What is Carpet Area, Built Up Area/ Plinth Area and Super Built Up Area – A comprehensive explaination

What is Carpet Area, Built Up Area, Plinth Area and Super Built Up Area? What all spaces are included in which area?

This question has baffled almost everyone who has purchased a property or is about to purchase one. The definitions available on the internet just add to the puzzle. The fact is that there is no bible (read standard guidelines) available for Indian real estate industry. Needless to say, most developers take advantage of this information gap.

In this post, I present to you the most logical definitions and analysis on the subject, so that you are much more confident when you go property hunting next time.

What is Carpet Area, Built Up Area, Plinth Area, Super Built Up Area?

What is Carpet Area?

As the name suggests, carpet area means the area of the property where you can lay your carpet, measured wall to wall (Checkout the illustration below). This is the actual area which you can call your personal space and you should be really concerned about.

Areas included in Carpet Area

  • All Rooms – Living Room, Bedrooms, Dining Room, Dressing Room, Other Rooms.
  • Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Stores and Balconies

Areas not included in Carpet Area

  • External and Internal walls
  • Common Areas

Note: Balconies are included in carpet area calculation whereas terraces (if any attached to a unit) are generally sold separately at a lower per sqft rate because terraces are not included in FSI calculation of the developer.

What is Built Up Area/ Plinth Area?

Built Up Area or Plinth Area is the total covered area of the apartment or commercial property unit. It can be calculated by adding areas of utility ducts within property unit, internal and external walls to the carpet area (Checkout the illustration below). As a rule of thumb, built up area can be calculated by adding 10% loading factor on carpet area. This term is not so important while buying a property as almost all developers sell the property on super built up area. However, this term becomes important while dealing with government departments for eg. In many states, property taxes are levied on built up area/ plinth area.

Areas included in Built Up Area/ Plinth Area

  • Entire carpet area
  • Internal and External Walls
  • Utility Ducts within walls of the unit

Areas not included in Built Up Area/ Plinth Area

  • Common Areas

What is Super Built Up Area?

Super Built Up Area means built up area plus common areas proportioned to a unit (Checkout the illustration below). As a rule of thumb, the super built up area can be calculated by adding a loading factor to the carpet area, which may vary from 15% to 50%. The lower the factor the better it is for you as a customer as you get a higher carpet area for the same amount.  The biggest catch is the calculation of common areas, where you should pay most attention to.

Areas included in Super Built Up Area

  • Entire Built Up Area
  • Common Areas – lobby, lift ducts, staircases, pipe ducts/ shafts, air ducts, covered community centres/ clubs, other covered common facilities.

Areas not included (generally should not be included) in Super Built Up Area

  • Roof Terrace
  • Open Areas like parks, gardens, play areas etc.

Sometimes, Super Built Up Area is also called as usable area, saleable area or just super area.

Illustration - Carpet Area, Built Up Area and Super Built Up Area
Illustration – Carpet Area, Built Up Area and Super Built Up Area

Found it interesting so far? Want to learn some pro tricks? Read On…

Some tricks played by developers to charge more

Let us consider that a developer is selling a flat with a super built up area of 1500 sqft at a price of Rs. 5000 per sqft.

Trick 1 – Loading factor play

Once you enquire, the marketing staff may tell you that they are offering the highest carpet area ratio and are only using a loading factor of 25%. He will show you the carpet area calculation as follows:

Carpet Area = 1500 * (100-25)%  = 1125 sqft, which is a wrong method to calculate carpet area.

Right method for carpet area calculation

Remember that loading factor is supposed to be loaded (added) and not subtracted.

Right formula is, Carpet area * 1.25 = Saleable Area

That means Carpet Area = Saleable area / 1.25 = 1500 sqft / 1.25 = 1200 sqft.

This means, you should have ideally got 1200 sqft with 25% loading.

On the contrary, if the actual carpet area is 1125 sqft (can be calculated from the layout in brochure), the super built up area will work out to be 1125 * 1.25 = 1406.25 for which you should be paying, whereas the builder charges you for 1500 sqft. i.e. for 93.75 sqft. extra.

Therefore, your yardstick to compare projects should be effective carpet area per sqft. rate and not super built up area rate.

Trick 2 – Common Area play

Many developers will include even open areas like roof terrace, play areas, garden etc. in the super built up area calculation. You won’t even realise that you may end up paying for actual loading factor of 50% or even higher though on paper you will be shown that the loading factor is just 25%.

Avoid pitfalls and become a smart investor

Generally, you will be enticed by a very attractive basic per sqft price which a developer might be offering. However, you will realise many traps once you book the property and when the cost of property keeps going up. Once you pay your booking amount, you would hardly have any exit options or you will be charged heavy cancellation charges. So, it is in your interest to ask as many questions as you can before you handover your first booking amount cheque.

Hope you enjoyed this post on “What is Carpet Area, Built Up Area/ Plinth Area and Super Built Up Area”

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  1. Ajay Hooda says

    It’s a very valid knowledge about different types of area terms used by Indian builders. This article is great because it is simple and to the point. I hope to see more posts like this from Asset Yogi and blogger Mukul Malik.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Thanks Ajay!

      1. Atul Mohan says

        Very useful article for a first time buyer like me ! Now I know what exactly I will get from Builder.
        Tks and Great work. Looking forward for more useful articles from the Blogger.

        1. Mukul Malik says

          Thanks Atul! Appreciate your kind words. We are working hard to produce quality articles.

  2. Manika says

    Good Gyan here Mukul. for anyone who is going to purchase a new flat, this info will come in handy.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Thanks Manika!

  3. chandrasekharan says

    very informative. thanks lot

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Glad that you found it useful.


  4. Bhupendra Singh says

    your information is very valuable to needy indians. must accurate the terms in realstate business, specially super build up area which is unknown to all. builers with hand in glove with politicians, mafias, corupt system have been looting the citizen for sevebral years. it is a open legalized decoity by applying the stamp duty on super area instead of stopping this. our legal system has added good accelarating agents to this very high crruption by not paying attention to the pleas of citizen who are approaching there for justice. I would like to request all to emphasise to this point as much as you can to stop the systmetic robbery.

  5. Under Construction or Ready to Move Property? | AssetYogi

    […] However, when you look at the actual flat after completion, you may get disappointed. The actual carpet area that you get can be much lesser than promised. You can get surprised with the poor quality of […]

  6. P K says

    Very useful information, Thanks

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Glad that you found it useful.

  7. ahamed says

    Hi Sir,
    build up area and plinth area both are same?

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Yes, ahamed. However, please do not confuse built up area with super built up area.

  8. Syed khalil ahmad says

    i am new in this field .
    i am planing to built house Ground +2 fl
    my land area is 200 yard (30′ x60′) how i calculate the column how many i need and how i make plinth
    i need your value able comment and information in this regard .

    thanks a lott my friend

    waiting your reply

  9. Rohit says

    Dear Author,

    I have a small doubt. In example you gave in Trick 1,actually but putting the right formula, the carpet area increases, which means we have to pay more for the purchase, not less.
    Please correct me if i am wrong.


    1. Awa says


    2. Kushal says

      i too have the same doubt as Rohit.
      in trick 1 Mr. Mukul explained the right formula and the wrong one. but how is it that by applying the correct formula one ends up paying more. or is it a typo?? please Sir Mukul throw some light on this.
      Else the article is a comprehensive one. 🙂

    3. krishan says

      Dear Mr rohit, please note that you are paying for1500 sq ft anyway. In this you must get the Carpet area of 1200
      instead of 1125.

      1. Mukul Malik says

        Appreciate your comments Rohit, Awa, Kushal & Krishnan.
        I think there is some confusion on the explanation in trick 1. But Krishnan pointed it out right, if you are paying for 1500 sqft, you should get 1200 sqft. instead of 1125 sqft.

        On the contrary, if the actual carpet area is 1125 sqft (what you really get), the super built up area will work out to be 1125 * 1.25 = 1406.25 for which you should be paying, whereas the builder charges you for 1500 sqft. i.e. for 93.75 sqft. extra.

        Please understand that you can actually measure carpet area using an inchtape but not super area. You can also calculate carpet area from the layout that the builder provides i.e by adding areas of all rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, lobby and balconies. Then, you can calculate super built up area by multiplying by 1.25 (for 25% loading factor).

        Hope I have made it clear now. Please let me know if there is any doubt still.

        I am modifying the explanation a bit to clear the confusion.

        Thank you all for the contribution.

  10. Murthhy says

    Nice article Mukul and thanks for explaining. I have a flat in Navi Mumbai, Kopar Khairane. The total Super Built are for which I paid (in registration and to Bank from which I took, since bank given loan to builder and they got clearance to sell directly). As you know there are different building plans. The flat we took in 2003. This is a 14 story building. In the plan: for 2nd and 3rd floor there are 3 flat in each floor. In the building plan which they had given to NMMC, there is an internal staircase (the builder might wants a penta house kind, we do not know) between the floor i.e. wooden/RC stair case (in plan) between 201 & 301, 202 & 302, 203 & 303. This is not linked to any external stair cases etc. But when it was registered to Bank from Builder for the loan, as removed this stair case (i.e. included in carpet area) and made it as one bed room for both the floors. i.e. removed that internal staircases and made independent and sold. From bank we bought one of them. And in the carpet area, super built up area and in our flat plan mentioned as 3 bed room except that is not changed in the total building plan and got registered with bank and same we got from bank, we didn’t know this since building plan was not given to us at that time. Does this leads any legal issue? Need any rectification? If so what is that and how to proceed? Any idea? Let me know if you need more clarifications.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Mr. Murthy

      I don’t know if I have fully understood your question. I believe since you have bought the flat after layout modification, you are worried about its legal status. If that is so, then any modification in the layout has to be approved from Municipal/ Development agency i.e. NMMC in your case. So, it is better that you check with the builder for the final approved layout. As long as the layout is approved, there should not be any legal problem.

      Moreover, in your sale deed, built-up area must be mentioned and you must be paying property tax on the built up area. All these are good enough proofs to prove the area of your flat. Let me know if I missed anything.

      Hope it helps.


  11. Sangram says

    I am buying a flat with 1200 sq.ft super builtup.
    990 sq ft was carpet area as builder said me and later I extended partion of 40 sq.ft . Now carpet is 1030 sq.ft. and he said me overall saleable area was 1276 sq.ft. (ie sup.built up).
    Now time of saledeed he as mentioned saleable area 1030 sq.ft.
    is saleble or buitup same? If so I should change it to carpet area?
    Above the calculation is right as builder?
    Builder was saying me that area being alloted to me is more than he calculated.
    please let me know what I should mention in sale deed is carpet or sup. Builtup area.?
    What will be stamp duty for both if I pay ?
    Thanking you. Require ur concern.

  12. Pradip Kumar Roy says

    I am purchasing a flat. Which covered area is 1134.53 Sq Ft. including stair (one full floor) + 20% loading =1361.43 Sq ft.

    Now Promoter is asking FOR extra payment for gound floor entrance and one bathroom in the ground floor.

    My question is that, when I am paying for 20% extra (loading) as super built up area then why I will pay again for entrance of the ground floor

    Kindly help me.


  13. M T AHMAD says

    Dear sir,
    It is indeed a valuable information before investing in a property.


    1. Mukul Malik says

      Thanks Mr. Ahmad.

  14. pavan says

    Thank you very much your valuable information. More than information, your explanation in an interesting way and in an easily understandable way is very good.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Thanks Pavan! Happy to hear that you found the article valuable.

    2. srinivasan says

      Yes. It is a eye opener on real estate entrant.Thank you

      1. Mukul Malik says

        Happy to hear that you find some value in the info.

  15. vaidyanathan says

    onset let me thank you for the useful information. i purchased a 3 bedroom flat 1242 sq feet but when complete i measured the flat area is only 900 sq feet. when i contacted the builder he told see your plan, it is as per plan and balance is common area. that means he has loaded 38%. is it legal, or if illegal can i go to consumer court. Thanks in advance for your valuable advice.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Glad that you found this useful.

      Now, in your situation, if the flat is built as per the approved plan as mentioned in your builder-buyer agreement, then it is definitely legal. The loading factor in your case is a little on higher side. Going to court may be a futile exercise if the flat is built as per the approved plan. However, if actual carpet area does not match as per the approved plan, then you can definitely seek legal help.

      Hope it helps!

  16. Arvind says

    Dear Mukul, It’s great article with some good explanation on different area jargon s used commonly in Indian Realty business.Very useful for somebody who has stayed abroad for last 15 years 🙂

    Our building in Mumbai will soon go under re-development. Most of the flats in our building have 2 big balconies (100 Sq Ft or so) ; as is the case with most of the buildings in Mumbai constructed before 70’s .These are balconies covered with permanent roofs/slabs above.

    The developer is now playing some tricks: a) he is not including the balconies in the carpet area calculations b) He is planning to offer us area equivalent to only one of the balconies; and not the 2nd balcony, in our proposed plan in the new redeveloped building.

    What’s you opinion on this? I strongly believe something fishy is going on…and want to ask some intelligent questions to the builder.

    Thanks a lot for your time.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Arvind

      Happy to hear that you found the info useful.
      Now to answer your question, technically balcony is included in Carpet Area.
      Won’t really be able to comment on the negotiation part as it is between parties.

      Perhaps, you can try to take proposals from a couple of more developers to increase competition and get best quotes.

      Hope it helps!

  17. Anand prakash jain says

    Dear Mr.Mukul,
    Although you have provided very use full info. regarding actual calculation of flat/plot.
    But my quistion to you is what is the basis of society maintenance fee/month.IS it on carpet area ,built up area or super built up area,in Indore (M.P.)

  18. shadab says

    Dear Sir,

    i purchased one flat in kolkata outer area 800 sq feet, with 10% super built area, means i have to pay for 880 sq feet its correct or not? please advice me

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Shadab

      If carpet area is 800 sqft and 10% is the loading factor for super built-up area then you’ll have to pay for 880 sqft.

  19. Ritesh Padmawar says

    Hi Malik,
    i recently purchased flat in Pune. when i measured Carpet area it shows diff of @70 sq ft. when i checked this with Builder he says – carpet area is measured Brick to Brick and we have put plaster of almost 2 inch per side. thats why the difference.
    pl suggest if this definition of carpet area is true.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Ritesh

      Carpet Area is measured wall to wall (finished).

  20. Sudha says

    Dear Mukul,
    Thank You for the explanation on the different terms in flat area calculation.
    I wish to know about the carpark area. Is this area included in the calculation of the super built up area?
    We are being charged separately for the car park.
    Pls clarify. Thank You

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Sudha

      Car Parking is generally charged separately. It is not part of super built-up area.

  21. Sailesh S. says

    Dear Mr. Mukul,
    I am in the process of demolishing and rebuilding an existing old flat.
    It is not joint development.
    I have identified a builder who will demolish the flat and build it for me as it is without any loss in UDS and the builder is charging me Rs. 2200/- per sq ft. for the construction.
    The super built up area for which I will be effecting payment is 1827 sq ft @ Rs. 2200/- per sq ft.
    What should be the carpet area for a super built up area of 1827 sq ft.
    The common amenities are very few such as lift shaft, stairs, servants toilet, & genset room
    Kindly advise.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      You can calculate carpet area using super built-up area and loading factor as described in the post.
      Since, you have minimum common areas, loading factor should be minimum. But that is a loophole that is most exploited by developers. You should aim for maximum carpet area and minimum loading factor.

  22. Venkat says

    Hi Mukul,

    I am planing to buy flat in hyderabad, builder saying 1330 Sqrft bulid up area and deducting the 22% for carper area

    if I am calicuating as per his Mesearments I am getting around 754 sqrt as carpet area , pls let me know How to caliculate or IS buider is cheating us.

    1. Venkat says

      Hi Mukul,

      Or is there any How I get the correct carpet area of that flat

      1. Mukul Malik says

        You should calculate Carpet Area by actual measurements.

  23. Megha says

    Your information is very useful and saved me from the minute traps of the builder.Thanks a lot

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Thanks Megha for kind words.
      The objective of this website is to help home-buyers and investors make better informed decisions.

  24. Anand says

    Excellent article Mukul. I am planning to buy a 2 BHK apartment and the builder has provided the saleable area as 966 sq. ft. I calculated the carpet area using the actual dimensions mentioned in the floor plan and the carpet area comes to 644 sq. ft. According to the calculations specified in your article, it looks like the builder is using a loading factor of 50%. Am I correct? I feel I am being deceived in this transaction. But what confuses me is, 6 out of 10 builders provide similar loading factor. However can I make sure I don’t end up paying my hard-earned money for something I should not be?

    Also, I am not sure if the builder is including uncovered areas like garden, jogging area, children’s play area, etc, in the super-built-up area. Can I ask the builder to provide the split up of how the super-built-up area is arrived at?

    I look forward to seeing your valuable inputs


    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Anand

      Glad that you found the information useful.
      You can definitely ask for common built-up area calculation.
      But I am afraid, builder may be reluctant to do so. And it is difficult to enforce anything as all Builder-Buyer agreements are in favour of the builder.

      Once the Real Estate Bill is passed, we can hope for much better transparency.

      Do share your experience.

  25. DV says

    A plot is 800 Sq. Yards, or 673 Sq. Meters, with 4 flats built on it of 378 Sq. Meters each (as per 2.25 FAR)
    How do i calculate the circle rate of one floor,

    673/4 X Circle Rate ?


    378 X Circle Rate ?


  26. Sabari says

    Thank you for the information

    I felt is very useful. I am looking for a apartment and they said Plinth Area :1861.28 sq.ft.
    Carpet Area: 1675.43 sq.ft.
    Salable Area: 2235 sq.ft.

    After the calculation of 1.25 loading factor (25%) I found the saleable area must be 2094 sq.ft.

    We my calculation is Wright ?

  27. MAHESH RAO says

    Very useful article, tempted by a low square footage I enquired about the carpet area of a flat in greater Noida Delhi, the marketing team came back with the value 1740 on SBUA of 2,915. A 67% loading, a complete rip off considering the facilities they were offering. When asked for the actual drawings they are sending me the floor plan in the brochure, which gives only an idea but not something you can verify the flat against later.

  28. Jacob says

    Dear Sir,

    Good Day,

    My Name is Jacob George I am working in Abu Dhabi, I have some doubt about the double height areas,
    attached plans are my villa and almost completed, following are my questions.

    1. What is the area definition of the double height area for the court yard in first floor ( there is no slab in first floor, see the attached first floor plan).

    2. The area around the staircase in the middle is a void in the first floor. What is the area definition for this case?

    I am highly appreciate to clarify my above doubts,

    Thank you very much,

    Kind Regards,

    Jacob (00971504993750)

  29. Rajesh says

    Sir,please tell me
    1.terrace area is calculate in carpet area or not?
    2.loading on terrace?

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Generally, terrace is not included in the built up area but if it is sold as part of a unit, it is charged at lesser per sqft rate (50-60% of basic cost).

  30. Sam says

    Good clarifications. Now that the Real Estate Bill has been passed, is there any recourse available to buyer (already paid booking amount) wherein the carpet area is actually less than what is calculated from the layout

    1. Mukul Malik says

      We need to wait and watch how effective is the implementation of Real Estate Bill.

  31. Mohan Kumar says

    Nicely explained and very easy for an ordinary man to understand.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Thanks Mohan!

  32. CK Narayanan says

    Your guidance is valuable indeed. In fact, many people do not know the meaning of these terms. Thank you and continue to help with such information related to real estate.

    Now, with regard to property tax, can you please tell how is the area calculated? It will be a great help.


  33. Preethi says

    Hi, I am building a individual house. Initially I was given 850sqft built up area plan n construction agreement done. Now builder says built up area is 1050 sqft (850,floor area + 200 sqft staircase) which was not told earlier. Is this right to add staircase area as well and charge

    1. Mukul Malik says

      It depends on how your contract was agreed and signed upon.

  34. Golammostofa says

    Now i am gone to purchase a flat promoter says 1 square foot price is 2400 and its flat is 625 square foot i want to know that 20% super building charge is included in that 2400 price

    1. Team AY says

      Yes, if the property is sold on Super Built Up Area.

  35. Biki says

    Sir, I feel that my builder had cheated me.
    At first there was a agreement made between the builder and me that I will pay for super built up area of 1399 sq ft approx as per his brouchers and now he says at the time of completion that my area is 1530 sq ft and I have to pay more for this.
    So I am little confused how it increase so much & how he have done the calculation. There was a point written in the agreement that –
    ” That the total super built up area of the flat will be calculated after the completion of the construction and 20% will be included with the built up area of the flat space of the individual Purchaser.”

    So sir does it mean that I have to add 20% more with the built up area to calculate super built up area. Please help me out
    And how can I calculate the built up area of the flat ?

  36. Krunal says

    Dear sir
    In sale deed carpet area or built up area or super built up recorded as per Gujarat Law ?

  37. saritha says

    stair area consider or not consider in building tax

    1. Team AY says

      Stair Area if within the house then it is considered part of both carpet area and built up area whereas if it is a common staircase used by all people in the building/ premises, then it is not considered part of Built-Up area and carpet area. It is part of common area.

  38. Sachin Apkar says

    Very informative…Good one…

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Thanks Sachin.

  39. kartik patil says

    and aldo explain floor area ratio, building setback, building line it will be helpfull
    am studying civil engineering and i need guidance for future studies

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Sure, Kartik. We will soon publish these explanations.

  40. bipin says

    I own a flat of 408 sq.ft carpet and a 132 sq.ft terrace attached to it and we are paying a tax for the whole area mentioned . so when our bldg gets redeveloped what benefits we will get of the terrace and can the terrace be calculated in carpet area as bldg was constructed in 1968 ???

    1. Team AY says

      Hi Bipin

      Generally, Terrace Area is not included in Carpet Area.
      However, since you own a terrace that is part of your flat, you can always negotiate for a higher area or compensation towards it.

  41. Janarthanan says

    Sir, I’m little bit confused about that loading percentages that are added to the areas……..could you please elaborate that with some examples?

  42. Santhosh Kumar says

    Dear Sir,
    I am Santhosh Kumar from chennai. I am booking 650sqft flat how calculate carpet area the builder is not calculate balcony in carpet area.please reply am idea.
    Santhosh Kumar

  43. A.KADER says

    Dear Mukul,

    Loading deduction is same for residential and commercial properties.


    1. Team AY says

      Hi Mr. Kader

      Loading factors can vary between residential and commercial properties. Even within residential properties, different properties can have different loading factors.

      Loading factors given in the article are only for approximation, in case you don’t know the exact loading factor for a property.

  44. nishikant kumar says

    I have seen a flat with super built up area 1410 sq ft .but floor dimension measures carpet area hardly 840 sq ft. Is it right to purchase this flat.

    1. Team AY says

      Hi Nishikant

      Carpet Area is on the lower side. You can compare persqft. rate on carpet area and then take a decision.

  45. Abhay abhale says

    How to calculate carpet area from plinth area..?

    1. Team AY says

      Hi Abhay
      Best way to calculate carpet area is to actually measure the wall to wall area.
      In case, you don’t have access to the property, you can make an approximate calculation using the ratios mentioned in the article above.

  46. JAYESH CHOKSI says

    I have purchased a flat in OCT 1983 in Mumbai.The developer has mentioned my flat area as 570 sq ft super build up.
    The area is mentioned in a letter addressed to INCOME TAX AUTHORITIES in reply to query by IT AUTHORITY ON PURCHASE OF FLAT.

    The area is not mentioned in agreement.The bldg has no lift /meter box etc/community hall etc/etc/

    If we go by the concept of 25% the carpet area comes to 456 sq ft carpet.

    The actual area as measured by me comes to 440 sq ft carpet.


    1. Team AY says

      Hi Jayesh

      The best way to calculate Carpet Area is to physically measure the area between the walls.
      There must be other similar flats like yours in the building/ locality.
      Perhaps, you can raise this issue with your RWA and negotiate with the developer collectively.

  47. Sajid Aziz says

    Hi Mukul,

    I have bought 2 bed flat in Mira Road – Thana – Maharashtra total are is 1005 ft in total. Builder said that they will give possession in March 2017. They have added VAT (1%), Suwacah Bharat tax, land registry (6% of the purchase value), stamp duty, sale tax, society formation fees, maintenance fees for 18 months, registration fees and documentation fees on the top of my outstanding balance. I total they have added around 5 Lac rupees.

    I know I will have to pay for Land registry, stamp duty and maintenance fees, but don’t sure how much in percentage I have to pay and I don’t about other taxes and fees.

    Secondly, when I booked the flat in April 2015, the have ticked on “Build Up” 1005 sqft. How much total area should I get in carpet?

    You advise will be highly appreciate.



  48. krishna says

    Very useful and beneficial for purchasing my new duplex. Lots of thanks and regard .

    1. Team AY says

      Glad that the information helped you Krishna.
      Congratulations on purchasing your new property.


    Sir I want to know that duct area is includable in carpet area . I purchase a flat in Bhiwandi.

    1. Team AY says

      Hi Mahendra
      Its a good question and there is lot of question on this.
      Duct area is actually excluded from carpet area.

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