Property Tax Online Payment: How to pay MCD House Tax (Delhi)

“I have not paid my property tax for last few years. I would have accumulated huge fine by now.”

“I don’t understand the terms used by MCD.”

“I don’t know the process of paying property tax online.”

“Can I claim any discounts while paying property tax?”

Well these are some of the worries of a property owner and you have landed at the right place to seek answers to all your queries. Unlike most of the “half information” articles that you may find on web, in this article, I will not only explain about Property Tax but also provide you with the step by step guide to paying property tax online in Delhi with the help of a video.

You can skip some parts of the article, if you already know few things.

What is Property Tax and how is it calculated?

Property Tax is the principal source of revenue of an urban local body/ local municipal authority, collected to upkeep basic civic services in the city. In Delhi, the property tax is levied by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Generally, Property Tax can be calculated by any of the three ways, namely, Annual Rental Value, Capital Value System or Unit Area System.

MCD has adopted Unit Area System which is recommended by Govt. of India. In this system, the tax is levied based on factors such as built up area (plinth area), category (depends on location) and property type (commercial, residential, industrial, institutional etc.).

While you submit your property tax online, submit your details carefully esp. the category of your property and covered area (built up area) and the system will automatically calculate the unit area value and final tax payable for your property after taking into account any rebates applicable.

Who has to pay Property Tax?

All owners/ occupiers of any land/ building are supposed to self assess and pay the property tax for their property. MCD does not issue any notice to the owner about pending tax dues. It issues notice only in case of scrutiny and to defaulters. Moreover, MCD can claim a legal charge on your property and you will have trouble selling your property if at all you want to do that at some point in time.

To avoid fines and embarrassment, it is in the interest of the owner to keep property tax payments up to date.

How to calculate Property Tax Payable?

You can calculate your Property Tax payable in two ways:

a)      Online: Log on to and follow the instructions. Checkout the video below where I have shown step by step procedure.

b)      At Property Tax offices: Go to the corporation’s Property Tax office and fill up the Property Tax Return Form.

You can also check your dues online or at Property Tax offices to ensure that you’ve cleared all your dues.

Due Dates for Property Tax Payment (Delhi):

Upto June 30 of financial year – avail discount.

Upto March 31 – pay with pro rata interest.

After March 31 – pay with interest and penalty.

Avail Discounts

Depending on the ownership and property type, you can avail various rebates on property tax. Check the rebate chart below:

S.No. Category Rebate
1 Senior Citizens 30%
2 Woman Owned 30%
3 Physically Challenged 30%
4 Ex-Servicemen 30%
5 DDA/ CGHS Residential – upto 100 sq.mts. of covered/ built-up area 10%
6 Group Housing Flats – on time tax submission upto 30 June of Financial Year 20%

To know more about rebates and exemptions, check here:

Property Tax Rebates and Exemptions – Delhi

How to Pay Property Tax online in Delhi?

In the following video, I have explained the structure of MCD, some important terms used in calculating property tax and the step by step process of paying tax.

Watch the video on Youtube: Property Tax Online Payment – How to Pay House Tax in Delhi, India

Other methods of paying Property Tax

  1. Through cheque/ demand draft at branches of Axis Bank and HDFC Bank.
  2. By cash up to Rs. 5,000 at property tax offices or up to any amount at ITZ Cash counter.

Consequences of not paying Property Tax:

  1. Attachment of bank accounts and movable/ immovable properties
  2. Fine not less than 50% of the amount of tax evaded and
  3. Imprisonment up to 7 years

Property Tax Rates in Delhi

You can check out applicable property tax rates at Property Tax Rates – General.

Hope you enjoyed this post on “Property Tax Online Payment: How to pay MCD House Tax (Delhi)

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  1. Yogesh Kulkarni says

    Dear Administrator,

    Wonderful informative website…Guided me step-by-step to pay the MCD Property Tax with ease. Much better website than most others who only provide gyaan without specific guidance. Kudos..


    1. Mukul Malik says

      Thanks Yogesh. Glad that you found it useful.

  2. subhash malhotra says

    Dear Mr Malik

    Very helpful information.

    I had a question. I live in the USA and own a floor of a 3 floor house and is occupied by my brother for sevral years.

    He has living free and has been paying the municipal taxes. I was told by someone that that is a mistake and I should pay the municipal taxes, otherwise he could take the property after a set number of years.

    Firstly, is this correct. Secondly, how can start paying the municipal taxes online or can I make arrangement with a bank like HDFC so that they can pay directly on my behaf, if I have an account at their branch.The property is in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi


    Thanks for a prompt response.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Mr. Malhotra

      Thanks for your comment.
      I would like to answer your question in two parts:
      1) Property Ownership – As you said, you own the floor, I am assuming that the property is registered in your name.
      As long as you have clear title in your name, you should not worry about ownership transfer if someone is paying property tax on your behalf.
      2) Property Tax – There is no doubt that property taxes should be paid on time. The government can claim a charge on your property if there are large arrears. But as long as property taxes are being paid on time, you are OK. It does not matter – who pays the property tax on your behalf, be it your brother. Currently, there is no automatic payment facility provided by Banks for Property Taxes. However, you can pay property taxes online yourself. I have given step-by-step instructions on how to pay property taxes online in the video tutorial above.

      Best Practice – As an owner, you should pay your property taxes yourself. It hardly takes 2-3 minutes to pay online.

      In case your brother has claimed title on your property, you should consult a lawyer without delay.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Sreedhar says

    We have been living in a property for last 30 years paying property tax , electricity charges and water bills without any defaults , at rates fixed by the respective agencies from time to time .

    By provisions of Law , can we be deposed of this property by any agency under any pretext ?

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Sreedhar

      Are you a tenant or owner of the property?

      If you are the owner of the property with clear title, and there are no loans or any other kind of lien against the property, then nobody can depose you from your property.

      If, however, you are a tenant in the property, owner has absolute right to ask you to vacate by giving notice as agreed in your rent/lease term. Paying property tax and other bills on time does not give you title rights.

      Hope it helps.

      If you want a more specific answer, please elaborate your situation.

  4. Utkarsh says

    Dear Mukul,

    Very good video, thanks for it.
    I got one question as I missed to pay tax last year, how do I find out Property Tax Arrears to be filled in same form ?


    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Utkarsh

      You will have to go to local tax collection office of MCD to check your pending tax amount. As of now, there is no option to check arrears online.

  5. Dalbir Singh Sidhu says

    Dear Mukul,

    It is very informative & helpful. My compliments. I have a question & shall be grateful for the correct position.

    Our house took two & a half years to be completed. During this period, we paid Plot Tax for these three years. The sanction letter had a validity period of five years, When we went for mutation, the MCD ran up a huge tax liability. However after showing them the receipts, they have now come down to two years liability during construction, on the grounds that the building sanction was for one year & since we failed to get it renewed, we have to pay property tax for those two years with penalty.
    Please could you let me know the exact rule position, for payment of plot/ property tax for the period the house is under construction, with particular reference to, if there is any time period laid down for completion of the house.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Dalbir

      I don’t know if I have understood your question correctly. I guess MCD says that you got sanctioned time limit of 1 year to complete your building construction. And now MCD is using it against you by charging property tax for the building for balance 2 years of construction period. Is that right? If I have understood it right, I do not know really if MCD can do that when actually the building was not complete. You can perhaps contest it. But I am not sure whether you would want to do that or is it worth it. Frankly, I am also not aware of such rules.

  6. T V Gopalan says

    Is it possible to pay house (proerty) tax for a house in Dwarka New Delhi to MCD online through ICICI Bank?

    1. Mukul Malik says

      First go to MCD website, follow the procedure as given in the video in the article above and then you can pay via Netbanking using your ICICI account.

  7. saurabh says

    Dear Mr Malik,
    I found the video on How to pay taxes online very informative. I would like to thank you for the knowledge sharing. I have to pay house tax . I am confused on how to calculate the covered area. We have a ground floor and a first floor. How can i calculate the exact cover area as much of total area is not fully covered.


    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Saurabh

      You must be filing property tax in the past. You can check your property tax receipts.
      If its a new building, you can get covered area from your approved layout.

      Hope it helps.

  8. mml gupta says

    i am the joint owner of leased property along with my father and the property is jointly assesed for the property tax since 1982. my father expired in 1983 ,my 3 brothers have not mutated their names in dda and mcd. one of my brother is living in the rear portion of the house.i had been paying property tax in the joint name till 2003 . with the inception of unit area in 2004 i am filing property tax return in my single name as a single owner . i have started claIMING 30PERCENT SENIOR CITIZEN REBATE on the tax amt paid for the entire property since 2012 as i have attained 60 years of age. my querry is
    filing of return in the singular registered coowner name is ok?
    claiming of 30 percent rebate as senior citizen is ok?
    what if my brother do not mutate their names in the property ?
    how can i safeguard my interest in the property in future?

  9. Abhijit Goswami says

    Thank you for this public interest presentation. very useful indeed.

  10. Dev says

    Thanks for the detailed information.

    I had paid one time tax in the 1970s when I had built the property initially. Can I use the online system to file my property tax return?

    My local HDFC bank branch (where I make property tax payments) officer tells me I cannot file return online since I come under “one time tax” category. Is that true?



    Is facility of payment of property tax through net banking is provided by EDMC, Delhi

  12. Arati Basu says

    I want to know how to get ledge folio number for new property.
    Also I have right to terrace , do i have to include it in covered area. My date of registration is September, Do i have to pay for whole financial year.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Arati

      You don’t have to include your terrace area in covered area. Yes, you will have to pay property tax for the whole year.

  13. Virendra Kumar Rathi says

    Dear Mr Malik,
    1. I have become senior citizen only this year. As soon as I fill my propert code, no option of rebate is available and I could not get any way to modify rebate status.
    2. For online payment, 3 gateways are available but none of them gives option of oayment by net banking. How to do it?
    Please advise,

  14. AK says

    I have a 1050 sq ft commercial flat in Nehru Place. I have paid the one time tax in 1980’s. Do I still have to give property tax in current year? If yes then will I get any rebate due to one time tax paid earlier?

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Please check with local tax collection office of MCD.

  15. mukutmehta says

    how to get name change or mutated after death of my mother,can it be done online its a lease hold property ,mcd say just fill the form in yoyr name n pay it will come in records,my mother was paying tax since it was bought,now she has expired,n will has be made by my mother in mt fovour,how tio get mutated in my name in records

  16. akshay says

    Dear Administrator,

    The online payment shows only banks 1. AXIS Bank and 2. HDFC Bank. I don’t have accounts in these two banks.

    I have a account in SBI Bank.

    Can I use my SBI Card in Axis Bank Option ? or, I can pay only through AXIS and HDFC Bank.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Yes Akshay, you can use any card in Axis or HDFC payment gateways.

      1. Akshay says

        Thanks for reply about mu query. It’s just great that you are helping here .

        1. Akshay says

          I would like to add that MCD online tax payment does not mention that we can use any banks cards. They have not provided all the details in exhaustive way so that tax payers do not have any difficulty in filing taxes. Thay should consult professionals and provide every details on their website. Now they only provide very minimal details.

      2. saurabh says

        How we can pay property tax for the previous year.

        1. Mukul Malik says

          Hi Saurabh

          For previous years, you can pay through the arrears section online.
          Please check out the video.

          1. Abhi says

            hello Mukul – Thanks for such a informative artcile. Couple questions here:

            1) I could not locate the arrears section on South delhi MCD , as I need to pay for some earlier years.

            2) They’ve sent a notice as we did not paid for earlier years, how stern are they? could i pay for few years right now and pay the remaining years may be after cpouple weeks and write an applicaiton? could they agree to this?

            3) How do I calculate for these earlier years as then the conversion unit method was not in place (years 2005-2008) and even when this method was in place for years 2010 onwards how do I calculate?

            thx for you rhelp!

  17. ASHOK says

    I am single owner of plotted residential house. On th online site as soon as I select , single owner, residential plotted, system displays Vacant Plot option also ( with red * mandatory to fill), but i have newly constructed it, How to avoid that option.
    Please help me.

    1. Sammy says

      How did you resolve this. Mukul, please help on this.

  18. Krishan says

    Sir, I built 2 floors on my property in May, 2014. Please advice whether I have to pay arrears for the last year or to pay property tax without arrears for 2015-15. Also while filing on-line, I made a mistake; instead of May, 2014, I mentioned May, 2015. How to get it corrected before deposing the cheque in the Bank for 2015-16. Please reply at the earliest. I shall be grateful. Regards.

  19. Vijay Singh says

    Hello Mr Mukul,
    First of all thanks for sharing insights and helping people.

    I own an open terrace in a commercial building (in market) in Dwarka. But when I wanted to pay Property Tax online, I could not find any option of “Terrace” in the online form.

    Is an open terrace which is vacant (no current use) exempt from property tax. If not, how do I pay the same and is there a discounted rate for an open and vacant terrace in commercial building.
    Please help with your valuable guidance.

    Vijay Singh

  20. Aman says

    what is the applicability of property tax on building under construction?
    and if the construction is supposed to be completed on 30 Sep 2015, what is the tax implliaction there on?

  21. Deewan Malik says

    Dear Mr. Mukesh,
    How should I calculate property tax of NDMC for year 2011-12 today?

  22. varun gugnani says

    Dear Administrator

    I have paid property tax through Axis bank payment gateway with sbi credit card but i have not received the receipt from MCD and only received transaction sms on my mobile that transaction had already done . Kindly suggest what i will do now?

  23. V.K.Narang says

    How to get property tax receipt paid on line.?

  24. Ranjan says

    H Mukul

    I have property in Dwarka. Earlier it was owned by my grand mother. She passed away so my mom got ownership. DDA and Hosuing society has changed the ownership to my mom. I approached MCD for Mutation but they asked me to pay all due tax (2014-15 & 2015-16) first and then come for mutation. My question are :
    1) Is that correct process so they are doing this for bribe ?
    2) My apt is partially on rent ( 2 out of 3 Bed room) for couple of months. Do I have to pay extra tax because of this ? Tax guy is asking extra money as bribe to process my tax paper.
    3)Online, I can see my Grand Mother name in online Tax payment screen. Can I change it to my mother name before Mutation done.
    4) I don’t have 2014-15 tax due letter. Can I get information online ? how

    I know, I am aksing you many question. Please help

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Ranjan

      Sorry for a little late reply.
      I am not sure whether you need to necessarily clear all property tax dues before mutation. Even if that be the case, bribe is not justified. Property tax is not linked to rent whether the house is partially or fully rented out. Owner’s name cannot be changed online as of now. You can get your tax dues for previous years by visiting local mcd tax collection center. It is not available online.

      I would suggest that you clear all your tax dues and then get the mutation done. And more importantly, please submit property tax on time from now on.

      Hope that helps!

      Request you to share your experience here once you are through with the process.

    2. kuldip singh says

      How can i pay online house tax for previous two financial years

  25. Sriram says

    Hello Mukul,
    Liked your article I have a Query my father had been filing property tax online our property is under NDMC jurisdication
    and we have also saved receipts. But just a few days ago a person claiming to be mcd tax assessor came to our place and he gave ndmc notice letter which mentions that you have to give supporting evidence of your property tax and you have to come to office. This is first time ever happened we have paid tax online.
    Our neighbours have also received same notice but they are somewhat indifferent and not clearly showing interest in this issue.
    I am confused what should I do ?
    The person with telephone number seems like a fool.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hello Sriram

      Since, property tax is self-assessed and submitted, perhaps, they want to verify the built up area and tax paid. It is better to go there and sort things out. Else, you may end up getting legal notice for no fault of yours.

      Hope it helps!

  26. Priya Laroyia says

    Hello Mukul i haven’t paid my property tax for past two years can u please help me tell me how to make the payment for the pervious years online. Can u please send me a link or guideme..
    Rply asap
    Your’s truly

  27. dhiraj passi says

    I have bought commercial property in a mall with 500 sq ft super area but the carpet area is 250 sq ft.
    The sale deed has been registered and stamp duty calculation has been done taking into account proportionate land area transfered as 21 for cost of land and with plinth area transfer as 25 sq mt appox. to calculate cost of construction.

    Now for the purpose of filing property tax , what area should be taken as the covered area i.e. 25 sq mt {Plinth area} or 500 sq ft{46.45} and why?

    look forward toward your much need guidance.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Hi Dhiraj

      I am assuming, you’ve bought property in Delhi.
      In Delhi, property tax is calculated on plinth area.
      Hope it clears your doubt.

  28. vikrant says


    please guide, how to fill online property tax for the year 13-14.

  29. Ashok Sethi says

    I am regularly paying property tax to north delhi in the past and showing property as plotted residential. Recently my son has opened a company with registeted office at my residence, whereas doing commercial activities at office in Surya hotel. Residence address is being only used as registeted office.
    Will you please guide me as scenario has changed this year, what will be the procedure to pay property tax? Will there be any change?

  30. Hitesh Arora says

    I am forget my property ID no and i have not previous property tax challan. what is now process to find property id no?

  31. PS says

    Hi Mukul

    Got few questions:

    1) I got a flat in Dwarka, Delhi and paying property tax regularly. I missed paying it last year so how can I pay last year tax online? (I like outside India)
    2) I noticed that there are are multiple property ID for my flat in MCD site. I have been paying tax using same ID since 2009 (not sure before that as it was paid in office manually). So can I get that fixed?

  32. Ashok kumar bedi says

    This year north delhi m.c.d is not goving rebate of 30% to senior citizen and ladies while calculating on line propertytax. Please clarify whether site is defective.

  33. Rahul Sarin says

    Greetings Sir

    I had a querry regarding filling of property tax, considering your vast knowledge in the field I wish to ask that, I have not paid property tax for a property since 2010. I wish to pay the tax with all the arrears, kindly assist me how to do the same and how to calculate it. please consider the facts that i dont have a property id and let us know that whether we shall fill online or offline.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      Please visit the nearest MCD tax collection center to know your arrears.
      Once you know the amount, you can either deposit the tax amount in the MCD center or you can also deposit the tax online.

  34. Prashant Kumar says

    Hello Mukul –

    I appreciate you for this initiative. I can see people eagerly asking lots of questions which makes sense because property tax is not so easy in India and also also a bit because of unawareness.

    I have a a specific question. I purchased a DDA flat in Sector 1, Dwarka in mid 2006 and the broker (in order to convince me of clearing all the dues) hurriedly deposited an adhoc amount in MCD and claimed that all the property tax are paid. After moving in and paying for the subsequent year I realised that tax was not paid since the flats were constructed in 1996.

    MCD official told me a huge arrears at the same time they could not explain the calculation behind these arrears. I have decided to calculate the arrears myself and pay. I can do it easily after MCD adopted Unit area calculation but my question is how do I calculate tax before this method was adopted (1996 to 2004). I dont see any information on MCD site. I have finally decided to file an RTI application asking for this information.

    I am writing to discuss with you if you any information before I file the RTI.

    1. Mukul Malik says

      That’s a good point of discussion Mr. Prashant. I don’t have idea about the method of calculation prior to the unit area method calculation.
      Please enlighten the forum once you find out.

      And thanks for bringing it up.

  35. L K Choudhry says

    Every year I have been filling property tax on line. This year I followed the same system but I am getting error on my laptop. I have a shop in district centre Janak puri. I am rsiding in D-block Janak puri.
    Please let me know the nearest collection centre where I can go and fill up the return and pay tax.
    I am 80 years old having knee problem and heart problem. It is requested the nearest one collection center may be intimated as there is no one else in the family to do this job and my wife is bed ridden

  36. V K Gupta says

    What is the age for claiming senior citizen rebate. What is the cut off date for calculation of age: Is it 30th June or 31st March.

    ; is it as on 30.0

  37. Balvinder Singh says

    Dear Mukul,
    It is very informative
    I have a question. After the recent death of my father, how to mention his name in the property tax return form, as all the past tax returns have been submitted under his ownership.
    Thanks & regards,
    Balvinder Singh

  38. Nitin says

    Namaste Mukulji,

    Thank you very much in advance. I had one a query regarding House Tax. I have just purchased a Cooperatv. Group Housing Flat and when i went for mutation formalities the inspector informed me that the previous owner has paid the tax on the area of 64 sqm mtr whereas in the sale deed and conveyance deed, the area is 70 sqm. now he is asking me to pay the difference amount of the difference of sq.mtrs since beginning. I have also checked from society office they all are paying the tax on 60sqmtr (uncovered balconies) and 66 (for covered balcoines) as verified by the society office who are based on the architect report but the inspector is denying to accept that area. Sir i am unable to understand which area should be taken for calculation purpose. The owner is going out of station soon i have only some days left with me for recovering this money.
    your reply will help me a lot
    with best regards

  39. Deepak Jain says

    I have deposit online property tax through Axis Bank Credit Card but Due to Internet problem receipt can not be generated. I have only receipt of credit card where showing amount has been debited. Please let me know how I can generate receipt

  40. Shameena Gupta says

    Dear Mukul
    While filing propert tax this time by chance I entered a wrong land use value so I ended up paying higher.
    Today while looking at the receipt I realised the mistake. Can I file or get a refund because I have paid a much higher amount than required.


  41. Kul says

    Hi Mukul…I found this quite helpful.
    But need to know how to calculate my arrears as am filing returns for the first time ever since i purchased and paid my first installment for 2006-07.

    1. Team AY says

      Hi Kul

      You will have to go to local MCD office to get your arrears.

  42. DS says

    Hi Mukul/ Team AY,
    I have deposited property tax online thru credit card for the first time by self creating property ID . The amount was debited from my credit card account but then the MCD site took long time and error message was shown. On rechecking i found out that my property Id is being shown on MCD website, but the receipt is not being generated. I also raised a grievance ticket but everytime it shows Pending status. Please guide me what should I do??

  43. eurigene gene says

    Useful writing ! I Appreciate the insight . Does anyone know if my company could get a fillable IRS 706 version to use ?

  44. Sumita says

    Dear Mukul,

    Thank you for this excellent initiative. I have a small office premise in Rajendra place which is tenanted. I have been paying property tax online for many years now, however recently they have made it mandatory to fill in Vacant land tax details. I am clueless on how to fill this information. could you pls help on exactly what needs to go into these fields

    Area of plot (in Sq mtrs) – is this area of the entire building?
    Built up/Constructed area on the ground floor – since this is a commercial building, the ground floor is lobby area with lifts and parking

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