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About MP Bhuabhilekh – MP Land Record System

MP Land Record or MP Bhuabhilekh is the Madhya Pradesh Land Record software system developed by Revenue Department of Madhya Pradesh in association with National Informatics Centre (NIC) to provide Khasra, Khatauni & Bhu-Naksha online at

MP Land Record (MP Bhuabhilekh) are available online for all 51 districts of Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal (भोपाल), Raisen (रायसेन), Rajgarh (राजगढ़), Sehore (सीहोर), Vidisha (विदिशा), Morena (मुरैना), Sheopur (श्योपुर), Bhind (भिंड), Ashoknagar (अशोक नगर), Shivpuri (शिवपुरी), Datia (दतिया), Guna (गुना), Gwalior (ग्वालियर), Alirajpur (अलीराजपुर), Barwani (बरवानी), Burhanpur (बुरहानपुर), Dhar (धार), Indore (इंदौर), Jhabua (झाबुआ), Khandwa (खण्डवा), Khargone (खरगौन), Balaghat (बालाघाट), Chhindwara (छिन्दवाड़ा), Jabalpur (जबलपुर), Katni (कटनी), Mandla (मंडला), Narsinghpur (नरसिंहपुर), Seoni (सिवनी), Betul (बैतूल), Harda (हरदा), Hoshangabad (होशंगाबाद), Rewa (रीवा), Satna (सतना), Sidhi (सीधी), Singrauli (सिंगरौली), Chhatarpur (छतरपुर), Damoh (दमोह), Panna (पन्ना), Sagar (सागर), Tikamgarh (टीकमगढ़), Anuppur (अनूपपुर), Shahdol (शहडोल), Umaria (उमरिया), Dindori (डिंडोरी, Agar Malwa (आगर मालवा), Dewas (देवास), Mandsaur (मंदसौर), Neemuch (नीमच), Ratlam (रतलाम), Shajapur (शजापुर), Ujjain (उज्जैन).

To know more about online land record system in India, read Land Records on Web.

How to get MP Land Record (Khasra, Khatauni) online?

Youtube Link –

Text Version

1. Open MP Land Record website – Click on “Try Out New LR Website”.

2. Click on your District (ज़िला) for Gwalior (ग्वालियर).

3. Choose your Tehsil (तहसील) from dropdown.

4. Select (चुनें) your Village (गाँव). You can sort by – Village (गाँव), Total Khasras (कुल खसरे), Halka (हल्का), रा.नि.म by clicking on these links.

5. Choose the information required for eg. to fetch Khasra info. – select “खसरा/ नक्शा”. Then Click “चुनिये”.

6. Choose your Khasra No. (खसरा नम्बर) from dropdown.

7. Choose the type of Report to be generated:

a) Click on “खसरा (नंबर अनुसार)” to fetch Khasra details.

b) Click on “खसरा (खाते के समस्त)” to fetch Khatauni.

c) Click on “खसरे का नक्शा” to fetch Khasra Map (Bhu-Naksha).

8. Save your Khasra (खसरा), Khatauni (खतौनी) and Khasra Map (खसरा नक्शा).

Why MP Land Records (Khasra, Khatauni) are required?

You would require your MP Land Record (Khasra Khatauni) for these major reasons:

  1. To open bank account.
  2. To verify land title during sale of land and during registration of property.
  3. To check Mutation status.
  4. To raise farm credit/ loan.
  5. For land division.
  6. Court purposes.
  7. Personal purposes.

Making sense out of MP Land Record (MP Bhuabhilekh)

Following resources will help you in understanding your MP Land Record (Khasra Khatauni details) better.

Land Records Terminology

A glossary of terms used in Indian Land & Revenue Records that will help you in understanding your MP land records.

Land Measurement Units

A comprehensive guide on land measurement units used in India including Area Conversion Factors and Length Conversion Factors.

For eg. you can find conversion factors for land area units used in Madhya Pradesh – Kattha, Bigha, Acre, Square Feet, Square Meter, Square Yard etc.

Land Area Converter

For quick conversion of one area unit to another, use this comprehensive land area converter. Covers all land area units used in India including units used in MP such as Kattha, Bigha, Acre, Square Feet, Square Meter, Square Yard etc. You can even convert to other units used elsewhere.

Land Records Guide

Detailed tutorials on land record systems of all states in India.

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