFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
New Gobind Pura ExtnFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
New Gobind PuraFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
New Gopal Nagar, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
New Gupta ColonyEModel TownCivil Lines Zone
New Guru Harkishan Nagar, NilothiGNangloiNarela Zone
New Hira Park, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
New JaffrabadFWest Gorakh ParkSh. North Zone
New Jagatpuri ExtnFDilshad GardenSh. North Zone
New KathwaraGSeelampurSh. North Zone
New KondliGKondliSh. South Zone
New Krishna Nagar ExtnFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
New Krishna NagarFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
New Lahore ColonyGUsmanpurSh. North Zone
New Lahore Extn, Shastri NagarFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
New Lahore Mohalla, Shastri nagarFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
New Lahore Munshi Colony, Shastri NagarFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
New Layalpur ColonyFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
New Layalpur Extn(Jagat puri)FJagatpuriSh. South Zone
New Modern ShahdaraFBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
New Moti NagarFKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
New Multan NagarDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
New Patel NagarDSouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
New Police LineCModel TownCivil Lines Zone
New Rajdhani EnclaveDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
New Rajinder NagarDRajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
New Ranjit NagarESouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
New Rashid MarketFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
New Roshan PuraGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
New Sabzi MandiEAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
New Sainik Vihar, Najafgarh RdGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
New Sainik Vihar, Vikas Nagar.GUttam NagarWest Zone
New Sarup NagarGBurariCivil Lines Zone
New Saraswati CGHS LtdGRohiniRohini Zone
New UsmanpurFUsmanpurSh. North Zone
New Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
New Vishwas NagarFVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
New Yadav EnclaveGMundkaNarela Zone
Nigam ColonyGAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Nihal ViharGNangloiNarela Zone
Nilothi ExtnGNangloiNarela Zone
Niranjan Park, Najafgarh RoadGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Nirankri ColonyFSarai PipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
NirmalPuri Colony( Old Double Storey)DDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Nirman ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Nishant KunjDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Nishat park, KakrolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Nishkam SocietyGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Niti Vihar (Kirari Mubarak Pur Road)GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Nivedatta Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Nizamuddin EastBNizamuddinCentral Zone
Nizamuddin WestCNizamuddinCentral Zone
Nizampur RasidpurHMundkaNarela Zone
Noor Illahi ColonyGMaujpurSh. North Zone
Noor Nagar and ExtnFOkhlaCentral Zone
North Avenue Neb SaraiFSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
North ChajjupurGBabar PurSh. North Zone
Northern CampFSangam ViharCentral Zone
North Extn. Area, Pusa RoadCSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Northend(Vidya)DPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Okhla ViharFOkhlaCentral Zone
Okhla Industrial EstateDSriniwaspuriCentral Zone
Okhla Industrial Area Ph-I,II,III,DSIDC,DDAGHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
OkhlaGOkhlaCentral Zone
Old Anar KaliFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Old BrijpuriFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Old ChandrawalFCivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Old Gobind PuraFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Old Gupta ColonyDModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Old Indra Puri KarkardoomaFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Old Rajinder NagarDRajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Old Slum Quarters MadipurGMadipurWest Zone
Old Sita PuriGSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
OldanpurFRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Om Nagar BadarpurGBadarpurCentral Zone
Om Vihar Colony (Alipur)GAlipurNarela Zone
Om Vihar ColonyGBabar PurSh. North Zone
Om Vihar(Uttam Nagar)FMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Onkar NagarFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Outram LinesDG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Padam NagarFKishan GanjSadar Paharganj
Padmini Enclave(Hauz Khas)BHauz KhasSouth Zone
Pahar GanjEPahar GanjS.P. Zone
Pahari DhirajEQasabpuraCity Zone
Pahladpur Bangar VillageHPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Pai WalanEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Palam Apartments, BijwasanDBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Palam ColonyGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Palam EnclaveESagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Palam Part IIGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Palam ViharGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Palam Village-UrbanGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
PallaHAlipurNarela Zone
Palla -Rural Vill.HAlipurNarela Zone
Pamposh EnclaveBGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Panchsheel EnclaveBShahpur JatSouth Zone
Panchsheel ExtnCShahpur JatSouth Zone
Panchsheel Garden, ShadhraGWest Gorakh ParkSh. North Zone
Panchsheel Park (Seelampur)FRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Panchsheel ViharCShahpur JatSouth Zone
Panchshil Enclave(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Panchshila ParkAShahpur JatSouth Zone
PanchshilaAShahpur JatSouth Zone
Panchwati(Bijwasan)DBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
PanchwatiEAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Pandav Nagar,ShakarpurFShakarpurSh. South Zone
Pandav NagarESouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Pandit ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Pandwala Khurd-Rural VillageHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
PansoliVillageHPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Pant NagarEJangpuraCentral Zone
PaprawatHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Param PuriGUttam NagarWest Zone
Parda BaghFNizamuddinCentral Zone
Parhlad Vihar ColonyGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Parhlad ViharGBawanaNarela Zone
Parjapat ColonyGUttam NagarWest Zone
Park EndDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Parmanand NagarDG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Parshan Enclave, BapraulaGUttam NagarWest Zone
Partap Garden BindapurGUttam NagarWest Zone
Partap Nagar, SaboliGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Partap Vihar Part 1 to 3GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
PartapuraFRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Parvana ViharERohiniRohini Zone
Parvesh NagarGNithariNarela Zone
Parvitiya Anchal BurariGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Parwana Road Societies, PitumpuraDKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Paryatan ViharDDallupraSh. South Zone
Paryavaran ComplexFSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Paschim Vihar (G-17)DPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Paschim EnclaveDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Paschim Vihar ExtnEMadipurWest Zone
Paschim ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
PaschimabadFMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
PaschimpuriDPunjabi BaghWest Zone
Paschim Enclave (Shanker Garden)DNangloi EastRohini Zone
Paschim ViharDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
PAtel Garden, Nazafgarh Road`GKakrolaNajafgarh Zone
Patel ViharGShiv ViharSh. North Zone
Patel Garden Najafgarh roadGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Patparganj Industrial AreaGPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Paul Col, Uttari RithalaGRithalaRohini Zone
Pavan Dham BakhtawarpurGBakhtawarpurNarela Zone
Peera Garhi Indus. AreaGPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Phool BaghFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
PilanjiESewa NagarCentral Zone
Pink Apptt. CGHSDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Pipalthala SaraiGSarai PipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
Piragarhi Relief CampGPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
PitampuraDPitampura NorthRohini Zone
Pitam Pura VillageGShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Pitampura VillageGShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Pochanpur ExtnGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Pochan pur-Urban VillageGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Pooth Khurd – Rural Vill.HBawanaNarela Zone
PoshangipurDJanak Puri(West)West Zone
Poshangipur(Urban Village)GJanak Puri(West)West Zone
Pragati MAidanANizamuddinCentral Zone
Pragati ViharBKasturaba NagarCentral Zone
Prahalad ViharGSahibabad Daulat PurRohini Zone
Prakash MohallaEEast of KailashCentral Zone
Prakash ViharGKarawal Nagar WestSh. North Zone
Pram Nagar Lal Kuan MB RoadFPul PehladpurCentral Zone
Prasad Nagar (LIG/MIG Flats)DEast Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Prasant ViharDRohiniRohini Zone
Pratap Encl Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Pratap KhandGJhilmilSh. South Zone
Pratap NagarFJAnakpuri IIWest Zone
Pratap NagarFPatparganjSh. South Zone
Pratap Nagar (Andha Mughal)FKishan GunjSadar pahar ganj
Pratap Nagar(69)FMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Prayog ViharFHari NagarWest Zone
Preet ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Prem Colony Bawana RoadGBawanaNarela Zone
Prem Enclave (Narela)GBanknerNarela Zone
Prem NAgarENew Seema PuriSh. North Zone
Prem NagarFJanak Puri(West)West Zone
Prem NagarEJanak Puri NorthWest Zone
Prem Nagar (Nangloi)GPooth KalanRohini Zone
Prem Nagar (East Patel Ngr)DWest Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Prem Nagar (Knjhwala)GKirari Suleman NagarRohini Zone
Prem Nagar (Seva Nagar)DKotla Mubarak PurCentral Zone
Prem Nagar, Nazaf GarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Prem ViharGKarawal Nagar EastSh. North Zone
Prem NagarFKamla NagarSadar pahar ganj
Prem Nagar – KanjhawalaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Prem Nagar Uttam NagarGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Prema KunjBKashmiri GAteCivil Lines Zone
Press AreaADarya GanjCentral Zone
Press ColonyESubhash NagarWest Zone
Press EnclaveCLado SaraiSouth Zone
Press Enclave (Minto Road)DMinto RoadCity Zone
Press Enclave (Hastsal)GHastsalWest Zone
Prince Collony Jaitpur ExtnGMeetha PurCentral Zone
Prithvi ParkFVikas Puri(East)West Zone
Priyadarshini ViharDRana Pratap BaghCivil Lines Zone
Priya EnclDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
PriyadarshiniDKashmiri GAteCivil Lines Zone
Priyadarshini ViharELaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Pul Pehlad ExtnGPul PehladpurCentral Zone
Pundarik ViharDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Punjab GArdenEMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Punjabi Bagh Apts (208 DDA SFS FlatsDMadipurWest Zone
Punjabi Bagh Col (narela)GNarelaNarela Zone
Punjabi Bagh EastCMoti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Punjabi Bagh ExtnCMadipur AWest Zone
Punjabi Bagh WestCMadipur AWest Zone
Punjabi BastiFEast Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Punjab Basti (Nangloi)ENangloi EastRohini Zone
Punjabi Basti (Sabji Mandi)FMalka GanjCivil Lines Zone
Punjabi Colony, Ali PurGAlipurNarela Zone
Punjabi Colony, BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
Punjab GardenEKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Puran Nagar, Madhu ViharGManglapuriNajafgarh Zone
Puran NagarGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Pushkar EnclDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Pushp ViharDPush ViharSouth Zone
Pushpa BhavanAMadangirSouth Zone
PushpanjaliDAnand ViharSh. South Zone
Pushpanjali Enclave, Pitam PuraDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
QazipurHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
QullakpurHAlipurNarela Zone
Qullak Pur – Rural VillHAlipurNarela Zone
Qutab Inst AreaBMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Qutab Vihar, NajafgarhGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
QutabgarhHBawanaNarela Zone
Qutabpur village-RuralGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Radha Vihar, Nand NagriGNand NagriSh. North Zone
Radhey Puri Extn 1 and 2FKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Radhey PuriFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Radhey PuriFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Radhey Shyam ParkFPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Raghu Enclave, DabriGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Raghu Nagar, Pankha RoadGDabriNajafgarh Zone
RaghubarpuraFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Raghubir Nagar(Tagore Garden Extn)GRaghubir NagarWest Zone
Raghuwar ViharGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
RaghupurHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Raghupur Railway Colony/ Qtrs Nangloi Extn-RuralHNangloi EastRohini Zone
Rahat GanjESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Railway Colony/Qtrs Nangloi ExtensionGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Raj GarhFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Raj Nagar, Palam ColonyGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Raj Nagar IGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Raj Nagar Khera KalanGAlipurNarela Zone
Raj NagarDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Raj ParkGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Raja EnclaveDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Raja GardenDRajouri GardenWest Zone
Raja ParkFKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Raja Puri Colony Uttam NagarFMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Raja Vihar (Near BIE)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Raja Vihar Colony SiraspurGBadliRohini Zone
Raja Garden ( WZ Area)ERajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Rajan EnclaveGUttam NagarWest Zone
Rajan ViharGUttam NagarWest Zone
Rajasthan Udyog NagarGSarai PipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
Rajbir ColonyGKondliSh. South Zone
Rajdhani EnclaveDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Rajdhani Park, NangloiGMundkaNarela Zone
Rajeev Camp (Okhla)GHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Rajeev Colony NarelaGNarelaNarela Zone
Rajeev Nagar (Bhalswa Dairy)GBhalaswa JahangirpurCivil Lines Zone
Rajeev Nagar Kanjhawala Rd.GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Rajeev Nagar, KakrolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Rajeev ParkGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Rajendra PlaceAEast Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Rajendra ParkGMundkaNarela Zone
Rajgarh ColonyFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Rajindra Park, Pusa RoadCRajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Rajindra Park, Shanker RoadCRajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Rajiv Colony (Jhilmil Colony)FVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, MustafabadGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Rajiv Nagar BegampurGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Rajiv Nagar MandoliGNand NagriSh. North Zone
Rajiv Nagar, Karawal NagarGKarawal NagarSh. North Zone
Rajiv Pur ShamaypurGBadliRohini Zone
Rajnagri, Uttam NgarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Rajokri Harijan BastiGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Rajokari VillageHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Rajouri GardenDRajouri GardenWest Zone
Rajouri Garden ( WZ Area)ETagore GardenWest Zone
Rajouri Garden B-blockDManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Rajouri Garden C-blockDManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Rajpur ColonyFSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Rajpura and Gurmandi Duplex QtrsERana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Rajpur Chhawni-Urban VillageGSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Rajpur Khurd-Rural VillageHSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Raju CampGBadarpurCentral Zone
Raju Park DeovliGKhanpurSouth Zone
Raju Rark, KakraulaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Rakab GanjEDarya GanjCentral Zone
Raksha Kunj CGHSDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Ram Datt EnclaveGUttam NagarWest Zone
Ram Nagar ColonyGMundkaNarela Zone
Ram Nagar near Tilak NagarFTagore GardenWest Zone
Ram Nagar(Jagat puri)FJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Ram Nagar(Rohtas Nagar)GRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Ram Nagar, KakrolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Ram NagarEQadam ShariffS.P. Zone
Ram Nagar Extn.FKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Ram NagarGNangloi EastRohini Zone
Ram Pura Extn Colonies.FTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Ram PuraFKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Ram PuraFKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Ram ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Rama BlockFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Rama ColonyFMehrauliSouth Zone
Rama EnclaveGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Rama GardenGMustafabadSh. North Zone
Rama Market Pratap Market MunirkaFMunirkaSouth Zone
Rama Park Siras PurGBadliRohini Zone
Rama Park(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Rama Vihar Mohd.Pur MajriGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Rama Road Indl. AreaGKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Ramakrishana PuramBR.K. PuramSouth Zone
Ramchandran ParkEKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Ramesh Enclave, KirariGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Ramesh Nagar BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
Ramesh Nagar(Laxmi Nagar)FLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Ramesh NagarDManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Ramesh ParkFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Rameshwar NagarFModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Ramgarh(Rajouri Garden)FRajouri GardenWest Zone
RamgarhFSarai PipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
Rampuri Harijan ColonyGKalkajiCentral Zone
Rampura Industrial AreaGKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Rampura Urban VillageFKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Rana Colony, MehrauliFMehrauliSouth Zone
Rana Park SiraspurGBadliRohini Zone
Rana Pratap BaghDRana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Ranaji Enclave (Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
RangpuriEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Ranhola ViharGUttam NagarWest Zone
Ranhola ShafipurHUttam NagarWest Zone
Rani BaghESaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Rani EnclaveGMundkaNarela Zone
Rani GardenFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
Rani KheraGMundkaNarela Zone
Rani Khera VillageHMundkaNarela Zone
Ranjit NagarESouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Ranjit ParkFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Ranjit Vihar, NilothiGNangloiNarela Zone
Rao Vihar, NangloiGNangloiNarela Zone
RaotaHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Rashid MarketFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
RasulpurGMundkaNarela Zone
Ratan Bagh (Veena Enclave)GMundkaNarela Zone
Ratan BaghGMundkaNarela Zone
Ratan NagarEBeedanpuraKarol Bagh Zone
Ratan ParkGRajouri GardenWest Zone
Ratan ViharFSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Ratanakar ViharGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Rattan BaghFSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Rattan ParkGNangloi JatNarela Zone
Rattan Vihar, KirariGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Ravi Das Colony NarelaGNarelaNarela Zone
Ravi Nagar Extn.GGurunanak NagarWest Zone
Ravi NagarFKhyalaWest Zone
Razapur KalaHNarelaNarela Zone
Razapur KhurdHUttam NagarWest Zone
RBI ColonyDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
RBI EnclaveDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
RC KhichripurGMayur ViharSh. South Zone
RC KhyalaGGurunanak NagarWest Zone
RC MadipurGMadipurWest Zone
RehgarpuraEDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Reserve Bank ColonyDShalimar BaghRohini Zone
Rewla KhanpurHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Ring Road BanglowsABhogalCentral Zone
Risala Garden (Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Rishab ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Rishal Vihar Chawla ExtnGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Rishi Kadam Pur Harijan ColonyGBabar PurSh. North Zone
Rishi NagarESaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Rishib Nagar Mohan ParkGModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Rithala VillageGRithalaRohini Zone
Rithala Village(Urban)GSultanpuri SouthRohini Zone
Rohini Twin District CentreCRohiniRohini Zone
Rohini Institutional AreaCRohiniRohini Zone
Rohini Kunj BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
RohiniERohiniRohini Zone
Rohit KunjDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Rohtas Nagar, Janak PuriGNangal RayaWest Zone
Rohtash NagarFRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Roop Nagar, Keshav PuramEKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Roop NagarDKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Roopali Enclave KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Roshan Garden (Najafgarh)GRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Roshan Mandi, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Roshan Pura Colony NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Roshan PuraEBallimaranCity Zone
Roshan Vihar Kakrola RoadGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Roshan Vihar NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Roshanpura, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Roshanpur Allies DichsonKhurdHRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Rouse Avenue, Institution AreaBMinto RoadCity Zone
RPS ColonyFKhanpurSouth Zone
Ruchi ViharEMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
S/S Ramesh NagarDKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Sabhepur ColonyGKarawal NagarSh. North Zone
SabhepurHKarwal NagarSh. North Zone
Sabhepur GujranHYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Saboli ColonyFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Saboli ExtensionFGokalpurSh. North Zone
SaboliGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Sabzi MandiESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Sadar BazarESadar BazarS.P. Zone
SadatpurGKarawal NagarSh. North Zone
Sadbora KhurdGShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Sadh Nagar Part I and II, PalamGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Sadhana EnclaveBSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Sadiq NagarDDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Safdarjang Dev AreaBSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Safdarjang EnclaveBSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Sagar Pur Main and WestGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Sagarpur VillageGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
SahibpuraFTagore GardenWest Zone
Sahipur VillageGShalimar BaghRohini Zone
SahupuraGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Sahupara-Urban VillageHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Sahyog ViharFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Sai Enclave, RoshanpuraGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Saini EnclaveDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Saini Pura, Madhu ViharGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Saini ViharGNangloiNarela Zone
Sainik Enclave(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Sainik Enclave, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Sainik FarmDDeoliSouth Zone
Sainik Nagar(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Sainik Nagar, Uttam NagarGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Sainik Niketan, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Sainik Vihar, Mohan GardenGUttam NagarWest Zone
Sainik ViharDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Saiyad Ul Ajaib ExtnFSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
Saiyed Ul Ajaib village-Rural VillageHSaid ul AjaibSouth Zone
SakdarpurFBhagwanpur KheraSh. North Zone
Saket District CentreCSaketSouth Zone
Saket BlockGMandawaliSh. South Zone
SaketCLado SaraiSouth Zone
Salah Pur MazraHBawanaNarela Zone
Salah Pur Village-RuralHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Salatpur KhadakFJanakpuriWest Zone
Salempur Majra Burari ColonyGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Salempur Majra Burari(Haiderpur)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Sama GardenDRajendra NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Samaspur ExtnFShakarpurSh. South Zone
Samay ViharERohiniRohini Zone
Samaypur Village (UrbanHBadliCivil Lines Zone
Sambhalka Village-RuralHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Samrat Encl, NajafgarhGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Samrat EnclDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Sandesh ViharDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Sangam ParkERana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Sangam Vihar at M.B. Road, WazirabadGTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Sangam Vihar Kakrola RoadGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Sangam ViharGSangam ViharSouth Zone
Sangam Park Industrial AreaGSangam ParkCivil Lines Zone
SangarpurHAlipurNarela Zone
Sanjay Amar ColonyFMinto RoadCity Zone
Sanjay Colony (Okhla)GHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Sanjay Colony Bhatti MinesGBhatiSouth Zone
Sanjay Colony NarelaGNarelaNarela Zone
Sanjay Enclave (Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Sanjay EnclaveGSarai PipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
Sanjay Gandhi Transport NagarGBadliRohini Zone
Sanjay Mohalla (Narela)GNarelaNarela Zone
Sanjay MohallaFYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Sanjay Nagar (Jahangirpuri)GSarai PipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
Sanjay Nagar Bawana Extn.GBawanaNarela Zone
Sanjay Nagar Mangolpur KalanGRithalaRohini Zone
Sanjay Nagar Near Gulabi BaghEKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
SanothHAlipurNarela Zone
Sanskrit NagarERohiniRohini Zone
Sant Garh Tilak NagarGTagore GardenWest Zone
Sant Nagar (Burari)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Sant Nagar (North)FSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Sant Nagar(Tagore Garden)FTagore GardenWest Zone
Sant Nagar Extn.FTagore GardenWest Zone
Sant Nagar(Nizamuddin)GNizamuddinCentral Zone
Sant NagarDGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
SantgarhFGurunanak NagarWest Zone
Santosh Park(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Sanwal NagarEDefence ColonyCentral Zone
SaodaHMundkaNarela Zone
Sapt Rishi Garden (Holumbi Kalan)GAlipurNarela Zone
Sarai BastiGShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Sarai ExtensionFAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Sarai Kale KhanFDarya GanjCentral Zone
Sarai RohillaEBeedanpuraKarol Bagh Zone
Sarai JhulianaGOkhlaCentral Zone
Sarai Kale KhanGNizamuddinCentral Zone
Sarai ShahjiEMalviya NagarSouth Zone
SarangpurHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Saraswati GardenDKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Saraswati Kunj And ApartmentsFMandawaliSh. South Zone
Saraswati Kunj, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Saraswati KunjBCivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Saraswati ParkEKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Saraswati ViharDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Sardar Nagar near CC ColonyDModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Sarita ViharDBadarpurCentral Zone
Sarojani Naidu Park, Shastri NagarFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
Sarojani Park, Shastri NagarFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
Saroop Nagar, LibaspurGBadliRohini Zone
Saroop Vihar (Burari)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Saroopa MohallaDSriniwaspuriCentral Zone
Sarup Nagar (University)ETimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Sarup Vihar, KadipurGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Sarvapriya ViharBMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Sarvodaya EnclaveBMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Sat NagarEDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Satbari ColonyFBhatiSouth Zone
Satbari Village-Rural VillageHBhatiSouth Zone
Satnam ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Satya NiketanDNanakpuraSouth Zone
Satya Vihar (Kamal Pur Burari)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Satyam ViharERohiniRohini Zone
Satyanand nagar, MehrauliGMehrauliSouth Zone
Satyawati nagarFBharat NagarRohini Zone
Savai Phoos ColonyESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Savita ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Savitri NagarDShahpur JatSouth Zone
Sawan ParkFBharat NagarRohini Zone
SBI NagarDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
SBM ColonyEKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
SeelampurGJaffrabadSh. North Zone
Seelampur Village-UrbanFRaghubar PuraSh. South Zone
SeemapuriFSeema PuriSh. North Zone
Sewa KutirFG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Sewa NagarDSewa NagarCentral Zone
Sewak Park, Uttam NagarGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Sewak Park NangloiGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
SFS NEW KONDLIDMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Shadipur Market(Ranjit nagar Commercial Complex)ESouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
ShadipurGSouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Shadipur KhampurGSouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Shah GanjEBazar Sita RamS.P. Zone
Shah Nagar, Mangla PuriGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Shahabad MuhammadpurGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
ShahadraGRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Shahbad DairyGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Shahbad DaulatpurHPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Shahbad DairyHPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Shahbad Daulat Pur(ruralGPrahladpur, BangarRohini Zone
Shahbad Daulat Pur(ruralFKeshav PuramRohini Zone
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Colony (Seelam Pur)GGokalpurSh. North Zone
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Shaheed CampFGreater Kailash-IICentral Zone
Shahi Idgah ColonyEQadam ShariffS.P. Zone
Shahi Masjid ColonyFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Shahibabad Estate, DaulatpurGBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Shahid Bhagat Singh Ngr.,KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
ShahjadabagFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
ShahpuraFGurunanak NagarWest Zone
Shahpur JatEShahpur JatSouth Zone
Shahpur GarhiHAlipurNarela Zone
Shahurpur VillageHBhatiSouth Zone
Shahzadabagh ExtensionFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
ShakarpurFShakarpurSh. South Zone
Shakarpur KhasGMandavaliSh. South Zone
Shakshra Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Shakti Nagar ExtnDBharat NagarRohini Zone
Shakti NagarDKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Shakti Vihar Molar Band Extn.GBadarpurCentral Zone
Shakti ViharDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
ShakurbastiESaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Shakurpur ColonyEShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Shakurpur VillageGKeshav PuramRohini Zone
ShalimarBagh District CentreDShalimar BaghRohini Zone
Shalimar BaghDShalimar BaghRohini Zone
Shalimar ExtnCBadliRohini Zone
Shalimar ParkFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Shalimar VillageGPitam PuraRohini Zone
Sham Colony Budh ViharGRithalaRohini Zone
Sham Nagar (Khayala)GKhyalaWest Zone
Sham Nagar(Jagat puri)FJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Sham ParkFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
Shamaypur VillageGBadiRohini Zone
ShamashpurHMandawaliSh. South Zone
Shamaz Pur KhalsaHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Shambu NagarGTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Shampur (Khanpur)HAlipurNarela Zone
Shankar GardenDTilak NagarWest Zone
Shankar Nagar ExtnFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Shankar NagarFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
Shankar ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
ShankarpuraGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Shanti MohallaFRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Shanti NagarFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Shanti NiketanANanakpuraSouth Zone
Shanti ParkGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Shanti Vihar, NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Shanti ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Sharda Nand Enclave BhalswaGBhalaswa JahangirpurCivil Lines Zone
Sharda NiketanDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
ShardapuriDKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Sharda Puri WZ blockDManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Sharda Puri, 6 and 7 B,A.C blockDManasarovar GardenKarol Bagh Zone
Sharma Enclave Mubarakpur Extn.GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Sharman ViharFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Shashi GardenFMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Shastri Park District CentreFSeelampurSh. North Zone
Shastri NagarFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Shastri Park(Beadan Pura)EBeedanpuraKarol Bagh Zone
Shastri Park(Seelampur)FSeelampurSh. North Zone
Shastri Park, Nathu PuraGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Shastri ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Shees Ram ParkGUttam NagarWest Zone
Sheesh MahalEBazaar Sita RamCity Zone
Shehzadabad Bagh Industrial AreaGInderlokKarol Bagh Zone
Sheikh Sarai Colony Phase 1CMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Sheikh Sarai Phase IIDChirag DelhiSouth Zone
Sheikh Sarai VillageFChirag DelhiSouth Zone
Sher Singh Enclave KaralaGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
SherpurFMustafabadSh. North Zone
Sherpur villageHMustafabadSh. North Zone
Sherpurm DeriHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Shikar PurHBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Shikshak SadanDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Shish Mahal EnclaveGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Shiv Colony Budh ViharGRithalaRohini Zone
Shiv Enclave Dichaon RoadGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Shiv Mandir Mohalla BadliGBadliRohini Zone
Shiv Nagar (Uttam Nagar)FMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Shiv Nagar New Roshan PuraGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Shiv NagarFShahpur JatWest Zone
Shiv Nagar, Dichaun ChowkGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Shiv Park, DeoliFKhanpurSouth Zone
Shiv Park, NangloiGNangloiNarela Zone
Shiv Puri Colony NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Shiv Puri ExtnFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Shiv Puri near SamahpurGBadliRohini Zone
Shiv Puri, Jagat puriFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
Shiv Puri, KakrolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Shiv Puri, SagarpurGSagarpurNajafgarh Zone
Shiv Ram Park (Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Shiv Ram Park, NangloiGMundkaNarela Zone
Shiv Vihar (Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Shiv Vihar Colony NajafGarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Shiv Vihar KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Shiv Vihar, Karawal NagarGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Shiv ViharGPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Shiv Ram ParkGQuammruddin NagarRohini Zone
Shivaji Place (Raja Garden)DRajouri GardenWest Zone
Shiva Enclave, Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Shiva Enclave(Paschim Vihar)DPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Shiva Enclave, HirankiGAlipurNarela Zone
Shiva EnclaveDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Shiva KhandGVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Shivaji EnclaveERaghubir NagarWest Zone
Shivaji Nagar(Narela)GNarelaNarela Zone
Shivaji NagarFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Shivaji Park(Madi Pur)EMadipurWest Zone
Shivaji ParkFBabar PurSh. North Zone
Shivalik ColonyCMalviya NagarSouth Zone
Shivani Enclave, KakrolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Shivani Vihar, KakraulaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Shivpuri Mithapur Extn. BadarpurGBadarpurCentral Zone
Shora KothiEPahar GanjS.P. Zone
Shree EnclaveGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Shree NagarEKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Shree Nagar ExtnEJanakpuriWest Zone
Shreshtha ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Shri Ram ColonyFKarawal NagarSh. North Zone
Shri Ram NagarFRohtas NagarSh. North Zone
Shri Ram Vihar Colony Khera KhurdGAlipurNarela Zone
Shri Sai Nagar Mitha PurGBadarpurCentral Zone
Shri Vikas Nagar NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Shubh Enclave(Paschim Vihar)DPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Shubh EnclaveDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Shubhadra ColonyFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Shubham EnclaveDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
Shubh NiketanApptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Shukla Enclave Ghevra Nizampur RoadHMundakaNarela Zone
Shyam Colony Budh Vihar VistarGRithalaRohini Zone
Shyam enclave Colony,NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Shyam EnclaveDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Shyam Lok Colony Jharoda RoadGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Shyam NagarFSriniwaspuriCentral Zone
Shyam Park, NawadaGUttam NagarWest Zone
Shyam Vihar, KakrolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Shyam ViharGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Shyama Prashad Mukerjee ParkFTagore GardenWest Zone
SIA Kirti NagarGKirti NagarKarol Bagh Zone
SiddhipuraFManak PuraS.P. Zone
Sidharth EnclaveDBhogalCentral Zone
Sidhartha ExtentionEBhogalCentral Zone
Sidhartha NagarEBhogalCentral Zone
Sidhora KalanGKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
Silver ParkFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
SingalpurFShalimar BaghRohini Zone
Singar PurFGandhi NagarSh. South Zone
SinghuHAlipurNarela Zone
SingholaHNarelaNarela Zone
Singhu- Rural Vill.HAlipurNarela Zone
Siraspur villageHBadliRohini Zone
Siras Pur Village (rural)HBadliCivil Lines Zone
Siri Fort Institutional AreaAGulmohar ParkSouth Zone
Sita Puri, Pankha RoadGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Sita Saran ColonyESubzi MandiS.P. Zone
Sita Puri Extn.GSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
Sita Puri Part-IGSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
Sita Puri Part-IIGSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
Sita Puri Part-I and Harijan Basti Sita PuriGSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
Sita PuriGSita PuriNajafgarh Zone
Sitaram BazarEBazar Sita RamS.P. Zone
SKD BastiFMinto RoadCity Zone
SMA Co-operative Industrial. Estate (Jahangirpuri)GSarai PipalthalaCivil Lines Zone
Soami NagarBShahpur JatSouth Zone
Som ViharCR.K. PuramSouth Zone
Somesh Vihar colonyFBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Sonia Gandhi JJ CampsFVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Sonia ViharGYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Sorabh Vihar Hari Nagar ExtnEPratap NagarWest Zone
South AnarkaliFJagatpuriSh. South Zone
South Ext (NDSE)BDefence ColonyCentral Zone
South Moti BaghBNanakpuraSouth Zone
South Patel NagarDSouth Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
South Extn(I,II,III), Uttam NagarGNawadaCentral Zone
Sri Chand Park Near MatialaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Sri Fort BanglowsADefence ColonyCentral Zone
Sri Nagar GardenFKeshav PuramRohini Zone
SriniwaspuriDSriniwaspuriCentral Zone
Srinivaspuri JJ ColonyGSriniwaspuriCentral Zone
Srinivaspuri JJ ColonyGRana Pratap NagarCivil Lines Zone
Sriniwaspuri ExtnEOkhlaCentral Zone
State Bank NagarDPaschim Vihar SouthRohini Zone
State Bank Colony, GT Karnal RoadDWest Gorakh ParkSh. North Zone
Subash NagarEManak PuraS.P. Zone
Subhas CampFDakshinpuri ExtnSouth Zone
Subhash KhandFKalkajiCentral Zone
Subhash MohallaFYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Subhash NagarFRajouri GardenWest Zone
Subhash park ExtnGWest Gorakh ParkSh. North Zone
Subhash Park(Rohtas Nagar)FWest Gorakh ParkSh. North Zone
Subhash ParkFYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Subhash ViharFYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
Subodh Park, Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Sudama PuriEKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Sudarshan Park Mithapur Extn.GBadarpurCentral Zone
Sudarshan Park, Uttam NagarFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Sudarshan ParkEKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Suiwalan AreaETurkam GateCity Zone
Sukh Ram ParkFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Sukh ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Sukhdev ParkDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Sukhdev ViharBOkhlaCentral Zone
Sukhdev Vihar(DDA Flats)CGulmohar ParkSouth Zone
Sukhvir Nagar KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Sultan Puri Extn.(Sher Singh Park)GSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Sultanpur MajraGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
SultanpuriGSultanpur MajraRohini Zone
Sultanpur DabasHBawanaNarela Zone
Sultanpur DabasHChattarpurSouth Zone
Sultanpur Mazra villageHMangolpuri NorthRohini Zone
Sultanpur – Rural VillageHChhatarpurSouth Zone
Sumit ViharFMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Sundar BlockFShakarpurSh. South Zone
Sunder NagarANizamuddinCentral Zone
Sunder NagriFSeema PuriSh. North Zone
Sunder Park Shastri NagarFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
Sunder ParkFShahdaraSh. South Zone
Sunder ViharDGuru Harikishan NagarRohini Zone
Sunita Vihar, MundkaGMundkaNarela Zone
Sunlight Colony- IFBhogalCentral Zone
Sunlight Colony – IIFBhogalCentral Zone
Sunshine Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Supreme Enclave and SocietiesDMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Supriya Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Suraj NagarFModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Suraj Park SameypurFBadliRohini Zone
Suraj Vihar, KakrolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Suraja CampFSangam ViharCentral Zone
Surajmal ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Suraksha EnclaveDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Suraksha Vihar, HastsalGUttam NagarWest Zone
SurakhpurHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Surat ViharGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
SureraHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Surya EnclaveDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
Surya NiketanDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Surya Vihar, Karawal NagarGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Sushant Vihar IbrahimpurGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Sushila Garden MandoliGNand NagriSh. North Zone
Swami Shraddhanand ParkGBhalaswa JahangirpurCivil Lines Zone
Swami Ramtirth NagarEManak PuraS.P. Zone
Swarn Park, MundakaGNangloi JatNarela Zone
Swasthya ViharDPreet ViharSh. South Zone
Swatantra Nagar NarelaGNarelaNarela Zone
Swayamsidha ColonyEMadipurWest Zone
Sweepers ColonyGBadliRohini Zone
Syndicate EnclaveGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Tagore Garden(21)DTagore GardenWest Zone
Tagore Park Extn.DG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Tagore ParkDG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Tagore Park (21)DTagore GardenWest Zone
Taimoor Nagar (Pillanji)GOkhlaCentral Zone
Taimoor NagarGOkhlaCentral Zone
Taimoor Nagar VillageGOkhlaCentral Zone
Taj EnclaveFGeeta ColonySh. South Zone
Tajpur KhurdHMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Tajpur KalaHAlipurNarela Zone
Tajpur Pahari villageHBadarpurCentral Zone
Tajpur VillageHBadarpurCentral Zone
TalimabadFSangam ViharCentral Zone
Tara Nagar, KakrolaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Tarun EnclaveDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
TatarpurGTagore GardenWest Zone
Tatarpur VillageGTagore GardenWest Zone
TatesarHKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Teachers ColonyGBadliRohini Zone
Teachers QuartersFKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
TekhandGHarkesh NagarCentral Zone
Telephone ColonyFVivek ViharSh. South Zone
TelibaraFShahdaraSh. South Zone
TeliwaraESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Temple Colony ShamaypurGBadliRohini Zone
Thakkar Bapa NagarEDev NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Than Singh NagarFAnand ParbatKarol Bagh Zone
Tigi PurHAlipurNarela Zone
Tigri ColonyGTigriSouth Zone
Tigri villageHTigriSouth Zone
TiharGSubhash NagarWest Zone
Tikari Khurd- Rural Vill.HNarelaNarela Zone
Tikri KalanHMundkaNarela Zone
Tikri KhurdHNarelaNarela Zone
Tilak KhandFKalkajiCentral Zone
Tilak NagarETagore GardenWest Zone
Tilak ViharFTagore GardenWest Zone
Tilak Nagar Industrial AreaGTilak NagarWest Zone
Tilang Pur KotlaHUttam NagarWest Zone
TimarpurDTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Tirthankar Nagar Jain Colony KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Tirthanker NagarGPahladpur BangarRohini Zone
Tis HazariDCivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Todapur villageHRajinder NagarKarol Bagh Zone
Toganpur VillageGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
TokriwalanESadar BazarS.P. Zone
Tomar colony Kamal Pur MajraGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Toot Sarai, Malviya NagarFVillage Huaz RaniSouth Zone
Transit CampGTughlakabadCentral Zone
Transport Nagar(Tri Nagar)FTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Tri NagarFTri NagarCivil Lines Zone
TrilokpuriGDallupraSh. South Zone
Triveni Apptt. P.ViharDPaschim Vihar (North)Rohini Zone
Tughlakabad ExtnFTughlakabadCentral Zone
Tughlaqabad Institutional AreaCSangam ViharCentral Zone
TughlakabadGTughlakabadCentral Zone
Tukhmir Pur Extn.GMustafabadSh. North Zone
Tukhmir Pur VillageHMustafabadSh. North Zone
Tulsi NagarFShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Tulsiram Bagichi (Nangal Raya)GNangal RayaWest Zone
Tunda NagarGGokalpurSh. North Zone
Tyagi ColonyGMundkaNarela Zone
Tyagi EnclaveGMundkaNarela Zone
Tyagi ParkGMundkaNarela Zone
Tyagi Vihar near GhevraGMundkaNarela Zone
Uday NiketanDNarainaKarol Bagh Zone
Uday ParkBHauz KhasSouth Zone
Uday Vihar Colony, KanjhawalaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Uday ViharGNangloiNarela Zone
Udyog NagarGPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Udyog Nagar Indl AreaGPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Uggar Sain ParkGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Ujala Colony, Qutab Garh VillageGBawanaNarela Zone
UjjawalGHastsalWest Zone
UjwaHIsapurNajafgarh Zone
UldanpurFWest Gorakh ParkSh. North Zone
University Area (North Campus)CTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Upadhyay BlockFShakarpurSh. South Zone
Usha Enclave, SocietiesDMayur ViharSh. South Zone
Usha ParkFPratap NagarWest Zone
Usmanpur VillageGUsmanpurSh. North Zone
Utsav Vihar KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Uttam Nagar (17)FJanakpuriWest Zone
Uttam ViharGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Uttam Nagar Arya Samaj RoadGMilap NagarNajafgarh Zone
Uttaranchal ColonyFGokalpurSh. North Zone
Uttranchal Enclave (Kamal Pur)GBurariCivil Lines Zone
Vaishali Colony, DabriGDabriNajafgarh Zone
VaishaliDPitampuraRohini Zone
Vakil PuraEChandni ChowkCity Zone
Valmiki ColonyGRaghubarpuraSh. South Zone
Valmiki Mandir Marg Harijan Basti (Narela)GNarelaNarela Zone
Vandana Vihar (Nangloi)GNangloiNarela Zone
Vani ViharGUttam NagarWest Zone
Vardhman NagarEShastri NagarCivil Lines Zone
Vardhwan Vihar, NajafgarhGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Vardman Enclave, KaralaGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Varun EnclaveFDallupraSh. South Zone
Varun KunjGRohiniRohini Zone
Varun NiketanDRohiniRohini Zone
Vasant EnclaveBVasant ViharSouth Zone
Vasant ViharAVasant ViharSouth Zone
Vasant Kunj (Mahilpalpur) C-5 to C-9CMahipalpurNajafgarh Zone
Vasant Kunj (Kishangarh) B-1 to B-5CKishan GarhNajafgarh Zone
Vasant Kunj (Kishangarh) D-1 to D-6CKishan GarhNajafgarh Zone
Vasant Kunj (Kishangarh) Sector A Pocket A, B , CCKishan GarhNajafgarh Zone
Vasant Kunj (Kishangarh) Pocket 6, 7, LSCCKishan GarhNajafgarh Zone
Vasant Kunj (Vasant Kunj) B-7 to B-11CVasant KunjSouth Zone
Vasant Kunj (Vasant Kunj) C-1 to C-4CVasant KunjSouth Zone
Vasant Kunj (Vasant Kunj) D-7 , D-8CVasant KunjSouth Zone
Vasant Kunj (Vasant Kunj) E-2CVasant KunjSouth Zone
Vashisht ParkGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Vashist colony, Pankha RoadGDabriNajafgarh Zone
Vasudha EnclaveDShakarpurCivil Lines Zone
Vasundhara EnclaveDDallupraSh. South Zone
VayusenabadCSangam ViharCentral Zone
Veena EnclaveGNangloi JatNarela Zone
Veer Nagar ColonyEModel TownCivil Lines Zone
Veer Savarkar BlockFShakarpurSh. South Zone
VenusDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Vidhya ViharERohiniRohini Zone
Vidya Vihar ( Karala)GKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Vidya Vihar HastsalFHastsalWest Zone
Vigyan LokDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Vigyan ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Vijay Colony BawanaGBawanaNarela Zone
Vijay ColonyGMaujpurSh. North Zone
Vijay EnclaveGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Vijay Enclave, DurgapuriGMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Vijay Laxmi Park Nilothi.GUttam NagarWest Zone
Vijay MohallaGMaujpurSh. North Zone
Vijay Nagar (Narela)GNarelaNarela Zone
Vijay NagarDG.T.B NagarCivil Lines Zone
Vijay Park Extn. NajafgarhGRoshanpuraNajafgarh Zone
Vijay ParkFMaujpurSh. North Zone
Vijay Vihar(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Vijay ViharGRithalaRohini Zone
Vijay Mandal EnclaveCHauz KhasSouth Zone
Vijay Nagar(hastsal)GHastsalWest Zone
Vijay Vihar(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Vijay Nagar(Uttam Nagar)GUttam NagarWest Zone
Vijeta ViharGRohiniRohini Zone
Vikas Enclave HastsalGUttam NagarWest Zone
Vikas Nagar, HastsalGUttam NagarWest Zone
Vikas Nagar, KakraulaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Vikas Vihar KakraulaGMatialaNajafgarh Zone
Vikas Vihar, Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Vikash SadanDSewa NagarCentral Zone
VikaspuriDHastsalWest Zone
Vikram NagarFMinto RoadCity Zone
Vikram ViharCDefence ColonyCentral Zone
Vikrant EnclaveFSubhash NagarWest Zone
VindhayachalDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Vinoba Enclave Dichaun KalanGIsapurNajafgarh Zone
Vinoba EnclaveFBijwasanNajafgarh Zone
Vinoba PuriDJangpuraCentral Zone
Vinod NagarFMandawaliSh. South Zone
Vir NagarCKamla NagarCivil Lines Zone
ViratDPeera GarhiRohini Zone
Virendra NagarFPratap NagarWest Zone
Virsingh ColonyGRithalaRohini Zone
Vishakha EnclaveDPitampuraRohini Zone
Vishal BanGKanjhawalaNarela Zone
Vishal EnclaveDRaghubir NagarWest Zone
Vishkarma NagarFVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Vishnu GardenFKhyalaWest Zone
Vishnu ParkGKhyalaWest Zone
Vishnu Vihar , Uttam NagarGUttam NagarWest Zone
Vishwa ViharERohiniRohini Zone
Vishwakarma ParkFLaxmi NagarSh. South Zone
Vishwas NagarFVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Vishwas ParkFMadhu ViharNajafgarh Zone
Viswakarma ColonyGSangam ViharCentral Zone
Vivek Vihar Phase IIDVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Vivek Vihar Ph – IDVivek ViharSh. South Zone
Vivekanand PuriFKishan GanjKarol Bagh Zone
Wazir Nagar ColonyDSewa NagarCentral Zone
WazirabadFTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
WazirpurFAshok ViharCivil Lines Zone
Wazirpur Industrial AreaGAdarsh NagarCivil Lines Zone
Wazir Nagar VillageESewa NagarCentral Zone
WazirabadGTimarpurCivil Lines Zone
Welcome Colony, SeelampurFJaffrabadSh. North Zone
Welcome Kabutar MarketFWest Gorakh ParkSh. North Zone
West Enclave and ApartmentsDSaraswati ViharRohini Zone
West EndANanakpuraSouth Zone
West Kanti NagarFKrishna NagarSh. South Zone
West Patel NagarDEast Patel NagarKarol Bagh Zone
West Gorakh ParkFGulmohar ParkSouth Zone
West Gorakh Park ExtnFSubhash NagarWest Zone
Western Extn Karol BaghDBeedanpuraKarol Bagh Zone
Yadav EnclaveGUttam NagarWest Zone
Yadav Nagar SamaypurGBadliRohini Zone
Yadav NagarGNangloiNarela Zone
Yadav Park Rohtak Road NangloiGMundkaNarela Zone
YakutpurHBadliRohini Zone
Yamuna BazarECivil LinesCivil Lines Zone
Yamuna ViharEMaujpurSh. North Zone
Yojana ViharDVishwas NagarSh. South Zone
Yoraj ColonyGBurariCivil Lines Zone
Yusuf Sarai DDA Flats/LSC/CSC/CCCSafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
Yusuf Sarai VillageESafdarjung EnclaveSouth Zone
ZakhiraFKaram PuraKarol Bagh Zone
Zakir BaghDOkhlaCentral Zone
Zakir Nagar (Okhla)FOkhlaCentral Zone
ZamrudpurEGreater Kailash-ICentral Zone
Ziauddinpur ColonyGAlipurNarela Zone
ZimidinpurHYamuna ViharSh. North Zone
ZindpurHBurariCivil Lines Zone

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