DDA Housing Scheme 2014 – Review of DDA Flats 2014 Scheme

DDA Housing Scheme 2014 has come out with great fanfare. We are hearing about DDA website crashing everyday. People have loads of queries and questions about the scheme. But is the fuss justified? Is it really that great an opportunity – of a lifetime perhaps? In this article, we present to you a factual analysis so that you can decide for yourself.

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What’s on Offer in DDA Housing Scheme 2014?

Total HIG Flats = 21 (Old Inventory only)

Total MIG Flats = 49 (Old Inventory) + 512 (Newly Constructed) = 561

Total LIG Flats = 451 (Old Inventory) + 22627 (Newly Constructed) = 23078

Total Flats in Expandable Housing Scheme Type “A” = 129 (Old Inventory only)

Total Janta Flats = 161 (Old Constructed) + 384 (Newly Constructed) = 545

Total EWS Flats = 700 (Newly Constructed)

Grand Total = 25034 Flats


Some facts about DDA Housing Scheme 2014

  • As you can see from above data, maximum flats are available in LIG, Janta and EWS schemes i.e. 24323 flats out of 25034 flats which means 97% of the total flats are meant for lower income groups.
  • Also, most of these flats are located in under developed areas like narela, sector-34, 35 of rohini etc. Flats in under developed areas and EWS scheme constitute about 21000 which is about 84% of the total inventory of DDA flats.
  • DDA will not execute the conveyance deed in your name for 5 years if you are allotted a flat. This means you cannot sell the flat for 5 years but you can either stay in your flat or get some rental income of you decide to rent it out.

So how should we decide, whether to put money in the DDA lottery? Let’s do some number crunching.

If you don’t like number crunching, you can skip to the Conclusion section in the end.

What Numbers Say?

Let us assume that your budget is Rs. 25 lakhs, you have two choices :

  1. Invest Rs. 25 lakhs in DDA flat with about 1% probability of selection.
  2. Invest Rs. 25 lakhs in another real estate property in NCR, say Noida, Bhiwadi, Ghaziabad etc. with 100% allotment. (If you say, you cannot get a property at this rate in NCR, perhaps you need to do more research).

Now, let us assume that a property in another area in NCR will give you a return of 15% per annum compounded annually.

If you were to invest in DDA flat in 2014 housing scheme, you should be able to make 15% per annum plus some money to cover your interest expense on registration amount. Of course, we have to take the probability of allotment because you will lose 100% of your interest money (on Rs. 1 lakh registration amount) if you are not allotted a flat.

Is it worth playing the lottery then? Let us see.

How much money is at stake

  • Basically, your Rs. 1 lakh registration amount will get locked with DDA for 5-6 months. DDA will pay simple interest @ 8% p.a. if the registration fee is not refunded within 3 months of the closure of this scheme on 9th Oct 2014. Let’s assume, you apply one month before the closure of this scheme i.e. on 9th Sep 2014.
  • You will pay/ lose a total of 4 months of interest. Let us assume that you have taken bank financing @ 12% interest rate. So your interest amount will be 4% of Rs. 1 lakh i.e Rs. 4000, which is at stake. We can call it as “risk amount”.

How much extra money you should make from your DDA investment to justify Risk Amount:

  • Generally, in DDA housing schemes chances of selection are about 1% i.e only 1 in a hundred applications will be allotted a flat. If we do a simple probabilistic decision making calculation, you have to make extra amount of:

Rs. 4000 (risk amount)/ 1% (selection probability) = Rs. 4 lakhs.

  • If you were to sell your flat immediately, you would have to make Rs. 4 lakhs extra from your investment to justify the risk amount of Rs. 4000.

DDA Housing Scheme 2014 investment vs Open market investment:

  • Let’s say you were planning to purchase a flat worth Rs. 25 lakhs from the open market. DDA flat should be priced atleast Rs. 4 lakhs below the market price i.e. at Rs. 21 lakhs in order to justify your risk amount. This means DDA flat should be atleast 16% below market price.
  • Similarly, a flat worth Rs. 20 lakhs in open market should be priced at Rs. 16 lakhs in DDA housing scheme i.e at 20% below market price.
  • We compared current market prices in nearby localities with flats offered in DDA Housing Scheme 2014. Flats in DDA housing scheme are priced at 15-30% below market rate for comparable properties.

Conclusion – Whether to apply for DDA Housing Scheme 2014 or not?

Since, DDA flats are priced at 15-30% below market rate, flats priced at more than Rs. 20 lakhs can easily cover up for the risk amount of interest expense. Therefore, only from numbers perspective, we feel that flats worth more than Rs. 20 lakhs are worth taking the risk for.

However, a real estate decision is not purely a numbers game, hence we present our final conclusion for various scenarios. You can choose a scenario for your situation and decide accordingly.

Scenario 1 – End User

  • LIG, Janta and EWS Flats – This scheme is designed mainly for end users who are looking for budget housing in Delhi. If you have been looking for such an opportunity for long, don’t wait, just apply before the forms go out of stock.
  • MIG and HIG Flats– Flats in MIG and HIG segment are very few and competition may be higher. But still you may get lucky. Go ahead and try your luck.

Scenario 2 – Investment (5 year horizon)

  • Invest in flats which are priced at more than Rs. 20 lakhs to justify blocking your Rs. 1 lakh as registration amount.
  • Avoid under developed areas (mentioned earlier) as these are almost uninhabited as of now. They may take longer than 5 years to develop properly and justify your investment. Visit these areas before blindly filling the form and locking yourself.

Scenario 3 – Investment (8 years + horizon)

  • Invest in any flat priced at more than Rs. 20 lakhs & above. You can expect good returns after 8-9 years when you decide to sell.

Scenario 4 – Investment (Long term rental income)

  • If you are looking to make a long term rental income, this is a good opportunity. However, as stated earlier, many of these flats (more than 80%) are located in under developed areas and may not fetch you great rental returns initially. But from a long term perspective this can be a good source of passive income for you.

Finally, this housing scheme is not meant for short term investors and speculation play. Invest from a long term horizon. Else, you can look for some other opportunities in NCR area with 100% allotment and no luck play.

Useful Links:

Information About Scheme – http://dda.org.in/ddanew/Hosing_Scheme2014.aspx

Download Brochure – Delhi Housing Scheme 2014 Brochure 

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  1. hello,

    GAVE Bayana of 1.60000 to agent for flat in dwarka 16b site 3 flat..after i came to know this flats are not till alloted by dda.. if anyboby know EWS FLAT DWARKA 16B SITE 3 WERE ALLOTED.

  2. what is the cost of our flat in siraspur lig applecation no 1629823
    please provide details

  3. Dear Mukul,
    Indeed great and well researched article. Thanks for putting extra hardwork for explaining in detail. I would like to get some help regarding buying plot in Sector 35 in Rohini. Can you pls provide any guestimate how much is current price of buying a 648 sqft plot in Rohini sector 35. Also, I heard from friends that since govt is quite strict about blackmoney do you think reality market will have major correction in coming years.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Finally i decided to surrender Sector 35 flat Rohini….
      There is no investment to rental income and capital appriciation after at least 10 years….

  4. Hi, mukul

    I m totaly confused that we should retain or surrender our allotted flats at narela G8 by DDA
    Bcoz last week I visited there and I m shocked to see the size of room (7*9),drawing room (9*11)and height is 9foots.
    Pl guide me what should I do? I think there will be no any buyer after long time.
    The basic reason is size of room
    Virendra kr

    • Agree with you Virendra. Room Sizes are very small. As I have said earlier, if you feel you have better opportunity elsewhere, you can choose to surrender. Narela outlook and all other major locations have been discussed earlier in great detail. Please go through previous comments. It may help you in better decision making.

    • Dear room size is 5.3 feet * 7.5 feet.

  5. Hi Mukul
    please suggest as I am very confused whether keep or surrender secotor 34, Rohini LIG Flat?
    Is this a good investment. What is the horizon period? Do Metro is planned for Sector 34 Rohini? Pleased suggest.

  6. Hi Mukul Ji,
    DDA has updated costing details of Rohini Sec 34 third floor.
    Disposal Cost 1314837
    Land Premium 304013 + PLUS OTHER CHARGES
    Total Cost is 1618850 (16 lac 18 thousand 850).
    But Brochure has mentioned 15-15.25 lac.
    What is disposal cost and land premium?
    DDA is required demanded amount 1248850(12 lac 48 thousand) till 28 jan 2016
    Could you please clear above details.

  7. Sir,
    I have been alloted a dda lig first floor in dwarka sec 23b. PLEASE SUGGEST ME WILL I GET APPRECIATION ON THE FLAT IN NEAR FUTURE.

  8. Sharing Harmeet’s Comment

    Please find below link to login with your ID and password you got from DDA.

    • Dear mukul. …request to suggest on my query mentioned below. ..thanks

    • Siraspur ka dda LIG flat lena chaiye ya nahi totally confusion mein dal diya hai dda k current halato ne log return kar rahe hai.

      LIG flat ka future hai ya nahi ? Kyon ki dda ab bade size k LIG flat 2016 Mein le k aa raha hai.

      hum to dda se le le pur kya….hum se koi…Jyada amount mein lega.
      Totally confusion pl. Help

      • Siraspur ka dda LIG flat lena chaiye ya nahi totally confusion mein dal diya hai dda k current halato ne log return kar rahe hai.

        LIG flat ka future hai ya nahi ? Kyon ki dda ab bade size k LIG flat 2016 Mein le k aa raha hai.

        hum to dda se le le pur kya….hum se koi…Jyada amount mein lega.
        Totally confusion pl. Help

  9. Hello MukulJi,
    I am the successful candidate in DDA draw. I have not received demand letter till date.
    plz help me in telling which all documents are required for verification ?
    And which all documents are required at the time of possession ?

    Thanks very much

  10. We have got a dda lig flat in siraspur.after verification can we surrender these flats.in future how many metro stations are coming near these lig flats?we can get how much rentfrom these lig flats

    • Hi Shakuntla

      I do not know the procedure of surrendering a flat after verification. Please enquire from DDA office.
      Metro line is planned from Rithala to Narela. As far as I know Siraspur does not fall in the alignment.
      Annual rental yield can be 2-3% of cost of flat.

      Hope it helps.

      • Dear Mukul,

        Kindly help of my query….i currently live on rent in delhi and i mentioned the same in resident address in dda form…..i mentioned my permanent address as correspondence address….dda wants proof of resident address but i have all documents of my permant address not my rented address…will create any issue…kindly confirm.


        • Shubham

          Please ask documentation related details from DDA office. I would not like to comment on official documentation process.
          If you need any opinions, recommendations, you are always welcome.

      • dear mukul does rohini sec 34 fall under the metro line from rithala to narela
        plz share if there any byepass or main road is nearby it i visit there and i found that
        it is inside agriculture land and in village

        • Hi Sudhir

          Metro extension to Narela will be part of phase 4 of DMRC. The alignment is not finalised yet.
          Yes, Sec-34 & 35 (Rohini) are under developed as of now. It would take some time before the infrastructure and connectivity improves.

        • This Metro line is an extension of Gurgaon-Jahangirpuri Line upto Siraspur. For Narela, initial proposal was to extend Rithala Metro upto Narela. In future, either Siraspur line can be extended or Rithala line. We have to wait and watch.

  11. Hi
    I have got a flat in Rohini Sector-34 (Gr. Floor). Though Flat size is too small, can I make some changes in my flat after possession to make it more comfortable for a small family, may be removing walls between Drawing room & Bed Room?

    • Hi Madhuri

      Yes you you can do minor modifications inside your flat like removing or building a couple of walls, building cupboards, POP work etc. Remember you cannot remove or modify any pillars and beams and cannot modify outside walls.

  12. Hi Sir,

    I have done with our document verification for Dwarka sector 23B flat. So, can anyone please share the DDA login page link where users can login and check DDA demand letters and other information. DDA had informed us that there will be link to login after 1st Jan 2015.


    • I am also not able to find the link to login with ID and password given by DDA and don’t know what’s the next step to get possession of flats.Please somebody help.

      • Dear Sir, Could you please let us know, what exactly documents needed to be verified in the current camp for allotment. I got confusion regarding some documents which needs notary to verify, do those documents needed now or at time of possession.

    • Hi Manish,

      Please advise which documents need for varification in DDA office for allotment latter.

      Please advise me the same at your earliest.


      • Hello Awsome Ppl,
        If somebody of you have already got your documents verified, plz help us in telling which all documents are required for the same ?
        And which all documents are required at the time of possession ?

        Thanks very much

    • Please find below link to login with your ID and password you got from DDA.






    BANK FINANCE @10.25 % FOR 15 YEARS.





    Read more: https://assetyogi.com/dda-housing-scheme-2014-review/#ixzz3NeaQiI7c

  14. Dear Mukul Ji,
    My wife is successful in 2014 housing scheme of DDA. She is alloted the flat in Narela G-2. In the application form, I was not the co-owner of the same.
    My Question is can I, being the husband of the successful candidate, become the co-owner of this property now ? Its not about transferring ownership but Its about making me a joint owner of the property.
    If yes, what will be the documents required ?
    I am in the process to ask this from DDA officials also but I just want your valuable informal opinion about it.
    Thanks very much.


    • Dear Saurabh

      I don’t think you can add yourself as a co-owner with DDA now. However, please confirm with DDA office. Once your property gets registered in your wife’s name it is definitely possible to transfer it in joint names. You may have to re-register your property in your joint names, which would require you to pay additional stamp duty. Please consult an advocate.

  15. Dear Friends

    With reference to DDA Housing Scheme 2014, I have answered almost all questions related to investment & location outlook and infrastructure development scenarios. Many questions are being repeated now. Please go through my earlier comments. You will find answers to most of your questions.

    Now, in order to better manage my time, I would answer questions which have not been addressed before. If you feel that your question has not been addressed here, you are most welcome to ask. If your question is related to any updates related to DDA, I would suggest that you contact DDA office in Vikas Sadan or refer documents supplied by DDA.

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    Happy New Year and Happy investing!

  16. The cost of flat of siraspur is very high.taking10.20%loan on these lig flats is right? in future the rates of these lig flats will increase(in 5years)how much?now from these lig flats we can get how much rent? When will dda handover these flats to owners/winners?the rates of these dda Flats(lig)are low than market rate/price.in future which connectivities will be available in these flats(lig)or near them?

    • Hi Shakuntla Devi

      Good to see that you share your name with the mathematics legend.
      Siraspur outlook has been discussed before. Please go through my earlier comments. You will find answers to all your questions. In case if you still have any questions, let me know.

  17. What will be the price of LIG SIRASPUR Flat on 4th floor ?

    Please suggest, Waiting for your reply

  18. Hi i have alloted a MIG Flat in Narela sec A9. I am out of station and have not seen property yet. Please advice is it good to live in that area and how will be be a future development in that area. I am looking for property to live in there as it cost me around 70 lacs. any advantage of that area.

    • Hi Aneesh

      Narela outlook has been discussed earlier. It is under developed at the moment but is still livable. It will take another 5-7 years before it becomes a full fledged residential zone. Metro is planned till Narela in fourth phase. Once, Metro gets operational by 2021, Narela will become an integrated part of main Delhi. So, you need to think from long term.

  19. Hi Mukul Malik,

    I think your jat, well i am also jat. mukul i have got in lucky draw of dda flat rohani sector 35

    i would like to know that is it good time to buy the property in rohani .

    Thank you

    Amit Nain

    • Hi Amit

      No time is right or wrong in Real Estate investment. If you have money and have an opportunity, the time is always right. Outlook for Rohini Sector 35 is similar to Sector 34, which is discussed before. Please go through earlier comments.

      Hope it helps.

  20. Hello,
    Mukul Malik Ji.

    I have got LIG flat in G-8 Narela. I want to know that what is the future of investment in this flat in a G-8 Narela Location?

  21. hi mukul
    thnx for your guidance such important information you provided is not anywhre else..i want
    to ask you that i have alloted flat in sector 34 rohini is depreciation factor effects the value of
    flats in future?..i have also heard that dda is selling ews flats as lig after some minor modifications plz reply
    i would be thankful to you…thnx again for the useful information

    • Hi Sudhir

      Thanks for compliments!
      Well depreciation affects all properties with time, so flats in Rohini Sec-34 are no exception.
      But the depreciation happens only on construction cost and not on land component.

      DDA is not selling EWS flats as LIG. However, I agree that sizes of flats have been significantly reduced in this scheme. In my analysis in the article, I had stated that this scheme was mainly targeted at lower income groups.

      • thanx vry much mukul….for the guidance i also want to know…that in dda s brochure there are 3 formats for affidevits..they have to be submitted at possesion or verification??? because in dda s brochure it is written that they have to be submitted at possesion and while other documents like
        id and adress proofs have to be submitted at verification but some ppl at the blog are already quering about affedivits….thanks in advance for the reply

        • No idea. Please enquire from DDA office. If somebody else has information, please share.

          • hi…mukul i have studied all the aspects..but i am confused at a point
            that i have to take 13 lakh loan for the flat..at rohini sector 34..can u advise me to go for it or not as u know intrest factor also come in play…ya i have read ur analysis about rohini sector 34 i dinesh,s reply but i need ur advise as throughour the searching i have not found any better analyst than u…thanx in advance

  22. Hello sir,

    my self saurabh

    Since I got a Lig flat in Rohini Sec-34 top floor, I have seen the flat it is too small to live in,

    I have two question,

    1) let me know, should I keep it or surrender it to DDA and how much appreciation, I can expect in next 5 to 8 yeas if I will keep it, after seeing the master plan that the two metro station will come in year 2021 (after 6 years from now).

    2) what is the room rent for 1 bhk flat at current time at this location .

    Please advise me…

    it will be great help to me..to take the right decision…

    Thanks! in advance..




    • Hi Aman

      Thanks for writing.

      No online map is available for flats.
      You can contact DDA Vikas Sadan office to sort out any queries. DDA is organising camps for the allottees. You can enquire about tentative date for your flat.

      • Hi Aman,

        DDA had already scheduled a documentation verification camp for Dwarka flat owners on 19, 20 & 22 Dec 2014. The notice was published on Hindustan and many newspaper on 17th & 18th Dec 2014. We have done with our document verification, biometric and other things, please rush to DDA office ASAP.


      • Thanks for helping the community Manish!

  24. I have allotted DDA Dwarka sec 23b LIG flat on second floor. I want to purchase by taking loan of 10 lakhs for investment and renting purpose. Shall I purchase this or shall I sell on power of Attorney to financier/property dealors by taking premium on it.

    • Hi Harmeet

      I would not suggest you to sell your flat on GPA. It may get you into unnecessary hassles or troubles later. The house will remain in your name for 5 years. What if some illegal activity happens in the house? Please do not ignore risks for immediate gains.

      • Thanks for your suggestion . So will you suggest to purchase or surrender under above conditions.

        • You can definitely invest in Dwarka Sec 23B. Its a good area from future perspective.
          For more knowledge, you can read my earlier comments on Dwarka Sector 23B.

          • Thanks for your expert advise. Can we expect 6 to 7 K rent and is there any metro station coming in sector 23B.

          • Harmeet, there is already a metro station in Sector 21 Dwarka which is quite approachable from Sector 23B. No new metro stations are planned.

  25. Hi mukul
    I need your vision to take my decision that I have a plot in behror Rajasthan 100 sq yrd at NH8 in somnath city buider [projec now I allotted a dda LIG flat in dwarka sec 23b .should i sell that plot for buying this flat. i want know about the rent purpose also. I have got 4th floor.I have seen your prior comments but I am confuse about the decision that should I sell that plot which is around 7 Lac or surrender this flat.

  26. Hi mukul
    I need your vision to take my decision that I have a plot in behror Rajesthan 100sq yrd at NH8 now I alloted a dda LIG flat in dwarka sec 23b .should i sell that plot for buying this flat.

    • Hi Lalit

      Though I prefer plots over flats from an investment point of view, it completely depends on your requirement. If you are looking for rental returns then Dwarka Sec23 B is a better option and if you are looking for capital appreciation then plot in Behror is a better option.

      Hope it helps.

      • Dear Mukul,
        In dda draw, i got LIG flat in Rohini Sector34. But still i did not received intimation letter from DDA, is it the same case of all allottes of Rohini sector34? Also do you know when is the document verification camp for Rohini allottes

        • Please enquire from DDA office regarding the camp date for your flat.

        • Hi
          Even I got a flat in Rohini sec 34, will you pls post if you have any update regarding
          allotment letter from DDA. Thanks in advance

          • Please follow Newspaper dailies regarding announcement by DDA. However, I would request other community members to kindly update here when anybody knows about the camp date.

      • Dear Mukul,

        Great to see your support on DDA queries. I have few queries too.
        I have been allotted a flat in Siraspur. It says Flat type GRP 3. What does it mean?
        Also I have not received any letter so far from DDA & I am really worried whether DDA will cancel my allotment if I don’t attend the camp in case I don’t get any intimation or get 1-2 days to reach Delhi (I am currently in Mumbai). Have any one received allotment letter for Sirsapur.
        Thank you in advance.

        • Hi Rajeev

          1. Group or Type indicate design of similar flats.
          2. Please contact DDA office immediately and enquire about the camp date for your flat.

  27. Dear Mukul

    I am one of lucky ones who have allotted a flat in Siraspur LIG 4th floor, If I will retain this flat, I will have to take loan from bank. I visited the site, its surrounding are village area, its near to GT KARNAL Raod, Please suggest Should I keep it or surrender it, and What is the procedure to surrender the flat.

    Please suggest.


    Lokesh Gupta

    • I am not aware of the surrender procedure. Kindly, refer DDA documents and brochure. Else, contact DDA office in Vikas Sadan.

  28. Hi Sir, I have been allotted a LIG Flat at New Kondli (old inventory). The mini 1 BHK Flat costs around 15 lacs.
    Is it a good area for investment? Please let me know that how much return could I expect after 5 years?
    Would appreciate your reply

    • Hello Gautam,

      Congratulation for your allotment.

      I am living in New Kondli area and know very well about this location. Now this location is perfect for investment, because of is also situated in near by Noida & Gaziabad. Now you can get more than 7000/ per month as rent money.

      So don’t waste the time and go ahead without any hesitation. For more info you can contact me @ 9582979815.

      Sujeet Singh

    • Gautam
      I agree with Sujeet. New Kondli area is near economic hubs of Noida. So you can get good rental returns as well as capital appreciation in future. I would not be surprised if your investment becomes 2-2.5 times in 5 years.

  29. How much rent we can get in Siraspur?

  30. Hi All,

    Any one got demand letter ?

  31. Hi Mukul,
    I read along the comments that Rohini Sector 35 can be considered for a long term investment option. My question is how much rentals can be expected for 1BHK in Ground floor at Rohini sector 35 say about 2-3 from now when some amenities are made available ? Can I expect 5k-7k or would that be too high ?

    • I would say 4-5K is a reasonable rent to expect 2 years down the line. It will take some time for demand to pick up.

  32. Hi,

    Thanks for your good job!
    I have similar queries:
    1. How and when will 1 Lakh registration money settled with the bank?
    2. What is the “ownership proof of the property of the residence of the applicant”, if I’m staying with my parents?

    Thanks and regards!

  33. From investment point of view how will you compare a 2 bhk at mahagunpuram,nh24 ghaziabad or DDA lig rohini sector 34,from appreciation point of view in horizon of 8-10 years. Thanks for your previous reply.

    • Dear Sandeep

      We are not offering personalized investment consulting currently.
      It requires considerable amount of research. Hope you understand.

  34. sir,

    I have talked to you earlier , I am planning to surrender my Siraspur flat and investing in Greater Noida, can you tell me weather Ajnara le Garden – is the right project to invest in or not.

    waiting for your quick reply sir.

    • Dear Govind

      We are not offering personalized investment consulting currently.
      It requires considerable amount of research. Hope you understand.

  35. Hello mukul sir,
    I got a LIG flat in siraspur area. This is a grp 1 type flat at the ground floor. Can you please tell me what is the means of grp type flat? As the flats alloted to us are quite small so can it will make 6-8k rental income for a month and will it also make a good profit after 6-8 years.
    When i had a look on the flat and the area this bring a confusion in my mind whether to invest approx 23 lakhs in it or look for the other properties at this cost in ncr region. Please clear my doubts, i am waiting for ur response.

    • Hi Ashish

      In every Housing Scheme DDA uses a naming system to identify different designs of flats.
      On rentals, Siraspur area will take some time to pick up. To start with 5-6k is a good amount.

      Investing in A vs B vs C is completely your call.

  36. Hi Mukul,

    Please read the following link which concern with allotment latter not dispatched by DDA directly to person and due to bank mis handling her flat was cancelled …. so what is happening inside showing dark

  37. When allotment latter will be dispatched ? Till Date I have not received any latter from dda. Axis Bank is saying latter will come on your current address while taking loan and told not to fill the current address .So confusion created ..

    • I know Rajesh, there is some confusion regarding where the allotment letter will come – at bank or at your address? Few others have also asked the same question. Well frankly I do not know. But after reading the article that you shared, I feel it is the responsibility of DDA to intimate you.

      Nevertheless, I would suggest that you be in touch with your bank on a continuous basis and keep checking your mails to be on safer side.

      Thanks for sharing the article link. It would help others as well.

  38. Has anyone received their allotment letters yet? I have not received mine yet. As per the procedure outlined in brochure we were to receive allotment letters within 15 days (9th -10th Dec).Has anybody been able to get in touch with the DDA office regarding the same? If anyone has received the letter please let the forum know.

  39. Has anyone got the allotment letter yet? DDA said we will get the letters in 15 days but no news yet. Do u have any info abt the allotment letters mukul?

  40. Hi Mukul,

    Appreciate you guiding everyone patiently over here, I have got a LIG Rohini Sec 34 flat. Initially I was in doubt as my preferred choices were MIG flats and because its too small for my personal use but now I am looking at it as an investment opportunity. I seek some advise from you though i have tried not to repeat a question here :

    1. LIG flats were more than 90% in this lot and believe it will continue to be major constituent in future draws too. Do you think there will be so many takers for LIG flat after 5-8 years and if yes, will DDA fats a value proposition to attract buyers compared to private builder flats.

    2. Two metro stations are coming in vicinity of Rohini Sec 34 in 2021. Suppose miracle happens and they manage to get the 2 stations ready by 2021 (just in time when lock in period will be over), how much appreciation can one expect?

    3. I have got a flat at first floor. Is this a preferred floor keeping future buyers in perspective.

    4. Can it be put on rental right after possession ?

    Many thanks,


    • Thanks Kumar!
      1. In my opinion, LIG flats will have even more demand in future because of affordability. There are different takers for DDA flats and builder floors. Flats have their own advantage of community living.
      2. Overall yield (appreciation + rental) of 15% per annum can be easily expected.
      3. First floor is definitely a good choice from residence point of view.
      4. It may take some time to rent out your flat as sector-34 is not that developed currently. However, I would suggest to lower your expected rent to attract takers. If everyone in the area lowers the expectation, the area will develop faster.

      Hope it helps!

  41. Dear Sir,

    I got flat in sector G-8 packet 3 Narela(third floor) . I have not visited.

    Lifts are there or not ?

    Sumit Kumar

  42. At the outset many THANKS to you MUKULl Sir.. for sharing your EXPERTISE and insight in this forum.
    I have been allotted SIRASPUR LIG flat. In view of the current level of development, i feel that flat price at siraspur is relatively overpriced.
    Given the DDA flat price 20.3 lakh and 10.15 % interest on housing Loan by banks , appreciation of price of flat at a rate equal to or greater than 15 % per annum is a must to make a profitable return on investment (after adjusting for standard depreciation rate).
    Can i make postitive yield on my investment in 7-8 years from SIRASPUR FLAT( If GAIN is not there, LOSS is obvious for MONEY has opportunity cost.). Waiting for your valuable comments . Thanks again for your great effort.

    • Hi Krattil

      From purely investment point of view, I agree with you. The returns from your investment must beat interest portion. But you have forgotten rental yield here, which could be 3-4%. So, I am positive that you can make 15% overall yield from your investment on a horizon of 8 years. And if you feel, you are better off investing the same amount in some other investment, take your call.

      Did I answer your question?

  43. Dear Sir,
    I have got a ground floor LIG flat in sector 34 Rohini,all other things are clear from your discussion. How much premium we can attach to a ground floor flat in comparison to other floors, and right now how much difference is there in this property price to market price. DDA has priced it at 15-15.5 lacs. How much gain we can expect in7-8 years horizon as suggested by you.

    • Hi Sandeep

      Purely from residential point of you, Ground Floor doesnt get much premium. Only, for convenience of not having to use staircase, one may get 3-5% premium. However, people in Delhi pay higher premium to Ground floors in DDA flats thinking that some commercial and semi-commercial activities can be undertaken which is purely a function of how the area develops in the future.
      On Sector-34 outlook, I feel you can atleast double your money in 7-8 years if not more.

      I am trying to be more realistic here without showing you dreams. If you get anything better, thats a bonus. Hope it helps.

      Let me know your thoughts.

      • From investment point of view how will you compare a 2 bhk at mahagunpuram,nh24 ghaziabad or DDA lig rohini sector 34,from appreciation point of view in horizon of 8-10 years. Thanks for your previous reply.

  44. Hi, Mr. Mukul,
    My father got a DDA Expandable Flat in Sector 22, Rohini. The revised price of Expandable House is 21.40 previous it was 19.80. The plinth are is given in prospectus is 35 mtrs while my allotted flat area is only 28 mtrs. I want to know the price of this flat will be 21.4 or less as the area of this flat is 28 mtrs only.Kindly reply ASAP.

  45. Hi Mr. Mukul,
    I have got a unit in sect 34 Rohini top floor. I have below few queries, if you can answer me please.
    I have given my residential address of delhi in registration form, but I have moved out to rajasthan (my home town) from last 1 month. Even I have provided my rajasthan address for communication address, but my residential address was Delhi. Now no one is living in that delhi address. So where I can expect the allotment letter to come, and how much it difficult to change the residential address.

    • No idea. Please go through DDA prospectus and other documents. Else, contact somebody at DDA office.

      • thanks Mr. Mukul, could you please give indication when dda will start dispatching allotment letters..or someone please let us know, if you gets it.

  46. dear sir
    kindly tell me the procedure to cancel the allotment of dda lig flat as soon as possible.

    • Neeraj

      I am not aware of the cancellation procedure. Please go through DDA prospectus and documents.


    • Hi Neeraj,

      Please share the procedure to cancel the LIG flat. I also want to cancel my allotment.


  47. Hi,
    I am allocated a LIG flat in Narela Sector G-8. I havent visited the area yet as I am currently outside Delhi. Its a 330 Sq Ft flat for 15L, per sq feet cost comes out to be 4700 (adding registration charges). I wanted a advice on whether the area is worth investing at this price (is this price below market as of date). I heard there will Metro coming to Narela by 2021 and some major infrastructure development planned in long run. Can anybody familiar with the area advice if the property is expected to fetch good returns in long term (5-7 years)?


    • Hi Anshuman

      DDA cost is slighlty lesser than market price in Narela. Metro is planned till Narela in 4th phase i,e, by 2021. And then Narela will definitely see hike in property prices. In fact High Speed train is also planned but it exists only on papers as of now. But Metro should definitely give a boost to Narela. So, as I have recommended earlier, I would suggest to invest in Narela only from long term i.e. 8+ years.

      Hope it helps.

    • I have also allotted the flat at g8 narela.Please share ur contact no. to share ur experience.


  48. hi,sir i read all comments ,
    really comments are so good
    i have one query about the rohini sector 35 dda flat ,i am also lucky person in crowd of 25000/- got dda flat in sector 35 .my 1st question is i got Top floor but size is too short . dda all construction is same all delhi,like rohini sec.35 and 2nd question is really this can be good investment in future this too short flats can be saleble

    i am w8ing your rply sir

    • Hi Yash

      Investment advice for rohini sec 35 is similar to sec 34 rohini i.e. invest only with long term horizon. Please read my earlier replies on sec 34.

  49. Hi Mukul

    I have been alloted a LIG flat at G 8 narela. It is on thr 4th floor. Is it worth to retain a high floor. Wanted ur advice as to is it worth to invest 15 lacs in this area. How much rental return can I expect in near future. Is the metro proposed for this area. Is there any other infrastructure development expected in future.


    • Hi Bhupinder

      Metro is planned till Narela in 4th phase i.e. by 2021. That should give a boost to this area. Invest in Narela with long term horizon. Please go through my other replies.


  50. Hi Mukul.

    This is a fantastic web forum, to learn lot many stuffs about real estate business. I have also been allotted with a LIG in Siraspur, visited the site looks really horrible.

    My question is weather DDA is going to provide

    1. water supply ( not with tanker)
    2. Sequrity.
    3. Parks
    5 Sewage system
    6. and will develop any market or shops nearby.

    as there is nothing so far and all the flats are under construction , so can’t got the clear picture of what to except from them before going for it to buy.

    I will appreciate your quick reply

    • Hi Govind

      DDA generally provides all supporting infrastructure.
      1. Water Supply should be provided by DDA. However, please check the arrangement.
      2. Security is generally arranged by RWA (Residents’ Welfare Association).
      3. Parks are generally provided by DDA. However please check it. I have not specifically seen this site.
      4. Sewage system is a basic facility. It will be provided by DDA.
      5. Markets develop with time as residents move in.

      Don’t worry about outside infrastructure. DDA will develop all infrastructure. However, it may take sometime.

  51. Hi,

    I have applied DDA housing schemen 2014 via Axis Bank and got 1 flat in lucky draw. The doubt is whether DDA will send letter to my residential address or to Axis bank? Also, when is the documentation camp date any idea?

  52. very nice article Mukul…

  53. Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for the great article. I got a flat in Siraspur, . It is a 1 BHK flat and area is 32 squr meter which will cost me 20.31 lac + 1.7 lac registry means around 22 lac. Flat size is quit small around 345 sqr feet . Since last week I am trying to find the reason why Siraspur flats are costlier than other LIG flats in the nearby area. The only solid reason I have found is :

    1. It is just 3 minutes drive from Karnal Bypass which is a National Highway.
    2. 80% Metro construction is complete in Badli which will be extended to upcoming Siraspur Metro station in next 2 years.
    3. The major reason for so high rate is Bullet train is proposed for Delhi-Panipat route. Which will have it’s 3 stoppage in Delhi. Starting from Kashmiri gate to Mubrika chowk than Badli after that Narela.

    Link: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/newdelhi/high-speed-trains-to-connect-delhi-to-panipat-in-45-minutes/article1-609346.aspx

    Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

    • Hi Gaurav

      DDA fixes flat costs based on average rates in nearby localities. So chances are high that rates in Siraspur are slightly higher than other localities for all reasons you have mentioned. Siraspur definitely has better connectivity than Narela flats and even many other localities. And if you are planning to invest there, my only advice would be to think long term if you want to reap good benefits. Metro and high speed train will definitely perk up the location.

      Hope I could add 2 cents.

      Let me know your decision.


  54. Thanx fr quick response mukul. I visited narela for the first time and found that g2 and g8 sectors are 6-7 kms from A and B sectors which are pretty well developed but g2 and g8 are nearer to main Delhi areas like rohini. So m I correct in assuming that although currently g2 and g8 are nowhere on Delhi map but they are better investment than A and B sectors of narela

    • Well people can debate on which sectors will develop first. That actually depends on a whole lot of factors like government policy, physical infrastructure, social infra like schools, hospitals etc. For me, development happens around the economic or job generating hubs. So new sectors like G2 – G8 will have an advantage of being in between industrial belts of Narela and Bawana. Nonetheless sectors A and B are more livable right now. They will continue to reap benefits for another 6-7 years after which there won’t be much difference between A& B and G2-G8.
      Did I answer your question?

      BTW thanks for liking the website 🙂

  55. Hi Sir,
    Me and my wife both had applied in DDA flats and by god grace we both are lucky to get selected. But the doubt is as per DDA rule only one is eligible to get flat out of two of us. I have got a LIG flat in Dwarka sec 23B and my wife got it in Siraspur. So, can you please suggest us which one we can retain as per future retuns and which one to surrender?

  56. I got DDA Flat in Rohini sector 34, Is this good option for investment? May i know there currant market price of that

  57. I got DDA Flat in Rohini sector 34, i visit there on last Sunday the area is not developed and flat size is also small,Is this good option for investment? May i know there currant market price of that

    • Hi Ankaj

      I have answered same question (by Dinesh) below. Please go through it.
      Let me know if you have any other queries.


  58. Sir pls tell me future if rohini sector 35,room so short . i m purchase only investment purpose tell me right view for future

    • Hi Ashwani

      Investment outlook for Rohini Sector 35 is similar to Sector 34. I have given my outlook for sector 34 below to a question posted by Dinesh. Please go through it. It should help you decide.


  59. Hi Mukul,

    such a nice informative post!! i do have a query, i applied for DDA Housing and got a flat in G2 narela now i am thinking that buying a flat in narela is of any kind of a worth?? Well i am looking for investment purpose as i work in gurgaon!!

    Please help with your views!!

    • Hi Gourender

      My opinion is that you should have an investment horizon of 8+ years for Narela because it will take some time for it to develop properly and only then will you get real returns. As I have said earlier in my replies, if you feel that you can multiply your money faster elsewhere, then take your call.

      Hope it helps. Let me know your decision.


      • Hi Mukul,

        I got flat at Siraspur(delhi) in draw…

        Is 20 lakh for 33 square meter size LIG flat in Siraspur(Delhi) is worth buying is’nt it costly.Kindly suggest as in my viw Siraspur is aprrox 6 km from jahagipuri metro but it is village area.

        Looking forward your suggestion.


        • Hi Shubham

          The cost per se is not high for a flat in Delhi. However, Siraspur area is under developed currently. You can invest there from a long term horizon (8+ years).


      • Thanks Mukul for your insights. I also got a flat in Narela g2 and I have decided to keep it because of following reasons:

        1) Its not possible to invest an amount as small as 15Lakh in any other NCR property.
        2) Since i got the flat through DDA, I just dont have to deal with brokers, private builders and their gyan…
        3) We get 95% to 100% loan on DDA flats. Interest rates are also good.
        4) The society is pretty beautiful and near to main road.
        5) I heard metro will be ready by 2021
        6) DDA planning many MIG and other flats in this area which will come in 2016 scheme

        • Thanks Prateek for sharing your thoughts.
          Agree with all your points. In the long term, your investment anywhere in Delhi will definitely pay off. The problem with few investors is that they become restless after sometime.

          All I suggest is to invest in new areas like Narela, Siraspur, Sector-34, 35 (Rohini) with an investment horizon of 8+ years. If you get better returns early, thats a bonus.

          • Thanx fr ur quick response Mukul, I reall like ur website. Just help me with one thing…. I visited narela for the first time and found that g2 and g8 sectors are abt 7-8 kms from already established A and B sectors but g2 and g8 are nearer to main areas of Delhi like rohini, etc. so m I right in assuming that g2 and g8 sectors are better investment than A and B in narela

  60. Hi, I have got DDA 1BHK in Dwarka sector 23b dwarka. The room are too small to live in. We are not able to understand whether to go for it or not.
    What do you suggest if we keep it for investment purpose. What will be the approx ROI after 5 years. Request you to pls share your guidance.

    • Hi Deepak

      Dwarka Sec 23 B is one of the better locations in this DDA scheme. I have answered a similar question (from Sandeep) below. Please go through it. Personally, I would have invested in this area. Forecasting ROI after 5 years is like predicting what would be the Sensex after 5 years, which nobody knows. We can only judge investments relatively. So, I feel this investment should beat your bank returns but whether it will beat equity returns, I don’t know frankly.

      Please let me know what you decide.


  61. Is newly constructed flat in rohini sec 34 worth for 15 lakh

    • Hi Shuchi

      I have answered the same question (from Dinesh) below. Please go through it. If you have any other queries, do let me know.
      Also, please share your final decision and experience. It would help others.


  62. Hi Mukul, I’ve been allotted an LIG flat in sector 34 Rohini. This flat is very small in size and is worth Rs. 15 Lac.
    Do you recommend investing in this flat for 5 yrs horizon. I have visited this place, and it is not developed or inhabited.
    Would appreciate your reply.

    • Hi Dinesh

      Your question has 2 parts. I would answer them separately:
      1. The cost of a LIG flat anywhere in Delhi cannot be less than Rs. 15 lakhs even if you buy land and construct yourself. So, I would say cost is perhaps justified.
      2. On the investment advice, I agree with you that Sec-34 in Rohini is not developed yet. It may also take more than 5 years to get inhabited. So, I would say that your investment horizon should be 8+ years. And if you feel that you can invest the same amount elsewhere and make more money, please take your call. Please also go through my recommendations in the article.

      Hope it helps. Do let me know what you decided?


      • Hi Mukul,

        I am planning to surrender my LIG Narela Flat. I was planning to shift but after seeing the size of the bedroom, it is impossible to shift now.

        You can’t keep one double bed in that. Max. you can have single bed.There is no space availabel for other stuffs.I have ground floor.

        Good joke by DDA.

        Pankaj Sinha

        • Ya. I agree with you. Room sizes are too small. In fact, I had written in my analysis earlier that this scheme is mainly targeted at EWS and low income groups.

          • Dear sir i agree with you that these flats are made for ewe and low income group peoples but can u answer my question an ews person is having a monthly income of 8000 per month how can he purchase thesr lig flats on the other hand banks only give finance if your itr is above 3 Lakhs .

  63. Hi Mukul,

    I got LIG flat in Dwarka Sector 23B in DDA draw. Is this good option for investment? Right now I am outside india,but I have my wife as coapplicant and she is there.So is she can do all the docuemnts and formalities on by behalf? SHe need Power of attorney or not required as she is coapplicant.

    Quick response is appreciated !!


    • Hi Sandeep

      Congratulations for getting lucky with DDA. I have already recommended Dwarka Sector 23B in my earlier comments. Considering economic factors, this area should give you good returns in future. Moreover, Dwarka will soon get sweet water from Munak canal as Delhi High court has already instructed Haryana to release water. So, I will definitely give heads up to this investment.
      Regarding your paper work, please ask your wife to read DDA instructions carefully. I would not like to take any guesses here. I think DDA will give you enough time that even if your signatures are required, your wife can courier the documents to you.

      Do let me know how was your experience? It would help others as well.


  64. Where I can saw the live DDA draw result

  65. Hi Mukul

    Great analysis!!! I am one of those late comers of delhi for whom dda has extended the last date. Can you plz through some light on the 3 preferences that we have to make? what is the use of these preferences ? How these preferences will make a difference at the time draw by dda?



    • Hi Himanshu

      Thanks for your comment!
      Your question is a smart one. I am sure many would have thought about this.
      Honestly, I cannot answer your question as DDA has not made their selection process transparent.
      Since last housing scheme, DDA has switched to computer draw system from manual draw system.
      So, no idea about their selection algorithm. Attempting to answer your question will be purely a guess work.

      P.S: My father has retired from DDA. I tried to ask him some internal information. Even, he is not aware.

  66. good analysis and quite informative

  67. Can you please explain what is EXPANDABLE HOUSING SCHEME is different from others is this normal flat scheme or something different. Is it good or bad ?

    I am 28 year old working in a software field can you please suggest should I apply in this or not ?Currently I am single and earning around 35k(in hand).

    Last but not the least Your analysis is great.You have provided the great insight of the scheme..:)

    • Thanks Rajesh for your comment!

      Expandable Housing Scheme – DDA provides a 1 RK or 1 BHK built up on the ground floor. You can build upto 1.5 floors above the built-up structure of DDA i.e. you can have upto 2.5 built-up floors. Since, you will own the complete land title, this scheme looks attractive to many people.

      If you are looking for a budget house in Delhi, you should definitely apply for this DDA scheme. If you are looking at this scheme from an investment perspective, please go through the article and comments section. In comments section, I have recommended some options.

      Hope it helps. Do let me know about your decision.

  68. Can you please explain what is EXPANDABLE HOUSING SCHEME is different from others is this normal flat scheme or something different. Is it good or bad ?
    I am 28 year old working in a software field can you please suggest should I apply in this or not ?Currently I am single and earning around 35k(in hand).

    Last but not the least Your analysis is great…:)

  69. hi
    Great article.
    But a basic doubt – can anyone explain what a HIG, MIG,LIG , expandable housing scheme and Janta flat means ?
    If we are looking for options for living in the flat i dont think a single bedroom flat will be of much use. So this may also merit consideration.
    can someone advice !!

    • Hi Shankar

      Thanks for your comment!
      DDA classifies flats as per income groups.
      HIG – High Income Group or 3 BHK (3-Bedrooms, 1 Living Hall, 1 Kitchen).
      MIG – Medium Income Group or 2 BHK
      LIG – Lower Income Group or 1 BHK
      Janta Flat – 1RK (1 Room and 1 Kitchen)

      Expandable Housing Scheme – DDA provides a 1 RK or 1 BHK built up on the ground floor. You can build upto 1.5 floors above the built-up structure of DDA i.e. you can have upto 2.5 built-up floors. Since, you will own the complete land title, this scheme looks attractive to many people.

      It depends on your requirement and budget whether a 1 BHK flat would suit you. Of course, if your budget allows and if you have a larger family, you should consider a 2 BHK or 3 BHK.

      Hope I have answered your question.

      • dear mukul sir

        i can’t believe the way you are analyzing & replying. being a professional i would like to know it cost around 75 lakhs for a mig flats in narela. now plz let me know whether any other option available which will fetch better return in 8+ years on this investment like purching land & making construction on it. i will be much thankful to you if you can kindly specify the area where plots can be purchased in delhi or ncr.i will be happy if you suggest better return on 75 lakhs by investing in other avenues.

        with best regards

        • Hi Pawan

          Thanks for compliments.
          Well you can look at investing in areas like Noida, Bhiwadi, Sohna etc. depending on where you prefer to invest.

          Right now, we are not offering any consulting services to suggest you exact options. Currently our focus is to make this website the best knowledge resource on Indian Real Estate.

          You can subscribe to our newsletter to get latest Real Estate tips.


          • DEAR MUKUL JI



            HORIZAN IS 8+ YEARS.50% SELF FINANCING & 50 % SAY 35 LACS
            BANK FINANCE @10.25 % FOR 15 YEARS.





    • Thanks Vishawjeet for pointing out that you found our original research at some other website which did not bother to put a link to my original article.
      So, now I have to prove that I am the original author of my own content.
      Well, you can test this quite easily yourself by pasting the first sentence of the article in google. I think neither I nor any other website can fool Google. It will index the original author above the copy cats.
      Nevermind, I am happy that our content is finding takers, even if they are blind copiers. It only goes to show that our content is worthwhile.
      In fact, many forums are sharing my article and giving due credit by posting the original link on their websites.

      I can assure you that you will never find copied content on our website ever. We want to deliver certain value to our readers in each article.
      I would request you to go through our other articles and resources sections so that you know for yourself about the quality of our website.
      Hope I have clarified your doubt and have gained a loyal reader in you.

      BTW, did you like our article and the presented investment analysis?

  70. Can you share your 3 top areas among these DDA flats offered. Irrespective of LIG,MIG.

    • Arpit, I have not seen exact locations of all flats. But I would attempt to answer your question based on my general knowledge on the areas and scheme analysis.
      Given the probability and based on overall area development, here are my top 3 localities:
      1. Dwarka Sector 23 B. Reason – Dwarka Sec-23 is a well developed sector and is near economic hubs – airport, gurgaon.
      2. Mukherjee Nagar. Reason – In the heart of Delhi (North Delhi), well developed area.
      3. Loknayakpuram, Paschim Vihar. Reason – Again well developed area in west delhi.
      There are many other good areas also but no. of flats offered are too less. So, if I were to take a calculated risk, I would place my bet on these areas.

      What do you think? Do let me know.

  71. This is an awesome analysis. Agree with you completely.
    Most flats are in underdeveloped areas. Also, we should take a calculated risk else we are just going to lose our time and money on application. So, your analysis that flats worth more than Rs. 20 lakhs are worth taking the risk for makes sense.

    Thanks for such an insightful article. I am just loving this website.

    I am forwarding your website link to my friends right away.

    • Thanks Rakesh for your encouraging remarks.

      • DEAR SIR





        tHANKING YOU

        • Dear Shayam

          Rohini Sector 16 is a well developed sector. I would recommend to invest here for an investment horizon of 5+ years which is also the minimum time to hold as per DDA.


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