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This Online Land Area Converter can be used for conversion of area for local units used across India. It is the most comprehensive land area calculator available online.

This Land Area Converter converts all international standard area units such as sqft, sqyd, sqmtr, acre, hectare, sqkm etc. as well as all local area units used in India such as Bigha, Biswa, Ankanam, Cent, Decimal, Dhur, Ground, Ghumaon, Guntha,  Kattha, Kanal, Killa, Kuncham, Kranta, Lecha, Marla, Murabba, Nalli etc. You can convert any unit to any other unit.

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How to Use Land Area Converter & Calculator?

  1. Enter Input Value in figures.
  2. Select Input Area Unit from dropdown.
  3. Select Output Area Unit from dropdown.

The Land Area Converter will automatically calculate the desired area.


Conversion of Area – Table

Area UnitEqualsConversion Factor
1 Ankanam/ Aankadam=72 sqft
1 Acre=4840 sqyd
1 Are=100 sqmtr
1 Bigha – Assam/ Bengal=1600 sqyd
1 Bigha – Pucca (Bihar/ UP-I/ Rajasthan-I/ Punjab-I/ Haryana-I)=3025 sqyd
1 Bigha (Gujarat/ Rajasthan-II)=1936 sqyd
1 Bigha (HP-I/ Uttarakhand-I)=968 sqyd
1 Bigha (HP-II/ Uttarakhand-II)=900 sqyd
1 Bigha (MP)=1333.33 sqyd
1 Bigha- Kaccha (Punjab-II/ Haryana-II/ UP-II)=1008.33 sqyd
1 Biswa – Pucca (UP-I/ Rajasthan-I/ Punjab-I/ Haryana-I)=151.25 sqyd
1 Biswa – Rajasthan II=96.8 sqyd
1 Biswa (HP-I/ Uttarakhand-I)=48.4 sqyd
1 Biswa (HP-II/ Uttarakhand-II)=45 sqyd
1 Biswa (Kaccha) – (Punjab-II/ Haryana-II/ UP-II)=50.417 sqyd
1 Biswansi=1/20 Biswa
1 Centiare=1 sqmtr
1 Cent=435.6 sqft
1 Chatak=180 sqft
1 Decimal=48.4 sqyd
1 Dhur (Bihar/ Jharkhand)=68.0625 sqft
1 Dhur (Tripura)=3.6 sqft
1 Ghumaon=4840 sqyd
1 Ground=2400 sqft
1 Guntha=1089 sqft
1 Hectare=10000 sqmtr
1 Kanal=5445 sqft
1 Kattha (Assam)=2880 sqft
1 Kattha (Bengal)=720 sqft
1 Kattha (Bihar)=1361.25 sqft
1 Kattha (MP)=600 sqft
1 Killa=4840 sqyd
1 Kranta=72 sqft
1 Kuncham=484 sqyd
1 Lecha=144 sqft
1 Marla=272.25 sqft
1 Murabba=25acres
1 Nalli=240sq yd
1 Perch=272.25 sqft
1 Rood=10890 sqft
1 Sarsahi (Square Karam)=30.25 sqft
1 Shatak=435.6 sqft
1 Square Centimetres=0.00107639 sqft
1 Square Feet=144 sq in
1 Square Inch=0.0069444 sqft
1 Square Kilometer=247.1 acres
1 Square Meter=10.76391042 sqft
1 Square Mile=640 acres
1 Square Yard=9sqft.

To know more about Indian land measurement units for conversion of area, visit:

Land Measurement Units in India

Conversion of Length – Table

Length UnitEqualsConversion Factor
1 Centimeter (cm)=10 mm, 0.01 m
1 Chain (ch)=66 ft, 22 yd (gaj), 100 links (kadi), 4 rods
1 Feet (ft)=12 inches, 30.48 cm
1 Furlong=660 ft, 220 yd, 40 rods, 10 chains
1 Gaj=1 yd, 0.91444 m, 3 ft, 36 in
1 Gattha=5.5 hath, 2.75 yd, 8.25 ft, 99 in
1 Hath=0.5 yd, 18 in, 1.5 ft
1 Inch (in)=2.54 cm, 0.0833 ft
1 Jarib (Shahjahani)=165 ft
1 Jarib (Gantari)=132 ft
1 Karam=66 in, 5.5 ft
1 Kilometer (km)=1000m, 3280.84 ft
1 Meter (m)=100 cm, 39.3701 in, 3.28084 ft
1 Mile (mi)=1.60934 km, 5280 ft
1 Millimeter (mm)=0.1 cm, 0.001m
1 Perch/ Rod/Pole=16.5 sqft, 5.5 yd
1 Yard (yd)=1 Gaj, 3 ft, 36 in, 0.91444 m

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  1. How much is 2673.93 sq ft it’s my back yard

  2. Hello

    I have a agricultural land in gujarat and its area is 1-20-90.
    Can u kindly convert it into bigha..


  3. my father name is written wrong .pl write correctly i.e. yagya vrat tyagi instead yagya dutt.khasra no,1786 in sarawa hapur up

  4. HI ,

    Ur offline “Land Area Converter” is not available. Please provide the updated link for H.P, H.R

    Warm Regards

  5. Can i assure that 1 dhur is = 68.0625 sq.ft in Bihar ?

  6. Add another unit too (valid for West bengal):
    272 Sq. ft. = 1 Pole

  7. 1 Chhatak = 45 sq. ft., not 180 sq. ft.

  8. How much squire meter in .9630 hectare

  9. chain 1 link = ? feet

  10. how much is land in 0-27-32 in gujarat

  11. How much hectare will six bighas in dehradun be? please help!

  12. sava 6 dcmil + 4 khata me kitna dcmil hoga in bihar aurangabad

  13. 1 Kattha (Bihar) = 1361.25 sqft
    1361.25 Sqft = 152.71617341 sqgaj

  14. Your area convertor does not provide any details about the unit WINGA or VINGA which is used extensively in the SURAT area of GUJRAT province.

  15. Pl explain about kachha bigha(used in western U P)conversion table not givengiven in your area convertor.

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