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About AnyRoR Gujarat Land Records System

AnyRoR, which means Any Record of Rights Anywhere, is the Land Record software system developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in association with Revenue Department of Gujarat, to provide Gujarat Land Records (VF – 7/12, 8A, 6, 135D ) online.

RoR documents show details of land ownership, survey number, type of land, irrigation methods, crop details etc. This document is basically used by farmers for land transactions (mutations), obtaining crop loans, concessions linked to the size of the land holding etc.

Land Records in India have been a topic of debate since ages because of mainly two reasons – (i) lack of clear titles & (ii) difficulty in obtaining & understanding land records. It was really difficult to obtain records of rights – satbara (7/12) survey no. details, 8A khata details, form 6 entry details, notice 135D for mutation etc. from the revenue department. Gujarat State has already computerized most of their land records which can be viewed online from their official website

To know more about online land record system in India, check out Land Records on Web.

Why Gujarat Land Records are required?

You may require your Gujarat Land Records (7/12, 8A, VF 6, 135D) for various reasons, such as:

  1. To establish land title during sale/ purchase of land and during registration of property.
  2. To check Mutation status.
  3. To raise farm credit or Bank loan.
  4. For land division within family members.
  5. For account opening in Bank.
  6. Legal purposes.
  7. Personal purposes.

How to get Gujarat Land Records Online from AnyRoR website?

Youtube Link –

Text Version

1. Open AnyRoR Gujarat website –

2. Click on “View Land Record” to check Records of Rights (RoR).

3. Select appropriate Record required:

(i) VF 7 Survey No. Details – Village Form 7 is popularly known as 7/12 or satbara. Choose this option to get Survey No. (Khasra) details of your land.

(ii) VF 8A Khata Details – Choose this option to get Khata details of your land.

(iii) VF 6 Entry details – Village Form 6 is a register maintained by Talati to incorporate day-to-day changes in land records. Use this option to check entry details for any changes.

(iv) 135 D Notice to Mutation – When you apply for Mutation, Talati prepares Notice 135D (Notice to Mutation), which is served to khatedars concerned, relevant parties (buyers, sellers, direct beneficiaries, banks, as per the case) and any other interested parties for any objections. Use this option to check any such notices.

4. Enter your land details – District, Taluka, Village, Survey No. / Khata No./ Entry No. etc.

5. Enter Captcha and Hit “Get Detail” to generate report.

How to get certified computerized copy of Gujarat Land Records – 7/12 Utara, 8A, 6?

  1. Visit an e-Dhara Kendra at local Taluka Mamlatdar office.
  2. Request for RoR print by quoting – Survey No (s), Khata No(s), Farm Name(s) or Khatedar Name.
  3. After confirming the record details, operator prints 7/12 or 8A from the computer.
  4. e-Dhara Dy Mamlatdar or any nominated personnel signs and stamps requested computerized RoR, which is handed over to applicant. User charges of Rs. 15/- are collected.
  5. Signature of applicant for receiving computerized demanded RoR is taken in RoR issuance register.

Making more sense out of Gujarat Land Records

These resources will help you in understanding your Gujarat Land Records better.

Land Records Terminology

A glossary of terms used in Land & Revenue Records in India which will help you in understanding your gujarat land records.

Land Area Converter

You can easily convert from one area unit to another using this land area converter. Covers all land area units used in India including all units used in Gujarat such as Bigha, Acre, Square Feet, Square Meter, Square Yard etc. You can even convert to other units used elsewhere.

Land Measurement Units

A comprehensive guide on land measurement units used in India including Area Conversion Factors and Length Conversion Factors.

For eg. you can find conversion factors for land area units used in Gujarat – Bigha, Acre, Square Feet, Square Meter, Square Yard etc.

Land Records Guide

Most comprehensive guide on Land Records in India, available on internet, covering detailed tutorials on land record systems of all states in India.

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  1. distril:jamnagar
    is not saw in land record list

  2. how to get online map for my land and villages

  3. what is the use of this web site if it doesn’t provide the land record data online, visiting E,dhara centre and then waiting at the place for the turn was the customary scenes at e dhara centers, but here govt. concern for privacy of the individual’s record if online record available the fraudsters can well take a chance– here at edhara centers also privacy is sacrificed at all levels any body ask the operator for records and without verifying authenticity of person the land records r made available to the people. hence sacrifice of privacy factor at both the level. hence some measures to b taken like— for proper verification of person his identity to b established beyond doubts. that is PAN card, adhar card, passport. but not driving licence, election cards. secondly for payment charges online Bank accounts detail of applicant to b asked for, person must upload his online snap photo through webcam to establish his identity not exisiting photo taken through camara. how far this made security of syatem is still to b thghten.


    I NEED 7/12 UTARA, I HAVE ORIGINAL cirty of 7/12 uptara, and i need latest 7/12 utapa. when I visited “JEELLA PANCHAYAT MAIN OFFICE” at NEAR RTO, SABARMATI, AHMEDABAD, responsible person replied me they have no record of mine.
    Sir, can you pls. guide me what can I do to get my 7/12 utara? If main office gave me reply like this, i havnt any option. please help me in my case.

    With hope,

  5. I wish to find the land records of my place in Laldarwaja, Ahmedabad. In the Municipal Tax Bill only Survey No. Plot No. and tennement No. are given. I do not about the taluka and village name. Please advise me how to get the land records.

  6. My self Devendra how can found my purvaj ka jamin in Kadiyadra near to idar in which reacord i found the name of puravaj (per dadaji) ple tell me

  7. we are into Real Estate Consultant since 1998

  8. Hello ,
    How to add 7/12 uttara name for my father ….. ???

  9. How to know who owns the piece of land ? And names of the owners and how much did he/she owns of village: vadiya, taluka: jamjodhpur, district: jamnagar

  10. how can i servey land of gam namuna no. 2 in village.
    it is my house in my village…
    i have gam numana no-2 that show that you have 340 sq mt. land but no map..
    how to servey this land??

    • Hi Piyush

      Unfortunately, survey maps for Gujarat are not available online.
      For that, you will have to visit the local mamlatdar office.

  11. whta’s right on land when name of family member are not in 7/12

  12. progarm chalu nathi thato su karvu

  13. Hi pl suggest, how to get the new survey no. From the old one

  14. From which website I can see all public notice land for sale, which all coming in all Gujarat news paper daily.

    pl;ease reply me on as soon as possible.


  15. can a person who is power of attorney holder sign in 135 d notice in place of a farmer who is land owner?????
    talati or mamlatdar can allow this???

  16. How I see my survey number map

  17. How to get nu pramanpatra. And _12 nu pramanpatra. Revenue Department

  18. Dear Sir,

    Would like to what does the following thing mean in 7/12 record, in detail.

    Total Area(H.Are.Sq.Mt) – 6-01-76

    What is the full form of letters in bracket and what are the number shown after bracket.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


  19. Dear sir
    I want particular area plot No. and servey No.
    so I can find this area 7/12 utara copy is it possible to get it.? Area details is given below
    Bejanwala comaplex
    Tadwadi , Rander Road Surat
    Gujarat.exactly i am looking for bejanwala complex details pls help me out

  20. I Have Fa. Plot no Printed in my Ahmedabad Muncipal Corporation Bill
    Now i Want to find records of my land.
    I didnt have City Survey number
    I Only Have Fa. Plot no
    Will Any ROR Will Be Helpful in This Matter?
    Or Any Other Website
    Please Help

    • Mr. Udhani

      You need survey no. to search for your land records online.
      In case you don’t have it, you can visit your local taluka mamlatdar office to get details.

  21. dear sir i want to know that concerned officer canhe refuse entry of my name in vf 6 by giving reason of superbuilt up area in a case in which i had purchased a give me guidence regarding that.

  22. how can i download villages map with survey no. ?
    plz help me to find it..

    • Hi Rajesh
      Survey maps are not available on anyror website. For that, you will have to visit local taluka mamlatdar office.

  23. i want to chak my land recod

  24. I am trying to purchase a house from a builder who has taken a large piece of land in Khorak Village in Gandhinagar. He has provided me with District, Taluka, Village and Survey numbers. I am trying to find out how many of his homes have been sold yet to other people. Can (and how) should I use this website to get this info?

    • Hi Jayesh

      AnyRoR website provides only records of land and not built up homes. Only the builder can give you that information.
      Hope it helps.

  25. 7.12. Plzzz surat

  26. I have been trying to get ror 7/12 record of certain land parcels in a village under Vadodara-West(Paschim) and your third option of a village list after District and Taluka does not give you a full list of option. It only gives you only 7(seven0 villages and there supposed to be at least twenty four villages. TRY to look for SEVASI

    I have tried three different computers and two different search engines and for twenty five times.
    There is some work to be done for that option PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Patel

      We can understand your agony. Land records for some locations are not available online. But we have no control over AnyRoR website. We are a Real Estate knowledge platform.
      We are trying our level best to make things simpler and easier by providing step by step guides on all matters related to land and Real Estate.

  27. Up to November 2014,I was able to get translated record on google chrome about land in Surat.Since then i am getting message on that someone is trying to hack onto the english translation.Can someone please assist as i am not able to read Gujarati.Can an English version of the anyror records be obtain elsewhere?Thank you from South Africa


  29. I don’t know my survey no. I only know village name and name from this can I find Survey No? Because in RoR only information available in Survey No. is known.

    • Dear Vikas

      Any ROR website does not have a provision to pull records without survey no. If you want to know your Survey No., you should visit local Taluka Mamlatdar Office.

  30. Can I find out my survey no. from any source online?Please help me immediately.

    • Pranjal

      We did not understand your question correctly. You can check your land records details from AnyRoR website. Please be a little more specific if you are looking for any other information.

  31. moje shekhpur-khanpur jillo; ahmedabad..taluko: city… not available in the list
    please suggest me how to find out the details of my ror?

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