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About Dev Bhoomi – Uttarakhand Land Records System

Dev Bhoomi is the online Land Record software system developed by Revenue Department (Rajaswa Vibhag) of Uttarakhand in association with National Informatics Centre (NIC), to provide Uttarakhand Land Records (ROR/ Khatauni) online at

Dev Bhoomi website covers all 13 districts of Uttarakhand – Almora (अल्मोड़ा), Bageshwar (बागेश्वर), Chamoli (चमोली), Champawat (चम्पावत), Dehradun (देहरादून), Haridwar (हरिद्वार), Nainital (नैनीताल), Pauri (पौड़ी), Pithoragarh (पिथौरागढ़), Rudraprayag (रुद्रप्रयाग), Tehri Garhwal (तेहरी गढ़वाल), Udham Singh Nagar (उधम सिंह नगर), Uttarkashi (उत्तरकाशी). However, land records of some tehsils and villages may not be available online yet. Uttarakhand government is working towards making all land records available online.

Read more about online land record system in India, here – Land Records on Web.

Different reasons why Land Records (ROR/ Khatauni) are required?

You may require your Uttarakhand land records (RoR/ Khatauni) for various reasons, such as:

  1. To verify land title and ownership.
  2. To take loan against property.
  3. To open bank account.
  4. It is required at Sub-Registrar’s office during sale transaction.
  5. Required in case of Civil litigation or for other legal purposes.
  6. For personal purpose.

How to obtain Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand Land Records Online?

1. Open Dev Bhoomi (Uttarakhand Land Records) website –

2. On the home page, select your District (ज़िला) & Tehsil (तहसील) from dropdown. Then Click OK (ओके).

3. On next page, you will get multiple options to obtain various types of information about Land Records, Villages, types of land, area etc. To obtain Land Records click on the link “उध्दरण खतौनी (ROR)/ खाते की नकल” i.e. (Khatauni/ ROR/ Khata Nakal).

4. Select your Village (गाँव) from dropdown.

5. Search by Khata No. (खाता संख्या)/ By Name (नाम)/ Gata No. (गाटा संख्या) for eg. let us select the Khata No. option. Choose Khata No. of your land from dropdown.

6. Click on your Khata No. (खाता संख्या) to generate Khatauni Report.

7. Save your Uttarakhand Land Records Report (ROR/ Khatauni).

Understanding Uttarakhand Land Records (RoR/ Khatauni)

Following resources will help you in making better sense out of your Uttarakhand Land Records (RoR/ Khatauni).

Land Records Terminology

An exhaustive glossary of Indian Land & Revenue Records terms.

Land Measurement Units

A comprehensive guide on all land measurement units used in India including Length Conversion Table and Area Conversion Table.

For eg. you can find conversion factors for land area units used in Uttarakhand – Bigha, Biswa, Biswansi, Nalli, Acre, Square Yard, Square Feet, Square Meter etc.

Land Area Converter

For quick conversion of one area unit to another, you can use this land area converter. Covers all land area units used in India including units used in Uttarakhand such as Bigha, Biswa, Biswansi, Nalli, Acre, Square Yard, Square Feet, Square Meter etc.

Land Records Guide

A comprehensive guide on Indian Land Records, covering detailed tutorials on land record systems of all Indian states.


Uttarakhand Land Records (ROR/ Khatauni) are made available online only for information purposes. A certified copy of Land Records can be obtained from local Tehsil office of Revenue Department on payment of nominal fee.

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  1. G S SRIVASTAVA says

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly advice/provide the FORM FOR LAND MUTATION to be filed after purchase of land in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

    Can I apply for it on line also ?


    1. Team AY says

      Mr. Srivastava

      You will have to visit local tehsil office for mutation purpose.

  2. Ravinder Singh says

    Dear sir,
    I am resident of Village Manda (Timalwadi) Tehsil & P.O. Gaja Distt. Tehri Garwal. Presentaly i am residing Karnal, Haryana. kindly advised to me how can registered my land in govt. record which is in my Village Manda (Timalwadi) and also provided a costmore care Tel. Number please.

    Thanking you Ravinder Singh S/o late sh. Sunder Singh
    Village Manda (Timalwadi)Tehsil & P.O.
    Gaja Distt. Tehri Garwal, U.K

    1. santosh rawat says

      Dear ravindra,ji
      please contact your village development office ather wise contact ( your aria ) PATAWARI
      NO customer care , you going village and visit patwari

      1. santosh rawat says

        Dear ravindra,ji
        please contact your village development office ather wise contact ( your aria ) PATAWARI
        NO customer care , you going village and visit patwari
        रविन्द्र जी आप अपने गाँव में अपने एरिया के पटवारी से मिलो और अपने पुराने पेपर लेके जाओ जो तुम्हारे पिताजी या किसी के नाम पर जो जमीन होगी पटवारी पूरा काम कर देगा आपका , इसका कोई कस्टमर केयर नंबर नहीं होता हैं आप अपने गाँव के पटवारी से ही मिलो अगर वो मना करे तो फिर तहसील में जाकर तहसीलदार से मिलो वो आपकी पूरी सहायता करेंगे .

  3. ganesh says

    dear sir,

    mere father 1984 se India me gov. job kar rahe hai. vaise to papa nepal se hai, par hum sabhi priwar India (uttrakhand) me hai. hamari parwarish and study Indian hai, Hal hi me papa ne new land purchase ki hai par wo abhi papa ke naam nahi hui hai, document sab court se ok hai, par hamari pariwar ragister me naam nahi chad raha hai, jisse hamara future bar bad ho raha hai, gram pradhan se v bahut request ki par Koi Jawab nahi Mila.
    please sir aap kuch ray dijiye ki kya karna hoga

  4. prakash singh says

    sir, i buy a plot in kicha road village Bagwara tehsil Rudrapur Distt. Udham singh nagar . Devbhumi website i used but village name is not have seen. So i addressed about Village is in Chakbandi related. So my question is this property who i purchase a plot is genuine & ok. or NOT? please reply.


    Prakash singh


  5. subhash kumar says

    Dear sir,

    My plot benama East of town,near thakur dwara near prem nagar vikash nagar road dehradun. selakoi, tehsheel

    vikashnagar property is golden forest sister consern and benama date 24/06/2002.but not LAND

    MUTATION.patwari not coperate.Plz.advise.kya invester form case jeet chukey hai.if yes to delhi high court jajement etc.

    subhash kumar


  6. kislay chaudhary says

    dear sir ,
    my father have buy land in nathenpur badripur 1998 , my old nummber is 1178 (R P chaudhary ,S/o P D chaudhary rajendra , pryag ) nd so i want new nummber of abbadi , hmare sabhi daay baay k log ka nummber toi hai but hmara nummer nhi mil rha hai

  7. Deepak rawat says

    Dear Sir my request is that I bought a plot in Dec2013 ,plot ragistery is complete but not complete of dakhil kharija so what I do please tell me

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