About AssetYogi

AssetYogi.com is a website dedicated to all people interested in creation of Real Assets (Real Estate) through RESEARCH. Hence, our motto – “Realty Through Research”.

Before starting this website, we conducted a research and realized that though there are numerous Real Estate websites available in India, none of them are focusing on research and analysis. Expert Real Estate knowledge is not available to common man.

In today’s technology world where we read a review before going to a restaurant or to a movie or buying anything else, we barely do enough research before signing the biggest cheque of our lives when we book a property. Why? Because, we are in a hurry and are afraid that the prices will increase next month. At that moment, who is bothered about long-term price trends or market cycles or risks involved?

And to top it all, most people end up stretching beyond their means by overleveraging. We keep forgetting the lessons we learnt in the past. Our American friends have still not recovered from huge real estate losses they made during sub-prime crisis of 2007-08, which is recent history.

Even when somebody wants to read and learn about real estate investing, there are hardly any good resources available in India. So, most people end up buying properties which are either recommended to them by their close friends or family members or by their local broker. Many a times, the decision is purely an emotional one because we become so overwhelmed by the sample flat during site visit or the swimming pool that comes with it that we start imagining living there, almost!

AssetYogi.com fills this big gap of knowledge and research in Indian Real Estate. Here, you can find some great resources such as Calculators, Agreements, Articles and How-to-Guides that are absolutely free to use. This website is a work in progress. If you feel we should cover a topic that is not yet covered, you can write to us at connect@assetyogi.com. It is our mission to help buyers and investors take an objective and well informed decision while investing their life savings.

Welcome aboard!

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