What is Builder Floor Apartment & Multistorey Apartment?

What is Builder Floor Apartment?

A Builder Floor Apartment is an independent floor unit in a low rise building, with or without common facilities. In other words, it is a section of the villa building. Generally, builder floor apartments are built on smaller plots in plotted residential colonies by local builders. Builder floors offer more independence and are slightly more expensive, as compared to a multistorey apartment.

What is Multistorey Apartment?

A multistorey apartment is a housing unit in a multistoried building in a group housing project, developed by a private builder or development authority. Multistorey buildings have more than 4 floors and can go upto any number of floors depending on the layout plan. Multistorey apartments offer more facilities and better security, as compared to builder floor apartments.


Builder Floor vs Multistorey Apartment – A Comparison

Particular Builder Floor Apartment Multistorey Apartment
Space Builder floors, compared to multistorey apartments, are generally more spacious. A multistorey apartment offers lesser space as compared to a builder floor. But there are more open spaces in the apartment complex.
Amenities Generally, builder floors do not have facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, club etc. Multistorey Apartments offer common facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, kids’ play area etc. to the residents.
Independence & Privacy A builder floor offers more independence & privacy as only one family occupies the complete floor and there are only 3-4 units in the building. Compared to builder floor, multistorey apartments offer lesser independence & privacy. Usually there are 3-4 flats on the same floor.
Pricing As compared to a multistorey apartment, a builder floor is generally priced higher on a per square feet basis in the same locality because for a builder, it is more expensive to build less number of floors. On a per square feet basis, a multistorey apartment is priced slightly lesser than independent floor in the same locality because the builder can optimize the cost and pass it on to the customer.
Maintenance In a builder floor, you don’t have to pay monthly maintenance charges. However, you have to maintain the building alongwith other floor owners. You can choose what all facilities you want. In multistoried apartments, you have dedicated maintenance staff for eg. plumber, electrician, gardner & cleaning staff. But, you have to pay monthly maintenance charges whether you use any facility or not.
Security Usually, builder floors are built in plotted residential colonies and security can be a concern in areas where entry is not restricted. The biggest advantage of multistorey apartments is the multi-level security of a gated community. The premises generally have high fencing, multiple guards, CCTV surveillance, restricted entry etc.
Power Back-Up In builder floors, generally power back-up is not provided by the builder. You have to either manage on your own or residents of all floors can collaborate and put up a heavy duty generator. But generally managing power back-up in a builder floor becomes difficult. In multi storied apartments, you have 80-100% power back-up. The moment the electiricity goes off, the generator will automatically take load. Power back is easily managed by dedicated staff or agency.
Car Parking In builder floors, you may or may not get dedicated car parking withing building premises. Even if you have one car parking, and if you have an extra car, you will have to park outside in the public area. In multistoried apartments, you have dedicated car parking slots. In private  apartments, you can buy as many car parking slots as you want. Many apartment premises also have separate parking areas for visitors as well.
Community Living Builder floors offer more independence but at the same time, interaction between families is limited. Kids may find it difficult to make friends. In multistoried flats, there is more sense of social togetherness and community living. People generally know each other and extend help in the time of need.
Development Builder Floors are generally built by small local builders in collaboration with land owners. The owner offers land while builder puts money for construction and takes part-ownership in the building. In metro cities, where land prices are very high, the builder gets one floor whereas in non-metros builder gets a higher share. Multistoried Apartments are either built by private builders or by the government housing development authority. The flats are then sold to individual buyers.
Popularity Builder Floors are more popular in cities like Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad where owners of old independent houses are now unlocking value of their land. Multistoried Apartments were more popular in the city of Mumbai where land cost has always been very high. However, now multistoried apartments are being made all across cities.


Choosing between a builder floor or multistorey apartment is a matter of personal choice. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Opt for Builder Floor, if you want more independence, more space and if you don’t want to pay compulsory monthly maintenance charges.
  • Opt for Multistorey Apartment, if you want a secured environment, community living and more facilities for your family.

What do you prefer? A Builder Floor or a MultiStorey Apartment?

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  1. Allen says

    Hey Mukul!!!! Great post about “What is Builder Floor Apartment & Multistorey Apartment”. I really like it and choosing between a builder floor or multistorey apartment its depends upon personal choice. Both have their advantages and disadvantages in different ways. Thanks for nice post.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Happy to hear that you found the article useful, Allen!

  2. ganesh says

    sir nice article and more helpful to choice builder floor or multistorey appartment

  3. V.N. Ravi Kumar says

    Useful. Would be better if legal aspects & risks involved, practical aspects like dealing with an erstwhile owner who may still think he owns the property( in case of builder floor apartment) are compared between Builder Floor and Multi-storey apartments.

    1. Team AY says

      Thanks for the feedback Ravi!
      We will definitely cover up legal and risk aspects in our future articles.

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