Mahabhulekh – Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh (7-12 Utara) Guide


About Mahabhulekh – Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh

Mahabhulekh (Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh) is the online Land Record software system for the state of Maharashtra, developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in association with Maharashtra Revenue Department. This system is developed to provide Maharastra Land Records –  7 12 Utara online and also to provide Smart Property Cards to land owners.

Maharashtra State has already computerized most of their land records which can be viewed online from the official Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh website –

Also read – Land Records on Web.

What is “Satbara Utara” or “7 12 Utara”?

“Satbara Utara” or “7/12 Utara” is the extract from the Land Records Register for any land which describes the ownership and other details related to the land. It contains the following information – Village, Taluk, District, Name of Owner(s) and their shares, Type of land, Area, crops & cultivation details, tenancy details, loans & liabilities and any other rights.

Why Satbara Utara is required?

Satbara utara may be required for various purposes:

  1. Serves as proof of land title.
  2. To know genuineness of seller (owner) when land is being purchased.
  3. Satbara Utara (7/12 Utara) is required at Sub-Registrar’s office when sale transaction is being done.
  4. To raise farm credit / loan from the Bank.
  5. Court needs land record proofs in case of any civil litigation.
  6. For personal purposes.

How to get 7 12 utara online from Mahabhulekh website?

Youtube Link –

Text Version

1. Open Mahabhulekh (Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh) website –

2. . Select your District (eg. पुणे), Taluka (eg. (बारामती), Village (करंजे).

3. Search by Survey No./ Gat No. or by Name. Select one option.

4. Enter Survey No. or Search by First, Middle or Last Name.

5. Click on “Show 7/12″.

6. Save your Land Record (7/12 extract)

Direct website links to obtain 7 12 Utara online for various districts:


Important Marathi Terms used in Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh – 7 12 Utara

Khata  : Land Holding Account

Zilla : District

Tehsil / Taluka : District Sub-Division

Gat Kramaank : Serial Number

Up-vibhag : Sub-section

Bhudhaarna Paddhati : Type of land

Shetaache Sthaanik Naav : Local name of the land

Jal seenchit : Water irrigated

Other Useful Resources

Land Records Terminology

A glossary of terms used in Land & Revenue Records of India.

Land Measurement Units

Area Conversion Factors and Length Conversion Factors for land measurement units used in India.

For eg. you can find conversion factors for land area units used in Maharashtra – Guntha, Acre, Hectare, Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Meter etc.

Land Area Converter

Convert one area unit to another, using this easy to use land area converter. Covers all land area units used in India including units used in Maharashtra such as Guntha, Acre, Hectare, Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Meter etc.

Land Records Guide

Detailed tutorials on land record systems of all Indian states.


Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Land Records (7 12 Utara) are made available online through Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh website, only for information purposes. However, an authorized copy of 7 12 Utara can be obtained from local Taluka office on payment of nominal fee.

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  1. Sachin Vakil says

    Very useful site….mahabhulekh! Thank you.

    1. Asset Yogi says

      Thanks Sachin!

    2. Virendra H. Telang says

      It’s really very useful side….


      1. Team AY says

        Thank You Virendra. Happy to see appreciation for our efforts.

  2. sushant says

    Can you please mail me official fee to get 7 12 …..if u ve any Office no. Then also contact me.

  3. Pradip says

    Wonderful Post. It cleared most of my doubts. But few still remain
    What is fullform and english translation of आण प.ै पो.ख. फे.फा. in the central portion of extract.
    Also i would like to know if there are many names in the Utara, who is the owner of the land? Does first name resembles owner?

  4. Pratap says

    Very useful site , good initiative

  5. shinde sharad says

    pune zilha bhor taluka not display in bhumi abhilek page
    how to search 7/12 utara.

  6. Gitesh Jadhav says

    Thanks for Making this useful site….

    1. Team AY says

      Thanks Gitesh!
      Happy to hear that you found the site useful.

  7. Harshad says

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    Thanks for updetiing officer ,,,,


    Thanks for opretor officer ,,,,

  10. sam says

    Server Error in Application.
    Error show in after Click on show 7/12 tab

  11. kantilal says

    i had puurchased land at mardi taluka uttar solapur,
    with bhoomapan no 260/4
    what is status?
    if taken by govt for maldhok then where is compensation how much where i can get

  12. SANGITA says

    please tellme how do i check details of 7/12 for my house on mumbai, grant road

  13. pravin sahajwani says

    i have purchased a property in 1997 and i hv the registration reciept and the index II but i am unable to get the 7/12 extract from the authorities what is the procedure , how early can i get the same.

  14. SACHIN says

    7/12 madhe ए कु मॅ cha arth kay asto?

  15. Bharat Baravkar says

    why sever of Solapur distrct is always showing error

  16. Niranjan says

    Solapur site always showing server error.

  17. sujit says

    आज ज्वारी पिकासाठी विमा भरण्याची शेवटची तारीख आहे ,
    आणि सोलापूर जिल्ह्याचे सर्व्हर डाउन झालेय.
    काय करायच

  18. santosh shinde says

    it is a very great news that finally we got bhumiabhilekh but what about corruption

    1. dhannanjay says

      pl help

  19. Amit says


    Can anyone please let me know about the cost for getting new entry in 7-12?

    Thanks in advance.

  20. javed says

    pune distric madhye mulashi taluka dakhawat nahiye mulashi kontya dist madhe ahe

  21. purushottam says

    I am facing probling in online 7/12 from last 1 month why this site not working properly its showing application error in download the 7/12 of buldhana district pls resolve the problem AS Soon As Posible. i want my onle 7/12 . how to get online pls help me.

  22. chaitanya nile says

    Always error for solapur dist..

  23. Sanjay kashid says

    7/12 kasa pahaych

  24. nishchay more says

    why sever of pune distrct is showing error

  25. Vinod Barai says

    Why 7/12 extract of Yavatmal district not shown


    why show always Pune district runtime error

  27. sameer bhuvad says

    raigad. roha. taluka not display in bhumi abhilek page
    how to search 7/12 utara.

  28. raees says

    ratnagiri disrict doesnt show any taluka

  29. Sangeeta khopkar says

    Dear Sir
    Please let me know the details of the land owned
    By Donde family on Vadkhal
    I do not have the survey number nor the 7/12
    Of the land
    The main names on the land are Pandurang Donde and perhaps Moreshwar Donde
    Please help me with the details of 7/12 and survey number

    1. Sangeeta khopkar says

      Pls send me the required information

      1. Rituraj Narayanrao Bawiskar says

        you hav to go to “”(Mahabhulekh),After selecting Dist,Taluka,Gavache nav ,you can search your 7/12 and 8A by name also no need of survey no

        1. Rituraj Narayanrao Bawiskar says

          you hav to go to “”(Mahabhulekh),After selecting Dist,Taluka,Gavache nav ,you can search your 7/12 and 8A by name also no need of survey no

  30. javid patel says

    hi, i m in jawhar ,dist.palghar plz show land records of jawhar

  31. P. Mundhe says

    Hi, 7/12 utara is not displayed after selecting the name from the list for village dholvad,taluka junnar, dist.pune. hw do i see it, plz let me know ? and also let me know what is the payment cost/ fees for getting the 7/12 from respective Talathi and what’s his name ?

  32. Rashmi says

    Very useful site…… thank you Team AY !….

    I can see the names I want in the Full name, Servery No, Gat no list, but when I click on ” see 7 / 12 ” button,
    nothing happens……

    What is the solution for this?? Can anyone please help?

    Or we need to go to land record offices to get the 7 / 12 ?

    1. Team AY says

      You should be able to get land records after clicking on 7/12 button.
      However, if it is not working for some location, then the only way to fetch records is to go to the Revenue Office.

      Hope it helps!

  33. khushbu says

    why sever of nagpur distrct is showing error…i tried hundred times

  34. Royal Dsouza says

    How to get Fer Far details online

  35. Santosh Taware says

    Pl show to the tal-mulshi 7/12 record

  36. samarth salunke says

    why solapur’s website is not opening….. plz tell me

  37. lalit deshpande says

    sir pl help me to find out 7/12 of dist ratnagiri tal chiplun durgawadi

  38. lalit deshpande says

    sir pl help me to find out 7/12 of dist ratnagiri tal chiplun durgawadi

  39. Ganesh says

  40. Patil Bramhendra N. says

    public requires the 7/12 and 8 A extract immediately we cannot provide service from your web so please continue the we regularly and quickly display.

  41. Pinky says

    Can someone help me with the approximate charges or fees for obtaining 7 /12 In thane

    1. raj says

      20 Rs per page

  42. Pinky says

    Can someone tell me approximate charges or fees for obtaining 7/12 in thane


    1. Vijay Salunkhe says

      11 rs , may be it will be now 15rs


    Dear SIR


  44. Nikhil says

    Why mulshi is missing in Pune

  45. dnayneshwar says

    why are not show the pune district in tal mulashi

  46. amol waydande says

    why server eror problem solapur dist pls sol it


    web site of NAGPUR for getting 7*12 is showing error.Pl.look in to it & make effective.

  48. Shridhar Sidhaye says

    I know we have land in Ajgaon, Dist. Sindhudurg, Tal. Sawantwadi. But I dont have any document of it. How to find out the 7/12 which might be having my grandfather name. My grandfather expired in 1950.

  49. Santosh says

    why solapur not get on online…???

  50. R H Ghadge says

    How many days it will be required after transfer land from one to another person.
    We transfer/divide our land on the name of our family members in January 2016 but still we not getting such information on website.
    Also tell me how to conferm transfer procedure had been done successfully.

  51. nitin gore says

    y solapur web site is not opening tel me plz?

  52. SACHIN PAWAR says


  53. Sujan Parab says

    I have query regarding penalty.
    We were having a land belongs to my family. We planned to build a house on it, hence we clean the land (make it plan). Now one person claiming as a owner for that particular land, and asking for penalty from us for demolishing his land. He also have 7-12 for that particular land.
    Could you please advise me that penalty should not be more than that land cost right?
    Additionally if he ask more, then can we take any action against him after paying penalty ( if we have proper receipt of paying penalty)?

  54. kiran bhandkoli says

    why server eror problem nashik dist pls sol it

  55. Oberoi says

    Thnks for this good site n info.

    Is there any way we can get map of the land along with the 7/12. online.

    Kindly suggest.
    Thnks in advance.

  56. Ashish says

    Solapur link is not working

  57. vitthal says

    i unable to find bhor taluka in pune distric records.

  58. Harshal Pawar says

    Thank you Mahabhulekh for making this site. This is very useful site for Farmers in the rural areas.

  59. Arjun mane says

    sangli online 7/12 lavkar chaliu kara

  60. Ganesh khandale says

    Hi sir nimbut baramati 1977 city service people he’s coming only my house radiation but near house not radiation what the process please tell me

  61. M.D.Magar says


  62. aslam says

    Lanja is not in the list of ratnagiri please add it as we can get the 7/12 of this place

  63. ajay chandpurkar says

    Nagpur district is not working. What is the problem?

  64. Mahadev Subhash Sawalkar says

    update please

  65. Anil vaman Dhavase says

    Hello sir,I am Anil from igatpuri city.i have wanted details of city servey no.780A and record of this land.

  66. Om chandak says

    I want my sat bara of village sulag in jalgaon jamod and our aur surname is chandak

  67. Tope somnath says

    I cant see any 7/12 abstract on my PC, is fire fox is compalsary for that ?

  68. Tushar says

    Why Ahmednagars side showing Error every time…….when it will resolved can you tell me

  69. rahul kawade says

    I wany need information about my kalyan land and my land serve no of 120 give me please information of that

  70. jyoti bakshi says

    survey no.171 Shahd gaon kalyan details???

  71. jyoti bakshi says

    Survey no 171 and 172 7/12 details plz??


    KOKAN side open hot naslyane Apli Dist. vid Side ATYANT UPUKTA AHE. Parantu varil webside var fakta satbara

    disto. Pan sadar satbara UTARA madhil FERFAR NONDICHE DETAIS baghata yet nahit. tarii mala Ratnagiri til

    RAHATAGAR madhil C.S. No. 1749 madhil FERFAR NO. 6289, 2035 babatche details mala mail kelya me apla atyant

    ABHARI HOEEN. ( Krupya mala Ratnagiri Nagar Parisshadech webside kalwavi.)

  73. Chandrakant Gopalrao Sadakale says

    i was tried for half an hour but i cant any 7/12 of savarde village from Tasgaon taluka of sangli disrtict . Its …………….

  74. Aanchal says

    Hi, we have 7/12 of our place. Does anybody know how to get gaon nakasha? How can we find the exact location of the land in Gaon Nakasha with the help of 7/12?


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