Land Records in India – The Ultimate Guide


“Land Records” in India have evolved over decades and centuries. The Land revenue was the main source of revenue for Indian rulers and then for British. The present form of preparation and maintenance of Land Records originated during Mughal period. British broadly followed the recording and maintenance system as followed by Mughals with some variations in revenue collection and land administration systems.

Since, all rulers including British were mainly interested in revenue collection, land ownership details were never standardized and often neglected. Due to non-standardization of Land Records, ownership of land is contested till date, across India. Another problem with Land Records in India is that records are written in non-standard language. It is very difficult for a common man to understand their own records of rights. Corruption and lack of transparency are other issues associated with Land Records in India. Government of India realized these problems and started National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) with the aim to standardize and computerize all land records in India in a phased manner. Under NLRMP all land records and related services are being made online. Few states have already computerized their land records while some are in the process.

In this guide we have tried to simplify Land Records in India. We hope that you would find it useful.

Topics covered –

  • What is “Land Record”?
  • Online Land Record System in India
  • Understanding Land Records in India – Terminology
  • State wise Step-by-Step Guides explaining processes to obtain Land Records

What is a Land Record?

“Land Record” is a generic expression that includes rights such as the Register of Lands, Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Inspection Register, Mutation Register, Disputed Cases Register etc. It also includes geological information regarding the shape, size, soil-type of the land and economic information related to irrigation and crops.

Land Records are known by various terms in different states in India for eg. Bhulekh, Bhu Abhilekh, Bhumi Abhilekh, Khata, Khasra, Khatauni, Jamabandi, Fard, Satbara (7/12), Patta, Chitta, Adangal, Pahani, ROR (Records of Rights), RTC (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Inspection) etc.

Online Land Record System in India

Want to know more about Land Record system in India, NLRMP and computerization of Land Records? Check out:

Land Records on Web

Understanding Land Records in India

We have made an exhaustive glossary of terms used in Land & Revenue Records in India which will help you in understanding land records properly. Check it out here –

Land Records Terminology in India

Step-by-Step Guides to obtain Land Records


Step-by-Step Guide


Bhulekh Bihar


CG Land Record – Bhuiya Chhatisgarh


DSLR Goa Land Records


AnyROR – Gujarat

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh Land Records – Jamabandi


Jharkhand Land Record


Bhoomi RTC -Karnataka

Madhya Pradesh

MP Land Record – Bhuabhilekh


Mahabhulekh – Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh


Pondicherry Land Records


PLRS Punjab Land Record – Fard


Apnakhata Rajasthan

Tamil Nadu

Patta Chitta – Tamil Nadu


Jami Tripura Land Records

Uttar Pradesh

Bhulekh UP


Dev Bhoomi Utarakhand

West Bengal

Banglarbhumi West Bengal

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  1. sachin shetty says

    Dear Sir ,

    We have an ancestral property (Land) in Udupi district (Kaup) and our family is settled in Mumbai . This property was inherited from my Grand parents to my Mother. The division (Pal) in the family of this property happened in the year 1993 and my mother was issued an 2.5 acre land within this whole property and the PAL PATTI with survey nos was registered in the UDUPI TALUK OFFICE immediately after the PAL or division.
    It was very recent that when we checked the Land Records that showed the same survey nos which was registered in my mothers name showed some other individuals name who was not even an family member and nor was from our caste.

    It came to our surprise when my cousin who was also issued an 1 acre land property during the PAL or Division of this property in 1993 successfully managed to complete the MUTATION Process and had this RTC done in his name.

    We really fail to understand that if my cousin was successful in completing the MUTATION PROCESS of his land within the same property , then why we have to face so much hardship in fulfilling the required process of RTC ? we have been trying to fulfill this process from last five year and have failed time and again . We have spent lot of time and money in our efforts in fulling the required process and are frustrated to the core.We have taken legal help , but it seems our lawyer is also frustrated of the useless process and seems helpless .

    The staff in the UDUPI TALUK OFFICE are so arrogant and useless people who do not understand the agony of the
    common people.There is no one in Udupi Taluk office who will guide us properly through the process and help us in fulfilling the process. I think the Karnataka government which BOAST of helping the common man by bringing in latest software is all false and is duping the common man from his rights.

    We would like to have your urgent suggestion and guidance on this issue.

    1. Team AY says

      Dear Sachin
      Thanks for sharing your experience. It is disheartening to hear your ordeal. However, we do not provide any services related to land records. You may perhaps look at changing your lawyer. You definitely need legal help in your case.
      If you manage to solve your case, do share your experience. It can help other people like you who might be facing similar problems.

  2. dharmendra says not open

  3. y motala says

    When you get “Details not found for this entry. Contact mamletdar…”

    How does one contact the Mamletdar on line or via email?

    1. Team AY says

      Unfortunately, Mamletdar cannot be contacted online or via email.
      You need to personally visit the local taluk office or send your representative there.


        dear sir,
        I face some problem when I found my land records. I send you of my problem in comment plzzzz solve my problem its urgent pllzzzzzz sir.

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        Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

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  4. mohan says

    Agency in Rajasthan to obtain record of

  5. mohan says

    Agency in Rajasthan to obtain record of

  6. gokul binwal says

    Sir I want find my land record .details are as under :-
    name Gokul chan draw binwal
    Ser no of vill-50060104040
    Vill name – devour kuria, Teh – haldwani distt- nainital
    Gaate Ka khas range num-121
    Khata num-22
    Plz confirm details of land record is registered or not

  7. Bal says

    Hi i want to buy agricultural land in tamilnadu
    I need help checking records and any money owing on the land
    And there is no fraud aswell

  8. pravin says

    sir i dont know any other detail about our fathers residential land in karnataka, how can i get survey no or other details of the land…..
    kindly help

  9. Dheeraj says

    What is the name of guide for Delhi

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