Land Measurement Units in India – Area Conversion Table


Land Measurement Units in India

Land measurement units in India vary from state to state. Measurement of land in North India is done in units such as Bigha, Biswa, Marla, Kanal, Kattha etc. whereas units used in Southern states include Ground, Cent, Ankanam, Guntha etc. Sizes of units like Bigha, Biswa and Katha also vary from state to state. Although there is an increase in the use of standard units such as Square Feet, Square Yards, Square Meters, Acres and Hectares, local units are still used all across India for measurement of land. We realized that such important information about land measurement units in India is fragmented and should be assimilated at one place. Hence, in this Guide, we have collated all major land measurement units used in India and provided area conversion table & length conversion table for better understanding. For quick conversion of area, check out Land Area Converter.

Area Conversion Table

Following Area Conversion Table gives important conversion factors and a brief description about all area units.

Area Unit Area Conversion Factor Remarks
1 Ankanam 72 sqft 1 Acre is equal to 605 Ankanams. Unit used in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
1 Acre 4840 sqyd Standard Unit to measure land, used in India and internationally.
1 Are 100 sqmtr 1 hectare is equal to 100 ares.
1 Bigha – Assam/ Bengal 1600 sqyd Bigha size in Assam and Bengal.
1 Bigha – Pucca (Bihar/ UP-I/ Rajasthan-I/ Punjab-I/ Haryana-I) 3025 sqyd Pucca Bigha is measured by Shahjahani Jarib of length 165 ft. 1 Pucca Bigha = 165 ft X 165ft. Used in Bihar and parts of UP, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana.
1 Bigha (Gujarat/ Rajasthan-II) 1936 sqyd Bigha size used in Gujarat and some parts of Rajsthan. It is measured by Gantari Jarib of length 132 ft. 1 Bigha = 132 ft X 132 ft.
1 Bigha (HP-I/ Uttarakhand-I) 968 sqyd Bigha size used in parts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
1 Bigha (HP-II/ Uttarakhand-II) 900 sqyd Bigha size used in parts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
1 Bigha (MP) 1333.33 sqyd Bigha size used in parts of Madhya Pradesh.
1 Bigha- Kachha (Punjab-II/ Haryana-II/ UP-II) 1008.33 sqyd Kachha Bigha is one-third of Pucca Bigha. Used in parts of Punjab, Haryana & U.P. where settlement (bandobast/ chakbandi) has not happened.
1 Biswa – Pucca (UP-I/ Rajasthan-I/ Punjab-I/ Haryana-I) 151.25 sqyd 1/20 Bigha (Pucca)
1 Biswa – Rajasthan II 96.8 sqyd 1/20 Bigha (Rajasthan-II)
1 Biswa (HP-I/ Uttarakhand-I) 48.4 sqyd 1/20 Bigha (HP-I/ UK-I)
1 Biswa (HP-II/ Uttarakhand-II) 45 sqyd 1/20 Bigha (HP-II/ UK-II)
1 Biswa (Kaccha) – (Punjab-II/ Haryana-II/ UP-II) 50.417 sqyd 1/20 Bigha (Kaccha).
1 Biswansi 1/20 Biswa 1 Biswa has 20 Biswansis. Unit used in UP, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Each state has a different value for Biswansi depending on the value of Biswa/ Bigha used.
1 Centiare 1 sqmtr 1 Are is equal to 100 Centiares.
1 Cent 435.6 sqft 1 Acre is equal to 100 cents. Unit used in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.
1 Chatak 180 sqft Unit used in West Bengal. 1 Katha (Bengal) is equal to 16 chataks.
1 Decimal 48.4 sqyd 1 Acre is equal to 100 Decimals. Unit used in West Bengal.
1 Dhur (Bihar/ Jharkhand) 68.0625 sqft 1 Kattha (Bihar) has 20 Dhurs.
1 Dhur (Tripura) 3.6 sqft 20 Dhurs (Tripura) is equal to 1 Kranta.
1 Ghumaon 4840 sqyd An Acre is also known as Ghumaon in some parts of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.
1 Ground 2400 sqft Unit used in parts of Tamil Nadu.
1 Guntha 1089 sqft Unit used in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Maharashtra. Measured as 33ft X 33 ft. 40 Gunthas equal 1 Acre.
1 Hectare 10000 sqmtr An international unit to measure land, 1 hectare is equal to 100 ares or 10,000 sqmtr or 2.47 acres approximately.
1 Kanal 5445 sqft 8 kanals is 1 acre. Unit used in Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.
1 Kattha (Assam) 2880 sqft 1 Bigha (Assam) is 5 Katthas (Assam).
1 Kattha (Bengal) 720 sqft 1 Bigha (Bengal) has 20 Kathas.
1 Kattha (Bihar) 1361.25 sqft 1 Bigha (Bihar) has 20 Kathas.
1 Kattha (MP) 600 sqft 1 Bigha (MP) has 20 Kathas.
1 Killa 4840 sqyd An Acre is also known as Killa in some parts of Haryana and Punjab.
1 Kranta 72 sqft 1 Acre is equal to 605 Krantas. Unit used in Tripura.
1 Kuncham 484 sqyd 1 Kuncham is equal to 10 cents. Unit used in Andhra Pradesh.
1 Lecha 144 sqft 20 Lechas is 1 Kattha (Assam).
1 Marla 272.25 sqft  20 marlas is 1 kanal. Unit used in Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.
1 Murabba 25acres 1 Murabba is 25 acres. Unit sometimes used in Punjabm Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
1 Nalli 240sq yd 1 Nalli is 240 sqyd. Unit used in Uttarakhand.
1 Perch 272.25 sqft 1 Square Perch is equal to a square rod, 30.25 sqyds or 1/160th acre.
1 Rood 10890 sqft 1 Rood is 1/4 of an acre. 40 square perches is equal to 1 Rood.
1 Sarsahi (Square Karam) 30.25 sqft Measured as 1 karam X 1 karam (66in X 66in). 1 Marla has 9 Sarsahies. Unit sometimes used in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
1 Shatak 435.6 sqft 1 Acre has 100 Shataks.
1 Square Centimeters 0.00107639 sqft 1 Square Metres is 10000 Square Centimetres.
1 Square Feet 144 sq in 1 feet is 12 inches.
1 Square Inch 0.0069444 sqft 1 feet is 12 inches.
1 Square Kilometer 247.1 acres Standard International Unit of area to measure land. 1 Sq km is 0.3861 Sq Miles, 100 Hectares, 247.1 Acres or 1000000 Sq Mtr.
1 Square Meter 10.76391042 sqft Standard International Unit of area to measure land. 1 Sq Mtr is
1 Square Mile 640 acres 1 Sq Mile is 2.59 Sqkm, 259 Hectares or 640 Acres.
1 Square Yard 9sqft. 1 sq yd is 9 sq ft, measured as 3 ft X 3 ft. Also known as “Gaj” in India.

Length Conversion Table

Length Unit Equals Length Conversion Factor
1 Centimeter (cm) = 10 mm, 0.01 m
1 Chain (ch) = 66 ft, 22 yd (gaj), 100 links (kadi), 4 rods
1 Feet (ft) = 12 inches, 30.48 cm
1 Furlong = 660 ft, 220 yd, 40 rods, 10 chains
1 Gaj = 1 yd, 0.91444 m, 3 ft, 36 in
1 Gattha = 5.5 hath, 2.75 yd, 8.25 ft, 99 in
1 Hath = 0.5 yd, 18 in, 1.5 ft
1 Inch (in) = 2.54 cm, 0.0833 ft
1 Jarib (Shahjahani) = 165 ft
1 Jarib (Gantari) = 132 ft
1 Karam = 66 in, 5.5 ft
1 Kilometer (km) = 1000m, 3280.84 ft
1 Meter (m) = 100 cm, 39.3701 in, 3.28084 ft
1 Mile (mi) = 1.60934 km, 5280 ft
1 Millimeter (mm) = 0.1 cm, 0.001m
1 Perch/ Rod/Pole = 16.5 sqft, 5.5 yd
1 Yard (yd) = 1 Gaj, 3 ft, 36 in, 0.91444 m

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  1. utkarsha junnarkar says

    Hello u have not included Maharashtra in yoir conversion table

    1. Team AY says

      Dear Utkarsha

      Thanks for your comment. As far as we know, area units used in Maharashtra include local unit Guntha and other standard units – Acre, Are, Hectare, Square Yard, Square Meter, Square Feet etc. All these units are covered. If however, we have missed any particular unit, please let us know. We will be happy to include it.

      Team AY

      1. Prashant Borse says

        1 bigha= ? acre in maharashtra Dhule district

  2. md.samsher alam ansari says

    Nice line, many 2 thanks for the help amin work.

  3. Rohit Arora says

    I am not able to trace the size of land which is mentioned in khatouni. It has mentioned आर.चौ.मी. and size is 598.58.00. can anyone help me to trace the exact size of perticular land.

  4. Mahesh Ukabhai says

    You have excluded – VINGHA {unit of land measurement in Gujarat}
    What is the translation into sq. metres form Vingha?

      1. y motala says

        The unit VINGHA is definitely the one used not Bigha in the Surat area. So definitely a unit referred to as Wingha/Winga/Vinga/Vingha does exist..
        Please chek with a Mamletdar or Talati in the Surat area and please include the unit of”Gujrat WINGA” in your convertor.
        How many sq. meters in a Vingha?

        1. Team AY says

          Thank you for pointing our Mr. Motala
          We will do some research about “Vingha” unit and update this guide accordingly.

    1. Madhu says

      I Guntha = 33 ft x 33 ft = 1089 sq. ft = 101.17 sq. meter = 121 sq. yard ( 11 x 11 yard )
      16 Guntha = 1 Vigha = 1618.72 sq.mter = 1936 sq.yard = 132 ft x 132 ft
      40 Guntha = 1 acres
      1 acre = 4840 sq. yard = 4047 sq. meter = 2.5 Vigha =
      1 Ares = 100 sq. meter
      1 Hectare = 10,000 sq. meter = 2.47 acres = 6.1767 Vigha
      1 sq. mile = 640 acres = 259 hectare

  5. mohini verma says

    kitane decimal ka ak viswa hota hai land ko sell karate time

    1. sukhdev says

      Gwalior Jareeb = 75 feet long, 100 kari, each kari is 9 inches long
      Indore jareeb = 66 feet long, 100 kari it is also called Gantree Jareeb
      Metric jareeb = 20 meters long, 100 kari, 20 cm long
      shahjahani jareeb = 55 gaj (165 feet) long’ 200 kari, but in use it is half 100 kari & 82.5 feet long.

  6. bhawandeep singh maan says

    1 how much kdi in jareeb
    2 long length of kdi & jareeb in india
    my inglish not good

    1. Suresh says

      Wat is meant by ” GATTHA ” and ” HATH ” ?

  7. shakun says

    2400 sq yard me kitne bigha hotel hain

  8. shivanshu says

    3kila zameen kitna Hua.. Yeh Harayana ke kissi gao ka hai… Plzz answer me fast…

    1. Pankaj says

      14520 Sqyds

  9. md. mumtaz ansari says

    please 1 katta land convert into spuore fit in jharkhand state.

  10. rahul says

    Quite useful

  11. abhay says

    sava 6 dcimal + 4 katha me kitna dcimal hoga in bihar at aurangabad

  12. abhay says

    sava 6 dcmil + 4 khatka me kitna dcmil hoga in bihar at aurangabad

    1. md.parvez says

      5.50 khata

  13. aminul fazal says

    In western UP saharanpur muzaffarnagar
    1 bigha=816.33sqYard so1acre=4840sqYard
    1acre=5.93 bigha
    1 hactere=14.65 bigha

    1. mukesh says

      What is meant by one dismil in sqft

  14. Anant says

    How many square feet are there in 1 biswa in mau U.P

  15. chanemougam says

    welcome for giving land measurement but you are not shown pondicherry region measurement seperately please for public known our pondicherry region measurement give measurement seperately in this website. If done dept is appreciated for done the work for public

  16. vaibhav nakate says

    114 Ward means how many square foot or inches or etc.

  17. hemant patel says

    i want to know 1bigha = sq.ft in madhya pradesh

    1. RAMESH PATEL says

      During Gaikwad rule in Baroda State in Gujarat there was unit for land measurement known as ‘Gaj’.I am trying to find conversion of ‘Gaj’ into feet.

  18. Jayshri badgujar says

    Namaste sir in my area gantree jarib used its have 100 kadi and 20meater long and 66 feet .sir I want to know how get breath or length in jarib from specific area . Sir suppose we have total area 7.05 hector .two brother want to divide this area . One have 4 hector and another have 3.05 hector . My problem is how many jarb I have take to dividetion .one side length is 13 jarib. Iwant to know breath.plz sir help me.

  19. Salwa says

    This article is wonderful! Well done!

    1. Team AY says

      Thanks! Happy to hear that you found it useful.

  20. Kam says

    This is the best article ever got published.

    1. Team AY says

      Thanks for these kind words.

      1. rajkumar says

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        1. Team AY says

          Thanks Rajkumar!

  21. Harjinder says

    Information given is very handy and helpful..great job. I just want to know if cents and centare are same unit or different.


    1. Team AY says

      Thanks for your kind words Harjinder!
      Yes, cents and centiare are different units. Please see the table in the article above.

  22. Jitender says

    Ek kanal me kitne karm hote h

    1. Jitender says

      505 meter

  23. AJAY KASHYAP says

    I am find this information but its dont anywhere so many thanks to you for it …Sir.

    1. Team AY says

      Thanks Ajay!

    2. pradeep sahu says

      1dismil in sqirfeet how much

  24. vivek singh says

    how can we get Khasra map in rajasthan is there any option

    1. Team AY says

      Khasra Maps for Rajasthan are not available online yet.

  25. manjeet gill says

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    1. Team AY says


  26. Jeevan Ram says

    Very useful informantion.

  27. selvaraj says

    thanks a lot to provide useful information..,:)

  28. Naresh says

    1 inch = 80 ghatta so in 4 bigha, what is the length & width

  29. EZHIL says

    In Puducherry the local land measurement units are:
    1 Foot = 0.3048 M
    1Sq.m= 10.76 Sft
    1 cent = 435.6 Sft
    1 Acre = 100 cent = 43560 Sft
    1 R = 1076 sft
    1 Santyar= 10.76 sft
    1 kuzhi = 576 sft
    1 veesam = 36 sft
    16 veesam 1 kuzhi
    1 Kani = 100 kuzhi
    – JR EZHIL

    1. Team AY says

      Thanks Ezhil for highlighting.

  30. Akunu says

    What is the measurement of purra/pura used for local land measurement in nagaland/assam?

  31. Bajmeer says

    1 dismile= ?

    1. rajesh says


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  32. sanoj Yadav says

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  33. A.K.Sharma says

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  34. Czan says

    What is the length between two plants. When we sow them

  35. Yunus says

    how much inches in one hand as per old indian measurement

    1. V. Sadasivam says

      18 inches. Or 45 cms.

  36. Akshad says

    Pls reply for this on my personal email address I wanted to know that how to get details about property of our forefathers after the death of father as my cousin are not willing to give us our property after submitting all legal documents they put stay on our property that we cannot claim on this property how we will get our property back

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